Teenage Riot: Be Your Own Pet

I went to the Be Your Own Pet show at the Knitting Factory last Wednesday. Boy did I feel old watching teenagers play punk rock music alongside even more teenagers. Photo now. More later.

Here’s one of Jemina reading a note someone threw onto the stage. Turned out it was someone’s phone number, to which she said, “Too bad I don’t care!,” as she tossed it back into the audience. Ouuch!

be your own pet

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  1. mmm, she looks a bit like that tennis player who’s not very good but looks amazing….

    Advertises watches and that, Anna thingy.

    Not heard any of their tunes mind.

  2. did you hear that live thing they did at Dundee for Zane Lowe? the crowd wasn’t very much into them, it sounded really awkward. Jemina wasn’t taking their crap either, though. at one point she said something along the lines of “I thought Scottish crowds were supposed to be great, I guess I was wrong”

  3. They’re highschool kids from Nashville, TN…a couple of them have parents in the music biz. They come from nice middle class homes and honors school programs.

  4. They make their own records, too. check out their handmade CD’s at Nashville’s Infinity Cat label. they are pretty damn good.

  5. ‘They’re highschool kids from Nashville, TN…a couple of them have parents in the music biz. They come from nice middle class homes and honors school programs’

    What a surpise, a la Strokes.

  6. Shit, I liked them until I found out they came from nice middle class homes. They must suck. I’ll throw away my EP now.

  7. She guested on Steve Lamacq’s Roundtable, on BBC 6 last week and was funny and sassy as hell. There’s probably a link on the site somewhere.

  8. Hey, I was at the KF and saw a girl called Cake Bake Betty open this show. Anyone else? She was the shit. Scary!

  9. be your own PET are absolutely incredible live. The album is out at the end of this month and I recommend anyone to check them out live. It is always a fun set!

  10. byop own your sorry middle class arse, and will probably sell it back to you for extortinate amount of caffeine, sugar, candy, spicy food, vinyl records and all those other things they like.


    ps. cake bake betty (knitting factory support) is on infinity cat too

  11. Great photo – look forward to some more. 😉

    Infinity Cat are great – I get stuff from them in US to here in the UK in a matter of days.

    Just love Be Your Own Pet, and yep live there can indeed be rather ace.

    Their recent show in London, UK got a great write up in NME.


    This band has a wonderful raw sound and Jemina has a great stage presence.

    Check them out.



  12. BYOP are amazing, they WILL be big this year, check out their stuff, there’s quite a lot on the internet right now, don’t miss out on this band.

  13. Hey Ive seen em 3 times SHIT HOT………friends with Nathan and Jonas…..Plenty auotgraphs on posters,singles,box set,NME,…..been on their guestlist twice….Hey HOWS that…OH and the DUNDEE crowd were WANKERS……

  14. havent seen them but have heard what i can live on the internet, they are fucking class, best punky band to arrive in a long long long time, they dont care about wearing eyeliner and crying over their emotions rock on BYOP!!!

  15. BYOP is the shit!!! I discovered the Adventure video and was like: HOLY SHIT!! THIS BAND ROCKS!! The next month Be Your Own Pet was released here in Sweden! I bought it right away of course!

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