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  1. that video was so hairmetal or something. the only thing missing is like pyrotechnics. julian is crazy hot though. but laying down for a whole song… um.. whats that about?

  2. was he feeling low? depressed maybe? poor julian… or was he trying to sing THROUGH the planet by lying on the ground like that? aahhh the perplexion…
    overall, it was angst at its melancholic peak.

  3. I wish I knew what the strokes were trying to do. It all just confuses me. Perhaps Julian is lost and doesn’t know what the fuck hes doing anymore. I’m all out of ideas.

    (cool site btw)

  4. that video actually got cut off. at the end, after nick drops his guitar, the camera zooms out giving you the impression he dropped the guitar all the way from the top of the building

  5. this video is amazing! i love nokolais suit in it! i love the video so much!
    u get to see julian’s ring all the time though ..

  6. First Comment…I didn’t watch it but I know it sux…Are you trying to be a moron on purpose or are you high or are you just drunk.

  7. “i didn’t watch it but I know it sux”

    No. I wasn’t trying to be anything. I was pointing out that this new Strokes album sucks so much that it wasn’t even worth watching the video. I was very sober at the time, Dubuya.

  8. i love the strokes im a huge fan of them the first time i saw them i fell in love with them i ve know the band when the just started so im a true fan this new video was great just like the others oh man i cant wait to go see them in a concert for the one in houston texas i love them so much and wish the best for the strokes bye love you guys

  9. Bands are supposed to be about the music. Not the videos or the cute singers or guitarists.
    Personally, I think the Strokes are great, and that the guys are cute, but I’m wondering if anyone is even listening to the Strokes anymore or just looking at pictures.

  10. oh my god!!!
    the video is so great!!!!how could you people think otherwise???
    ofcourse julian is sex! for me he is a simbol of sexyness…mmmm….and the whole album is awsome!
    ofcourse, i’m their number one fan from serbia, maybe even in europe so i gues this is a bit to subjective…. ๐Ÿ˜€
    THEY RULE!!!

  11. The video is so MF GREAT!!how can you people think otherwize?! ofcourse julian is the sex!!
    for me he is THE SIMBOL of sexyness…mmmm…AND HE IS MINE!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ anyway,the whole album is abnormaly good, specialy ‘ize of the world’ song. by the way i’m their number one fan from south europe, so i guess this is a bit too subjective… but they’re still the best!!!

  12. I actually think the video is very effective, esp the line about fighting through the crowd when he is lying in the middle of a busy street. Sam Bayer has done a good job at capturing the feeling of the song and presenting it visually.
    Ai and Julian down on the ground is an image I will certainly cherish!

  13. The Strokes are a band that make music and money. They ARE good and although some people think the contrary, I don’t care; they’re still famous. And hot. And loads richer than half of us. Until you dissers are as wealthy as they are, don’t complain.

  14. i am such a strokes fan but even ive gotta admit it this video kinda sux! did i say kinda no it UNBELIEVABLY sucks ass the only good point is seein julian but the filming is terrible * sorry 2 who eva directeed it but get a new job* also filmin it in black n white was rather retared some music videos can get away wi tht but this 1 jst looks chessy! cmon guys get back 2 the dyas of good videos like the 1s from the first album!!

  15. i like very much the video.but it is almost a copy of thr rolling stones one “love is strong”.
    anyway the strokes song is great and they look very sexy in NY

  16. i think it’s a proper bo video!
    and the song is not too bad either! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Julian looks well fitt…altho i would stand on him just for the fun of it if i saw him lying on the ground!
    The song is well suited to the video…end of ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. ye i wud step on julian repeatedly hehehe…… i dont mind this video its not good or bad…..

  18. goose bumps
    thats what i got
    chilled toenails
    cold semen on the inside
    of my winter coat
    sweat btwn my inner thigh
    and my crootch
    so taken
    off gaurd
    this video danced
    on the back of my neck
    i’m in love!

  19. ok thtz goin a bit 2 far….. i repeat i want 2 step on julian and pull his silver chain……. and take his jacket and wear it ……….

  20. he does flaunt the ring a bit much…it’s quite sad. other than that, though, i must say julian casablancas = sex.

  21. I don’t care what the other say.
    I absolutely loved the new video. It’s well directed and I really love the style in black and white. I’ve known them since the early bigginning and I can say that they didn’t lost the touch.

    Long live The strokes!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. It’s a great video. I love Julian, I love Julian chain, I love Julian jacket , but I hate his FUCKING RING !!!!!!

  23. You would step on julian?
    I would fucking DIVE on him! i would say and rape him repeatedly but that sounds bad.
    you don’t hate julian because of the ring you hate Juliet grr:@
    people who say they dont like the strokes are just imbecilic and bromidic.
    after seeing them i realised that Albert is the “sex” although i love them all.

    LOVE the video xxxx

  24. ye i wud step on him only bcoz im mad with him 4 gettin married! his wife is a TRAMP dont get me wrong coz i dnt want him but he cud hav don betta than that ugly side dish! xD =P

  25. You people who didn’t like this video.. WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU? Don’t you have a sence for real music? This video is what we say im my language “KLOCKREN”.

  26. Julian is the shit. This video is the shit. The Strokes are the shit. I really enjoyed the comment about wishing all guys lying down in NYC looked like Julian! That tickled my funnybone. Thanks!

  27. “cmon guys get back 2 the dyas of good videos like the 1s from the first album!!”

    LMAO allybee you are obviously not a great strokes fan. the videos from the first album were very underfunded which meant most of the videos from their first album were either them live or just pictures of things in stopmotion lmao.

    anyway i fucking love the strokes and love how theyve progressed over the years. i must admit when i heard juicebox for the first time on kerrang i didnt really like it, but after a while you get used to it and the album. and no-one here cant admit that they listened to the first album and straight away loved every single track, but soon enough you do. and funnily enough i thought julian looked cool from the beggining, yet my girlfriend didnt find him fit. then when she saw this video and shes like OMG HES SO HOT! and im like I TOLD YOU THAT BEFORE! anyway what is it with women and men lying on the floor rolling about like a tramp. do they instantly get attracted? ive gotta try that…

  28. oh and i saw them live at brighton and they rocked so hard when i left brighton centre i felt the urge to shout out “I LOVE YOU JULIAN” and i did and someone called me a poof….but it was worth it

  29. good thing none of them fell off the buildings. admit it, you’d all be sad. even you people that don’t like this video.

  30. the video is awfully good, but i would like to know the place that they choose for engrave it. Iร‚ยดll be so grateful!!

  31. this video is amazing and a lot of you do not recognize great music when you hear it – the strokes are simply the best and i am tired of hearing how they suck!

  32. (tradotto)
    io adoro loro e questa canzone. La canzone รƒยจ bella come reptilia.

  33. The StRoKeS are the best! .. i Love everything about Julian, and i think the song, video and album are great! ..
    i agree with Matt, .. i didn’t like every single track the first time i listened to the album , but now i really like it..
    wish her the worst
    Reptilia is the best (like everything they do)

  34. ok im back and i jus want 2 say im over julian buh this video iz kl and so iz julianz voice. I dont kno wot i woz finkin b4 bcoz julian looks as much a tramp as his wife. They deserve eachotha lol they can b blissfully married and have ugly greasy tramp rocker kids.
    And with that i end. LOL

  35. THE VIDEO ROCKED YOU FRICKEN IDIOTS. and ok julian is not the sex, he is a sex god, there’s a diffrence trust me, and hello there are other people in the band, whats with the one tract minds on jules and alby

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