These Photos of Val Kilmer Kissing Paris Hilton/ Winona Ryder Totally Confuse Me

Wait a minute, have Wino and Paris run out of scraggly musicians and Greek shipping heirs (respectively) to make out with? You know what? I’m not even going to ask. I do not claim to understand anything about what goes on in the weird world of celebrities. Apparently the Val Kilmer vs. Winona set is making a “jokey joke” of the Paris set. Ha ha. Funny guys?

winona ryder fake kisses val kilmer

paris hilton and val kilmer


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39 replies on “These Photos of Val Kilmer Kissing Paris Hilton/ Winona Ryder Totally Confuse Me”

  1. Val Kilmer, ace as Jim Morrison in the Doors film but aside from that, he’s a proper cock.

    I think the photo confirms this.

  2. Dear Val,

    Due to the combined number of STDs those two whores play host to, it’s only a matter of minutes before your dick falls off.

  3. uummmmmmmmmm, yuk, hmmmm I wonder what val’s and Paris’s love child would look like, jim morrison with a pointy nose?…

  4. Ok these Picture are rather srtange, and where exactly is that blokes hand on Paris? But i have never seen celeb pics like this, they are always modeling. Are these photos possed. Maybe I find these pictures rather strange is beacuase I am british. p.s Cool site.

  5. Val Kilmer: the best actor…Paris Hilton: nothing!…
    I`m waiting for you in Argentina Val!!! You are the best!!!!

  6. sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  7. yuk…winona ryder…ok…I get it…But Paris? How thick could you get??? you`d better come to the netherlands;)

  8. matko z córka co ta blond szmata z nim zrobiÅ‚a…(to tak odemnie i nie bede sie wtajemniczac w j angielski)

  9. je trouve ca inadberant ce qu’elle a fais paris hilton envers val kilmer ce faire invité chez lui en lui envoyant des photos d’elle pornographique,je trouve ca inadmisible!
    je suis d’accord avce val kilmer qu’il ne sait pas laisser faire avec une moin que rien comme elle,elle se croit interessante en fesant ca ben pas pour moi!je pense que c’est une moins que rien et elle restera une moins que rien,pour moi c’est une fille qui n’a aucuns respect envers elle et ni envers les autres personnes elle ferais mieux de faire un travail sur elle meme au lieu d’envoyé des photos d’elle sur des ordinateurs des personnes mieux qu’elle!!!
    la pauvre fille!!!elle me fais pitié elle es bonne a mettre au chien et non devant des ecrans de television !!!!
    une fidele fan a val kilmer….:-) cool val kilmer toujours aussi canon et toujours aussi mignon continuez ainsi films super avec vous 😉

  10. No entiendoooooooooooooooo!!! ajajaja!!
    Paris Hilton no existeeee!! Me hacés reir mucho val, amigoteeee!!! winneeeer!!! grosso!!! Pero POR FAVOR no t comas esooo!

    I think the same: This is too bizarre for me… yeaaaah! Vale, I agree with “Noelia” (?) You should come to Argentina just a few dayssss!
    tuc tuc! Golpecito en el pecho!! Acá t bancamos!

  11. ugh! They can’t be real! It has to be a hoax! If my mother saw her old highschool best friend now like this, I THINK SHE WOULD THROW UP! HOW COULD MY MOM’S BEST FRIEND FROM HIGHSCHOOL KISS THESE TWO CELEBRITY RIP OFFS! I only have three words for all three of those celebs: HOW COULD YOU?

  12. nooo.. 🙁 i love val kilmer.. thats a shame since Paris is such a slut. but i don’t know if these pictures are real, because if they were i think they would be all over the place.. but they’re not..hmm..

  13. paris hilton, winona and val are all great…. anyone who thinks other wise can lick my furry twat and choke to death on my pubes.

  14. ijááá hogy a márja essen le az égbű! hogy szpjon jó nagy faszokat még az életben paris!
    oszt elment vízé a kútra!
    hallgassátok meg!
    oszt táncoltam meg minden!
    és hajrá oc-k!
    hogy kapjátok be a hangos gecit!
    ijajjj istenem oszt még aludni sem tudtam az este!
    annyira fájt mindennem!

  15. Why Val? Why?? You are so much hotter than those two put together!!! IM WAITING FOR YOU IN PA!!!

  16. C’est sympa, quand-meme. Ben, je peux dire que ca m’est egal. J’aime Val et Paris aussi.

  17. I think Val deserves more… he is always with shit women ( at least on the last 10 years ) and I think he needs some new sexual advantures and tastes…
    Val, if you want a gay experience PLEASE come to Scandinavia!!!

  18. he use to date hot women, like michelle pfeifer and cindy crawford, now he’s dating sleaxeballs, and hanging out with robert downey jr. sorry Val but your just a dirty old man.

  19. That’s a not real. THAT’S NOT REAL. I mean , i watched “Ghost and the Darkness” yesterday; and now seeing this…..uh well…NO WAY. I dont WANT to believe on this BULLSHIT.

  20. Some of these posts are way sleazier than these ridiculous pictures. Have some decorum, people. Geez.

  21. well said get a grip, it aint a porn sight and paris hilton is a dirty,nasty slut who wouldnt know a hard days work if it bit her in the ass.two words SILVER SPOON.
    oh and val as ice man omg hubba hubba

  22. Val,

    These people are so fucked n the head. And if you get this you would realize that that is not Val Kilmer with a dirty ass little bitch, who probably has so much disease that everyone’s parts will fall off by just looking at her, die bitch whore.
    As for you the real VAL that I love glad we killed those fucking children ther jokes over. How many more to go? Please reply to
    I love you all!

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