America’s Next Top…Model? Really?

I litterally gasped when I saw this picture taken at the Edun launch party! Lydia Hearst-Shaw (left) looks delightful, but what has happened to the most recent America’s Next Top Model winner Nicole? The ratty bangs covering her face are not doing much for her…uh…look. What would Nik think of this? Aw hell, she’s probably still laughing it up with Lil’ Jon.

edun nicole ANTM


12 Replies to “America’s Next Top…Model? Really?”

  1. That’s just a bad picture, in my opinion. I’ve seen plently of great ones of her from fashion week.

    If you think Nicole looks bad, you should see recent pics of Eva and Naima. Woof!

  2. her win still bothers me.
    i met two norwegians yesterday and was like “SONDRE LERCHE!!!!!!!!!” and they’re like “yes he is famous in norway….you freak.”

  3. I think Nicole was a great winner because she does not at all look like any of the previous winners – if Nik had won cycle 5 she would have been the third black girl winning the competition in a row and she’d be “just another black winner”. I think people remembers Nicole better because she’s “something new” on the ANTM stage.

  4. Nicole was awesome in previous antm 5,,
    she has classic face, and i think she’s kind a unique person. Yes you know bfore, she’s not
    ‘black’ girl. she jz made somethin new in ANTM..
    bravo Nicole!!!

  5. it was just a bad picture of herr-she looks drunk
    i missed all the other eps and only watched the last one!!

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