“Stop F-cking Pop Stars, Michael” and Other Words of Wisdom from the New Streets Album

The tabloids are sure to be producing a nuclear-plant worthy smoke stack due to the amount of heat being generated regarding “When You Wasn’t Famous,” the first single off The Streets’ new album, The Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living. The song centers around a supposedly true tale of Mikey Skinner trying to date an unnamed female pop star. (He also alluded to the pop star on the “Banquet” Remix (Bloc Party) he did as an apology for stealing Jo Whiley’s microphone during a 2003 interview.)

But hold up–it’s not all fuzzy wuzzies and romance. Skinner blames camera phones for impeding his ability to snort a line of coke in front of strangers and he remarks how “amazing” the pop star looks on CD: UK after a night spent having sex and doing drugs with him.

Want more? Grab the kids ’round the computer and check out the stylish video for the song which features Mikey checking into (and eventually out of) a rehab center. See him wear “Miami Vice”-worthy white- and an orange Creamsicle-colored suits, go to a group therapy session, try to pick up a pretty lady, text message for his getaway car, and have his manager scream “Stop f-ckin pop stars, Michael!” via his mobile phone.

Ok, don’t grab the kids.

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VIDEO: “When You Wasn’t Famous” by The Streets

Want to find out more about the upcoming album? Read this preview from The Guardian and check out this MTV UK article.

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  1. i’ve been listening to the song for the past week on radio 1 (i like it), but i didn’t know there was a video for it yet. thanks for the link.

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