Is Paris Hilton Afraid of London Pickpockets?

Everyone knows that Paris Hilton is a jetsetter, but did you know that all logging all those miles has made her a cautious traveler? The blonde heiress certainly has read her fair share of travel advice books about London that warn foreigners that the major metropolitan city is safe, but has a lot of petty thievery.

Why else would Ms. Hilton insist upon slinging her peach-colored Fendi purse across the front of her chest while walking the red carpet for the UK premiere of the Sienna Miller/ Heath Ledger movie Casanova? She obviously did not want to take any chances of someone snatching her Sidekick, or another sex tape video from her bag. It’s so refreshing to see the sensible side of Ms. Hilton. Wait, why are you giggling?

paris hilton casnova premiere

(Source via ONTD)

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  1. I Must admit I am most probably a rare breed of a Paris Hilton female fan, but what the hell is she doing with that bag! Yes, Paris we can see that you have a fendi bag, but do u really have to drape it around your neck, but otherwise fab outfit, a change from the usual pink!

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