Karen Elson for Woman of the Year

Seriously, I don’t know how Karen Elson does it. She puts up with Jack White‘s mad crazy genius antics, she’s an established singer and cabaret performer, she’s got that “supermodel” gig going for her, she’s going to be a mommy, and now on top of that she’s had the nerves of steel to stomach doing a collaboration with the unpredictable Cat Power.

Check out Karen and Chan‘s lovely (but slightly less orgasmic-sounding) version English-language version of the 1969 Serge Gainsbourg (featuring Jane Birkin) classic, “Je T’aime…Moi Non Plus” right here:

DOWNLOAD: “I Love You…Me Neither” by Cat Power and Karen Elson

It comes off of the Monsieur Gainsbourg Revisited cover album featuring other top-name acts like Franz Ferdinand, Placebo (DOWNLOAD: “Ballad of Melody Nelson”), and The Kills. It comes out on the 27th of Feb on French label Barclay Records.

monsieur gainsbourg

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  1. I can’t beleive you are insulting Cat Power, who is basically
    a musical genius. She is a great songwriter, more than a pretty voice or face.

  2. I love cat power but that song is cheesy. Maybe turn down the orgasmic aahhs and ohhs or take a cold shower before singing.

  3. Why don’t you listen to the original? It has MUCH more “aahs” and “oohs” than this does. It was a pretty cheesy song to begin with, so don’t lay blame on Cat Power or Karen for that matter.

  4. I get the feeling that Mimi doesn’t like Karen AT ALL judging by the Karen at Marc Jacobs comments section. Jealous much?

  5. Well when someone does a COVER they can take out the oohs and ahhhs, and it’s not about blaming Cat Power, but having an opinion about a song that sounds trite.

    cat power rules. karen elson, yawn.

  6. because you are implying that it’s beneath some mediocre model/wannabe musician to work with someone as talented as chan marshall, who is like the bob dylanness of our generation.

    so it should be Chan woman of the year, musician of the decade.

  7. Well when someone does a COVER they can take out the oohs and ahhhs,

    Not with this particular song you can’t. Did you even listen to the original? The song is meant to be overtly sexual without the “oohs” and “aahs” it loses that. I think the only cheesy part in the cover is when Karen goes “no don’t stop”. She was probably too embarassed to take it as far as Jane Birkin did in that part.

  8. Wow Karen sounds just like Jane Birkin did in the original. I looove Cat Power’s voice, so soothing and sexy. I don’t think they did a bad job.

  9. I’m going to be brutally honest here but please stop being so predictable as its obvious that you wish you had the talent cat power has and number 2 you secretly wish you were married to Jack so whatever his mrs does you’re going to write something mean. its a great cover and I think they both sound really awesome. Karen has a beautiful voice lets face it she can sing and move one.so what is if she is a model and performs in a cabaret? what’s so wannabe about that. I personally respect that she is doing her own thing.

  10. I feel sorry for jacks wife, she will never be able to do anything without people judging her harshly because she married jack.

  11. I remember reading and interview with Chan where she mentioned wanting to get into Jack’s pants. Interesting…

  12. Yes apprently she has a HUGE crush on him. I hope there wasn’t any catfighting between her and Karen. Haha. Jack probably enjoys this cover very much.

  13. I’m going to be brutually honest and say this blog has very little about good music, but stalking Jack and posting everything his wife does is BORING. She has a cute voice, but that’s about it.

  14. if you think it’s boring, why are you wasting your time reading it? go make your own blog about music you like.

  15. stop it children.
    Its funny to read how much you care about this subject.
    you’re all a lousy lot of judgemental and vindictive kids who probably don’t have a creative bone in your body and are bitter because jack white, his wife karen, chan marshall and michael stipe do. At least they’re fucking trying.
    are you fans or the village gossip?

  16. Why do you want to know if Chan is bisexual? Do you want to see if you have a chance or are you having kinky sex fantasies about Chan and Karen going at it?

  17. this was recorded in 2004. good to see it’s finally coming out. karen’s twin sister kate has been a white stripes fan for a long time too.

  18. I like the song, its a good cover they both can sing
    can we be done talking about this subject already?

  19. Well I clicked on one of the ads here for Cat Power tshirts, and one of the tshirts was a picture of a girl kissing Chan on the cheek, so I was wondering if maybe she was into girls. Nothing wrong with that, makes me like the song better.

  20. There are lots of people with good voices and are as pretty as Karen all over the world (if you think she is pretty)
    They are not however married to Jack White, have been supermodels or featured in gossip columns as a result of both.
    The point I’m making is, Karen might have an OK voice, but she only gets the opportunities she does because of her modelling background/being known etc, and now she IS married to Jack White she is omni fucking present though by all accounts doesnt court it or feel comfortable with it.
    Do you think Karen’s musical ‘talent’ (ie a good voice and musical friends) would have been enough for her to reach global recognition if she had remained in England with music as a hobby. THere are lots of music obsessives who dont get the ops because they are just ordinary every day people.
    The cover was ok, but didnt demand a great vocal delivery or range.

  21. Fair enough. I am just sick of all the whiny little girls around here who hate Karen cuz she is a model and(or) cuz she married Jack. Some of them are still in complete denial and just can’t fathom that their idol would ever stoop so low as to commit the cliche of marrying a model. Oh the horror!! The guy is married to her and there ain’t nothing you can do about it, so get over it! I’m looking at you Mimi.

  22. Yeah none of my comments are coming from hate of anything or anyone, it’s simply called an opinion and annoyance at the self importance and worship of the superficiality of models and fastracking overly ambitious individuals who need more time and WORK to perfect their craft.

    This is the internet folks, people have opinions on the here.

  23. What are you, my stalker?

    I had to look back to see what I posted that got you all riled up – that it’s too bad they got pregnant so quick b/c the marriage won’t last? So? Yeah, I said it and I’m being realistic.

    People here have said Jack’s wife is ugly, untalented, using him to further her career, etc. and you have a problem with ME?

    Go project your angst somewhere it belongs.

  24. Mimi said:
    Am I the only one who doesn’t think she looks pregnant?

    Sounds like more of the suspicious or denial crap I’ve heard from other people.

  25. jack dont own a computer . so what ever been said he dont no nothing about it.karen already no that all you;ll do talk about people you dont ever see on tv she never been on tv so are do you no her you only see her on vogue magazine

  26. you can’t be truly realistic about people you don’t even know. you can apply your statstics and cynical assumptions, but the real reality is you don’t know for certain whether their marriage will last or not.


  28. you’re right!!!i agree…i know that dark version, asia argento plays the gainsbourg role and brian molko says the jane birkin’s words..very dark!i love asia argento, she’s a darklady

  29. i agree too.this karen chick might also have a nice voice.but now she’s the WOMAN OF THE YEAR why?why the people now are talking about this girl?not because she’s a music genius , but just because she s married to the fucking white stripes(hit parade band) singer,and because she’s a supermodel.that’s so sad.who gives a shit!anyway i really love that brian molko and asia argento version,i remember also a videoclip of that song…..

  30. hi! i would like to tell something to all who thinks that some people are hardly insulting that model,karen,that is not true…i believe that those people are afraid about a contamination of rock with fashion!a terrible and insane thing.that’s because now eveyone seems pissed off at that model!:)and concerning the white stripes guy, i’ll say that it was a shock to see him married to a supermodel….maybe because a couple of years earlier he was so into blues…you know…into that kind of ” hank williams and robert johnson s wordl…so far from the catwalk!!:)

  31. I don’t think Karen Elson Woman Of the Year is meant to be serious folks. Laura is referring to her ability to be able to handle mercurial musicians.

  32. Wow, that was fun. Some of you are really nutty. Do it again! (Oh, and by my initial comment, I meant that the original must be pretty damned orgasmic if this is considered toned down! I’m impressed!)

  33. I hate reading this thread? I’ve met Karen several times. I used to work with Chan a few years ago on tour with her . Karen is a really lovely girl. From what I gather she isn’t asking for anyone to pat her on the back or pay her compliments for the things she is doing. she is just doing them and why not? you only live once? Musicans have there photograph took all the time, Why don’t you go and shout at them, but you wouldn’t because its different? Why is it? You feel empowered by the loose pieces of information you read and then like a pack of wolves you chew it up and call a stranger, ugly and untalented? Ouch! What if a stranger came and wrote 50 comments on your day job and then decided you where nothing but a low life because you flip burgers? Come on! This song was recorded a while before she knew her husband I think. Chan likes her and asked her to sing the song with her, gosh big deal lets hate that model? Chan used to date a male model do you think she’s a sell out now? Bob Dyaln married a model ( a playboy bunny) do you hold it against him? do you think Woody Guthrie was turning in his grave? I doubt all the blue’s men Jack is infulenced by are screaming murder from the grave right now. I hate these shallow judgements, what are they based on is nothing but trivia? What do you all do for a living write a list and lets all judge who is worthy of being stoned? Is it that terrible to be a model? Chan has done fashion shoots.I have done shoots and have been an extra on many photo shoots I don’t feel like a sell out?
    Ask around NYC and most artists have been in a photo shoot once or twice.
    It doesn’t seem like Chan or Jack judged Karen because she a model, so why are you?

  34. those white trash ain;t shit .they making 6.00 dollars a hour and now they talking about people ou live better than them.karen dont act like paris hilton .jack dont cared about you;ll whore you dont worth nothing so get a life fined a black men to be pround of so we all can talk about

  35. i dont think karen need none of those people to like her they dont no nothing.they dont have nothing neither.what can you;ll do for her anyway you stupid for talking about people ou dont even no you exiset do you think karen going to take her time to read this

  36. beyonce whant to do all .why not her .she can do what ever she whant you dont pay her bill. she dont ask for you to like her or her husband. she is doing her own thing people ou no her love her. she dont need you to like her she making money whith out you .you all are stranger stay out of her life go fined people you no to talk about.

  37. The name of the gibberish talker has finally been revealed! Hello mell, if you don’t mind could you kindly go away?. Thanks! 🙂

  38. go denna! i’ve had the pleasure of meeting karen too and she is a a cool chica who happens to have a beautiful voice. to the person who said she wouldn’t be getting these opportunities if she weren’t a model: many people get their breaks through friends, especially in the entertainment industry. some are hard working and talented, some aren’t. karen has been very selective about what she does on the music front and has actually shied away from opportunities because she knows she will be judged differently.

  39. i personally think she’s got a great voice.and i think that noone here is denying it.but you cannot compare bob dylan’s life to the models of today!fashion wordl is sad!deal with it.you guys should not blame people who say that a supermodel who sings is less interesting than a person like pj harvey (for example..)..that’s why models are discriminated , because they belongs to a stupid and boring wordl that is completely different from true musicians and poets world…if a girl choose to belong to fashion instead of being a rock poet like patti smith chose to be,some people might think that patti smith did the best choice and the more intellectual and interesting and particular choice.deal with it! if the white stripes fans are just i little bit disappointed from seeing their fav singer married to a supermodel(which is talented and has got a great voice,without any doubt)they have all the rights in this fucking world to say”jack..i tought you were attracted from others kinds of women and enviroments..”being a model is a choice..there’s nothing bad in it….but i just think that there are more interesting women…..pj harvey did a better choice than being a model (i am free to think that is a stupid and less intereting job )but if u love this girl we re happy for you baby!”,and she’s FAMOUS..of course people dont know her,but this is the price for being a celebrity..celebrities should not give a shit if some people dont like them.everyone has got an opinion.

  40. a girl who choose to spend her entire life creating rock poetry is cooler than one who choose to spend her life walking the catwalk.it is a right discrimination.this is my opinion.i dont know this karen girl,but i’m free to say what i ve said

  41. Criticism is perfectly fine no one is saying it isn’t. Criticism for all the wrong reasons; jealousy, discrimination of one’s profession, etc.,, is what some people have a problem with.

  42. i want to tell to the girl that said we are all pathetic jealous people because we flip burgers,insead of being models or tour managers, that i flip burgers!!i work in a mcdonald for paying my universiry rates and graduate in economics in nyc.and i can assure you ipeople is not jealous.some people think that others things like being a doctor or graduate in economics is much more cool than being a model or a singer.to be honest some people dont give a shit about being a celebrity.remember it..i’m a HUGE white stripes fan,i got nothing against that model but i hate the fashion world too and i dont want to see jack to an armani fashion show because i think is a fake and silly world.

  43. Jessica, alexis, and gallow’s pole are all the same people. Hmmm. You can’t spell or speak for shit either.

  44. i’m sooo sorry for the grammar erros…it happens to a lot of people ..specially when you write quickly on the computer…i can speak my language.i’m so in love with jack’s music but i find him EXTREMELY unattractive.as you are extremely paranoid.i’ll come back when the topic will be about jack and meg’s music and art instead of models.goodbye

  45. their music is overhyped and now pretty boring, so why not talk about how fat theyve got and how ugly in real life they/their spouses are instead.

  46. they are not ugly you are.in this day of age you cant do nothing good .all the celeberity have to go threw it i;am sure jack and karen knew it

  47. no body whant to be a doctor anymore because celebrity make more money.we dont have no doctore where i live in florida only a few everbody whant to be on television except karen and jack please let me no when you see them together

  48. i agree. do any body actually ever see karen on any tv show or in interview are do some of you no so mush about karen if she never appear on nothing.

  49. gizell the model appear on a movie so is tara; beyonce ;heidy ;all the rappers singer model everbody want to do something different what is so wrong with that they can do what they want got that

  50. if you dont like the white stripes that find why they have to be all that. no jack and karen are not ugly ok if you think they ugly what do you think of seal and jay z or any body whit money

  51. First point – this album was supposed to be a ‘tribute to Serge Gainsbourg’ (remember him?…) and as such, I was wary, given the growing numbers of far less talented artists who have sought to hitch their star to his name (and that of many others) in the years since his death. I’ve heard four tracks so far. The Franz Ferdinand/Jane Birkin ‘Sorry Angel’ actually makes a decent pop song from one which, in truth, was never one of Gainsbourg’s best. The Rakes adaptation of ‘Le Poinconneur’ which, while moving the scenario to the London Underground, at least keeps some of the original spirit without taking itself too seriously, is another point in the album’s favour.
    However the Cat Power/Karen Elson ‘Je T’Aime’ is truly awful – who did the translation?…Babelfish? And b.t.w., kids…it’s not meant to be a sexy song…that’s kind of, like, the point…This version confirms my worst fears about the album – people of limited talent (Cat Power?… a ‘genius’ worthy of comparison to Bob Dylan?…patent nonsense..) feeding off the memory of Gainsbourg (who despite the brilliance of his own long career would always have rejected the charge, nay, the existence of ‘genius’) and all to further their own sad floundering careers. The presence of Michael Stipe (who should commemorate 15 years since he last wrote a decent song) comes as no surprise. Which brings me to Brian Molko…Brian, pick up your Chad Valley synthesizer, go home, take off the makeup and perhaps you’ll be able to get a job in a shop or something – you have no future (and indeed no past)in the music business, as your hatchet job on ‘Melody Nelson’ clearly demonstrates. The rest of you, go and learn French and then listen to Gainsbourg (the best tribute) – maybe then you’ll truly start to appreciate French music.

  52. jesus, give it up people. 80 or so comments on someone’s life you don’t know. If Karen wasn’t married to Jack this would go under the radar in about 15 seconds. It was recorded like 3 years ago so lets finish his conversation as the only reason we are talking about this IS because she is Jack’s wife. Lets be nice and respectful towards her as she has done nothing to us to warrant his kind of hatred which comes across on these comments. She’s pregnant with our idols child, and she seems to shy away from all the attention that she is getting because of Jack. We haven’t seen one tabloid photo of them, and it seems from the few interviews jack has mentioned her he says nothing but lovely things. he said on Charlie Rose that he was madly in love, lets respect it, as its nothing to do with us at all.
    This thread is really depressing to read. As it reveals how jealous people are of them.
    I respect all the comments about Serge Gainsbourg, he was a genius, the original je t’aime rules, everyone from nick cave to cat power have had a stab at it because they like it and are paying homage to him, but of course nothing will ever match the jane/serge song. I like cat power and jack’s wife’s attempt they’re trying and they can both sing the parts well. But in English it isn’t the same I have never heard a cover of this which is truly awesome.
    Can we talk about something else please?

  53. i said the same thing to .why talk about some body you never see on tv or the tabloid you only see her picture she is more famous in this site than paris hilton on tv and the tabloid

  54. dont worried about karen and jack they are living better than all those people they dont no nothing about this thread here. they only talking to themself they are not talking about jack and karen they dont no them only in there dream

  55. to all you nasty whore you men is fucking you best friend and you sister go take care you own problem live the two lovely couple alone

  56. For the love of Christ!

    Please buy a dictionary or a book on grammar or better yet, take an English class because I have never seen someone massacre the English language as you have.

    And I say “you” because the same person has written about 70% of the comments on this thread under different names because they are all written in the same tell tale “Jumble Jumble” chicken scratchings

  57. if you so mush in love whith christ why you here this thread here is for bad girl ok if you are a good girl stay a fuck away from here bitch dont read shit

  58. I saw karen sing yesterday at deitch gallery with a theater group/ cabaret called the citizens band, it was awesome and she has such a pretty voice. they ruled

  59. if jack and karen make $20 million they not going to married people like me and you so what they ugly they love each other no matther what .if any body want to trash jack that would be renee she’s the only one ou actually no jack personally.you dont see her make any comment about him.

  60. Karen who?

    Chan Marshall has a nice voice but can’t sing in tune to save her soul. Seriously, if I was gonna use the term “genius”, I’d better be referring to a person who is truly excellent at her craft. Chan Marshall is not.

    I guess the Dylan comparisons are valid in that Chan mumbles and can’t really sing. Also, her personality is supposed to somehow make her music better. Yeah. You’re a “singer”? Try hitting those “notes” you hear people talking about.

    Making your insecurities into everybody else’s problem? Super-professional. The very MODEL of competency. Get real, people. Charisma is only rarely a substitute for talent. the Ramones could pull it off. The Sex Pistols, Bob Dylan, King Tubby, Al Jourgensen, Gibby Haynes – these people CAN get by on chutzpah and sheer balls, because they’re awesome. Cat Power? PLEASE.


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