Jack White’s New Band Still Shows America No Touring Love…Yet

So yesterday the Raconteurs sent out an email announcing their UK Tour next month. But did anyone else love the two blank emails they sent the list before that? I know I did.

Dates: 3/20. Academy, Liverpool, UK; 3/21. ABC, Glasgow, UK. 3/22. Stage 2, Newcastle, UK; 3/23. Astoria, London, UK

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8 replies on “Jack White’s New Band Still Shows America No Touring Love…Yet”

  1. i think they were just testing their mailing list – i am sure that they will announce US dates shortly (i’m hoping, anyway!)

  2. Dear Jack, Brendan, Lil Jack & Patrick: Glad you got the email thing almost right now, but we’re looking for a presale for your devoted fans. Hope you get that worked out before the US tour.

  3. I bet they’re going to do some shows but isn’t Jack White having a baby soon lets not forget that. I’m sure he will take being a father seriously and that will delay shows for his new band but waiting will only make us want more I’m sure, if he’s a decent fella that is? when is his baby due?

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