Tell Me What You Saw, Tell Me What You Saw

One of the best things about going to a show at Maxwell’s in Hoboken, NJ is that you can order food in the dining area of the venue. Which basically makes Maxwell’s the rock club where you can have the quickest dash from your dinner to your concert. It takes about 1 minute to cross the dining room, go past the bathrooms, and head into the performance area.

The other kinda mildly amusing thing is that usually a couple of hours before the main act is supposed to go on you almost always spot them pigging out in the dining area. It reminds you that musicians are people too–they have to eat delicious artery-clogging cheeseburgers just like the rest of us.

Anyway…Yeah Yeah Yeahs played tonight at Maxwell’s. It was SO freaking awesome and probably one of the most sweatiest concerts I’ve ever been to. Seriously, after it was over everyone looked like they’d just gone on the Niagra Falls tour–damp and sticky.

According to lead singer Karen O, they played 90 percent new material. People sang along to songs like the single, “Gold Lion,” and some old favorites like “Art Star”…but more surprising was that some people were even singing along to songs of the yet-to-be-released album. Hmmm.

“Phenomena” is absolutely one of my favorite songs off the new album. It’s a dark and sexy tune that you cannot help but rock out to. God, how can one band be so good?!

Karen was decked out in a red and purple frock that looked to me like a variation on the Christian Joy “Bean Dress”, a “Kamp Krusty” Simpsons t-shirt, some black sheer jester-style tights, and all-black Converse high tops.


Turn Into/ Gold Lion/ Honey Bear/ Mysteries/ Art Star/ Phenomena/ Rockers/ Sweets/ Cheated Hearts/ Maps (acoustic)/ Miles Away/ Modern Romance/ Tick

I’m so tired, so pictures for now. More later. In the meantime, read about the show at Music Snobbery and watch some videos at Double Halo.
yeah yeah yeahs maxwell's

yeah yeah yeahs maxwell's

yeah yeah yeahs maxwell's

yeah yeah yeahs maxwell's

yeah yeah yeahs maxwell's

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  1. I am only 16, but in my 16 years I have seen music advance so much, and I think this (above) is a good example of how music has bloomed over the years. There isn’t only one type of music now that people listen to, but a whole range of music. I think I can be an example of how versitile people are with music. In my CD collection I have a fusion of music from Beyonce, Maddona, The killers and Linkin park, what a verity of flavours! I hope music is always as good! Please don’t go back to the 80’s and 90’s music people!

  2. everyone has pics, because everyone had a camera. god forbid people watch thru their eyes and let the images burn into their soul and reflect that way. naah, we have to have proof…for the story i mean. when i am god, there will be no cameras. i’ll be god later on this afternoon if anyone was wondering….

  3. Ahhhhhh! Laura you lucky biatch! I am even more pupmed for their Boston show now. Thanks for the awesome pics.

  4. But isn’t that the YYY’s hook? The writhing and the pouring beer on herself?(Dunno if she’s still doing that one, but that was her claim to fame, pre-fame. Like, wow, how transgressive. But only if it’s heifeweissen with lemon and you’ve got some nasty papercuts.

  5. Hmm is right regarding singing along to the new singles. Thus far, only “Gold Lion”, its Diplo remix and a song called “Dudley” have leaked to my favorite file-sharing services and I’m patiently waiting to hear more, though I guess tomorrow night’s Bowery show (which I’m totally psyched for) will be the first time I hear the other material from the new album. Anyway, thanks for the review and the photos.

  6. You should have been at Maxwells a few nights before when BE YOU OWN PET picked up YYY’s ball and ran with it. That being said, last night was good. New stuff? I don’t know. New words to same chords maybe. Or vice versa. But KO was lovable as always. ALWAYS.

  7. people have very high expectations of YYYs because they put out such great music, but now maybe not as good? so maybe DISAPPOINTMENT SETS IN.


  8. Sorry dear, but your mom buying you a digital camera doesn’t make you a “photojournalist.”

  9. yeah i was at the maxwells show dancing up front with the girl from blood on the wall having the time of my life. then i went saturday night at the bowery and it was scary how many people were just standing there bobbing their heads. either way i love the new stuff most especially warrior and the second to last one they played on saturday before tick. which ever one it is it makes you jump if your alive. i just got my roseland tickets and hope its a little more crazy.

  10. i dont find that right that teens are not able to work its not our fualt that others teens go around acting all stupid and junk maybe yall should give us another chance maybe we wont risk it this time

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