Can Someone Stop Jimmy Fallon?

I mean like now. Have you seen the ridiculous new Pepsi commercials featuring Jimmy Fallon and Parker Posey dancing around like a bunch of cracked-out monkeys in the West Village? Who the hell directed it? I can’t find any info.

Maybe it was that same directing team that ripped off the Postal Service video because when I saw the Pepsi bit I immediately thought of the “How They Get There” short directed by Spike Jonze–which is far more funnier and creative.

Also, can someone tell me why in the world Parker is dressed in my granny’s clothing?

Well, I’m sure his fans are psyched.

WATCH: “Spontaneous Combustion” Pepsi Ad featuring Jimmy Fallon and Parker Posey

WATCH: “How They Get There” by Spike Jonze

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  1. i am disappointed to learn Traktor directed this. they have made some of the best commecials of the last fifteen years. their reel on the site has some great ads.

    on the plus side they also made that hilarious fedex caveman ad.

  2. ok your all just jealuos becuase he has talent and none of you do… now how much nerve it takes to get up and do that stuff…..he does it becuase he loves to do what he does and i dont or anybody appreciates getting put down by what they do so the next time you think about saying something nasty about him think about how black hell is becuase thats where your gonna be for the rest of your lives…p.s. jimmy fallon is amazing and hot so deal with it!!!!!!!

  3. you people are all idiots why can’t you just find it humurous, considering all the violence and other crap thats on t.v. “Everyone wants to be a critic” you people wouldnt know humour if it fell out of the sky, landed on your face and started to wiggle. Good luck with your miserable, critical lives.

  4. Honestly, quit whining about it -.- It’s a COMMERCIAL. They didn’t even SAY anything. It was just some gnarly dancing to a good song =)
    Jimmy Fallon is a funny guy, maybe you need to brush up on your humour.

  5. this had to be the best pepsi commercial ive seen in a while plus it takes balls to do that down the street no matter who u r

  6. You all whiners are senseless idiots. This is the one of the best commercial I’ve seen in years. Fresh and humorous, it talks without saying a word. Brilliant!

  7. I love this comercial same the other people in the world, here in Guatemal City in BBDO offices we are accord for this creativity and advertising. Thanks BBDO USA, for this lesson of publicity in th world.

  8. I love this commercial if it doesn’t make me laugh it at least makes me smile. I’ll take as many of those as I can get

  9. ok, this commercial is pretty good, but why are u bitching?! its a fucking minute long commercial?! wtf?! n e ways your all stupid and th song (Streamline by Newton) is amazing. Pce

  10. who ever hates this commercial has got no sense of humour its spells funny all over it and makes me want to dance how could u not love this!

  11. That’s hilarious. Some people began insulting the commercial and then like 15 posts are made saying how cool it is. Man. You people need a sense of humour. It was a commercial that’s only about a minute long with two people dancing in the streets to a cool techno song. If you have enough time on your hands to make a forum that bashes a one minute long commercial, then I seriously suggest you go out more.

  12. Ivan, I would try searching on something like Limewire or Kiwi Alpha. Anyways, I love this commercial, the song rules too!

  13. Keith sucks ass and doesnt have a sense of humor.. Jimmy Fallon is hilarious and this commercial might be the best ever diet pepsi one

  14. Love this ad! A great track, Jimmy Fannon and the woman dance like lunatics, trying to outdo one another. Well done Pepsi!

  15. I can’t get this commercial or song out of my head, but I am LOVIN every minute of it. It just makes me want to get up and go crazy like jimmy fallon. CLASSIC commercial.

  16. agreed… i love that commercial! and i think both jimmy fallon and parker posey are hilarious! … so good!

  17. enjoyed the comercial uber much.
    just sit back, stop whining.
    and enjoy some senseless flailing to a funky song.

  18. If you have a sense of humor it’s frieken hilarious! Who wouldn’t want to get up and dance. Everyday I manage the guy’s volleyball team and they get up to dance to it to get pumped up everyday. They even have the butt dance down. It’s the cutest thing I have ever seen!

  19. Can’ t you just get over the fact that it is just a commercial about pepsi? That is all this is yes it has Jimmy Fallon but get over it he is funny in my opinion maybe not in yours but hey. SIMPLE AS THIS YOU SEE THE COMMERCIAL TURN THE CHANNEL OR CLOSE YOUR EYES. When you grow up to be a strong big adult you can awon your own tv station and put whatever you want on it ok. =)

  20. this commerical is cool…..does anyone know where i can download it or listen to the full version. ive been trying to find some sites with it and itunes doesnt have it. if u find it let me know. thanks

  21. I’ve seen this pepsi comercial so many times basically tell you when everything is going to happen, almost as well as a favorite movie….Now here is my comment:
    In all honesty, i can truly apprecaite what pepsi did for this song….I just wish they had of radiod it first….if they did, i never heard it here…Jimmy Fallon…his artistic entegrity is a little shaken…not many actors would be willing to “scoot their bum” across pavement for a soft drink company let alone a commercial…when I first saw the commercial, I did not realise who it was. The whole jig aspect or artistic impressionism was, and is a little confusing…however, in the whole, i think he did a reasonably good job keeping with songs integrity…the song gives a little bit of an upbeat feeling when you listen to its entirety…and it is a little catchy…lol…

  22. Muffin man….got to lime wire and type Newton streamline in the search engine…i got it off there…its an awesome tune…newton had got some really good ideas on expressing himself musically

  23. The commercial is a blatant rip-off of the Spike Jonze short. But unlike the Apple commercial and the Postal Service video (which were both directed by the same people), this Traktor group is definitely not Spike Jonze. And Jimmy Fallon’s backflip in the commercial even references the Bjork video that Spike Jonze also directed. Pretty lame all around.

    Oh, and ‘Dion’, I think the bulk of the original post was mostly pointing out this non-creative copying aspect (see links comparing the two). Maybe if YOU went out more you’d have a greater knowledge of filmmaking and would know corporate co-opting when you see it. (And maybe, if you weren’t such a passive, take-whatever-you-are-handed, brain-dead TV moron, this sort of bullshit by major corporations would bother you, too.)

    I watched it over and over again.. Lovin Jimmy fallon. hes a great dancer and like I laughed so effing hard when i saw it so yeah. stop bitchin and love with the rest of us.

  25. soldier00-
    OMG THANK YOPUS O MUCH i was up all night trying to figure it out and you answered my question thanks..

  26. This is like THE best pepsi commercial ever people. Like wow. my absolute favourite commercial yett!! And its frickin hilarious. its not like they have to make sence allright, it just makes you want to dance and drink pepsi;)

  27. I love that commercial, he probaly made tons of money to, I heard it did extemely well. By the way, I LOVE THAT SONG!!

  28. Thanks to soldier for uploading to your server. Kick ass man! I like the commercial, I dont know the actors too well, i have seen them around and they are pretty good. If you don’t like the humour, dont blame the actors, blame the writers. Don’t judge people by a single commercial. They are just earning a living. Plus I think we all agree there are MUCH WORSE commercials out there.

  29. It’s contagious. Everyone I walk by in my school is either humming or whistling it. Drives everyone crazy with its catchiness.

  30. “Plus I think we all agree there are MUCH WORSE commercials out there.”

    I agree. For example, that Subway video with the guy who says “She makes me anxious!” and “The blonde boy’s a loser!”


  31. Pepsi tastes like deer piss. JUST KIDDING!!!!, deer piss is much better. Jimmy Fallon told me so. He, while a nice person, is neither a funny nor talented person. Techno music beep beep beep!

  32. The commercial is totally retarded and only funny to cracked-out chimpanzees, Jimmy Fallon is talentless, and Parker Posey clearly was flat broke to participate in a festering piece of poop as idiotic as this commercial. I’m sure it is popular with 5-year olds and people with the minds of 5-year-olds everywhere. I’ve never once heard of anyone past their teen years standing up for Jimmy Fallon under any circumstances.

  33. Dude, how could you not like this commercial?!?! I’m naturally into techno but I still would have loved this anyways. The first time I ever saw this commercial I was like “damn, that was awesome!”. Anyone who doesn’t like it and wants to be stupid and diss it just needs to sit back and shut up. I had no idea who Jimmy Fallon was untill I saw that commercial and so far I think he rocks!

  34. Love it! Fun & zany – more imaginative than most recent ads on the tube bar none!

  35. ok. i think that jimmy fallon and parker posey are adorable in that commercial. Yeah jimmy fallon is a jackass but you can’t expect much from comedians these days…BUT what kind of sick freak would think that the spike jones short is FUNNIER than jimmy and parker? there is something seriously wrong with people.
    Oh and it’s okay to relax and be dork sometimes…i would totally dance on a taxi cab. what is life without crazy fun? I’ll tell you…boring.

  36. Now that I’ve had seven days to think about it, I posted that last comment because I’m on crack. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go eat my own poop.

  37. Dude, please knock the shit out of the next jackass 20 or 30 something that starts a sentence with DUDE! Dude, wheres my brain? So track me down and knock the ever living shit outta me, dude. Now let me put on my hobo dirty jeans that I have to walk the lenght off of because they are too long, and watch me class this place up.

  38. So can anyone really tell me why jimmy fallon is so vilified? Yes I know some may be jealous, but other celebrities even more successful are referred to with much more respect. Wandering around the internet, I have seen loads of horrible comments about him. What causes such hatred? I am just curious, he seems rather benign to me.

  39. if anything, whenever this song comes on we we’ll be able to tell immediately who the dorky white people are.

  40. Cudos to soldier, you madde my day.

    The song is really catchy and also very upbeat, its good as a jump starter to any day!

  41. take it easy…its only a commercial…dont be so uptight about judging it. if u dont like it SHUT UP!!! end of discussion. now move on with your lives!

  42. This is the best comercial ever! I really want the song though, no one has it except for lime wire, i SO got to download it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Anyway Its the best comercial ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Dude, people that hate Jimmy Fallon and this commercial stfu seriously. It is a COMMERCIAL! Got that? Who cares if it was “”copy”! It’s a fricken commercial for crying out loud. If you hate him and this commercial so much, why are you wasting your “precious” time watching this commercial? Maybe you people are just jealous of him, and by ridiculing him, it makes you feel better because you suck so much. Think you are more talanted? More funnier? Well, then let’s see you on SNL or in some movies, and them maybe there will be a laugh because of how stupid you are! Yes Jimmy Fallon has fans and lots of them. He’s funny, cute, and talanted and you’re not! Deal with it!

    Jimmy Fallon Rocks!


  44. Can we download the actual advert anywhere?
    I killed myself with laughter the first time I saw it.
    ‘Specially funny when Jimmy ass-hops down the street….

  45. Catherine, am I going to have to bitch slap you? I’ve got enough fat loser chicks hanging off my nutsack already. Piss off, skank.

  46. no porblem guys, if u need me to find something else and post it on my server let me know, there is my email..
    also include the page(link) where they are asking for that stuff that ur asking for!(i wanna see what they are saying)

  47. yea so.. “Jimmy Fallon” You’re fucking retarded!! If you were Jimmy Fallon you wouldn”t be wasting your time reading this dumbass blog! So fuck you to the faggot who mad this gayass blog!! Jimmy Fallon is awesome and hilarious!!

  48. after watching this commercial, i tried to hang myself. Jimmy Fallon is a snickering all the time idiot!! I rather watch paint dry. If I lived by an interstate I would of tried to run across it blindfolded! He’s like Sandler alright the bizarro Sandler. If you like him you like other mindless shit to. If i ever see him get ready for some shit.

  49. i seen him giving head at a flying j’s truck stop. know that was funny! i think he was snickering while giving head? never stops.

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