Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ “Gold Lion” Video

The video for “Gold Lion” is now available on the official YYYs Web site as well as streaming from AOL Music.

It features Brian, Karen, and Nick playing and singing in a dusty and dirty desert wasteland where the only source of light comes from a fire being fueled by drumsticks and broken guitars. It’s creepy, ominous, and larger than life–a perfect match for this tremendous-sounding song. Also feature Karen wearing a gold lame dress. Hot!

gold lion yeah yeahyeahs

(Source: Thanks to Henry for the link to AOL!)

9 Replies to “Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ “Gold Lion” Video”

  1. Why does everyone keep bringing up Tegan and Sara!?!?! I just don’t hear the resemblance. I just hear YYY doing what they do best. As far as I am concerned, YYY are way better than Tegan and Sara to begin with.

  2. Yeah Yeah Yeahs are stylish and individual. Gold Lion is great and Tegan and Sara are Wannabe. =]

  3. When I first heard Gold Lion, I thought for sure it was new Tegan and Sara material. Then, after the DJ said it was the YYYs, I thought T&S must have guest vocal-ed.
    What a rip off.

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