Should I Start Calling Him Tennesee Jack?

According to local TN paper the Tennessean, Jack White has bought a large house in the Brentwood area of Tennessee, near Music City, USA–aka Nashville. He and wife Karen Elson were spotted buying furniture from “ultra-cool store Pre-to-Post Modern.” One could only assume that Jack, a former upholsterer, was having a ball checking out the wares. You’ll also be happy to know that Jack pumps his own gas at Shell.

No idea if this is to be a permanent home or just one of the many properties in Jack’s real estate portfolio. Thanks to the anonymous poster for the Tennessean tip.

8 Replies to “Should I Start Calling Him Tennesee Jack?”

  1. I wonder when that gas station sighting actually was. The date says 1/26 at the top of the page, but he was in Australia then.

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