Brody Dalle Reveals Herself Post-Pregnancy

Wow! Having a baby DOES change everything. Take one look at rock ‘n’ roll queen Brody Dalle of the Distillers, who just gave birth to a little girl last month, and try to argue otherwise. Gone are her punky jet black locks, ring around the eye makeup, and lace up leather vests–hello naturally blonde hair, peach colored lipstick, and flowy beaded blue dresses. What a post-baby eXtreme makeover.

brody dalle josh homme

But one look at her right hand fingers and you’ll see some things never change. Brody is already back to smoking cigarettes. Proud papa Josh Homme (of Queens of the Stone Age) seems to be taking suit, his left hand is doing double duty balancing his drink and death stick.

In case you’re not familiar with what Brody looked like before, here’s a photo from 2004.

brody dalle bbc

Many folks are giving their baby-rearing advice on ONTD, and you can also catch all the pregnant women warnings people are leaving Karen Elson about hair dye as well.

Be sure to check out an interview I did with Brody and the boys a few years ago when they were doing Lollapalooza.

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  1. I blame it on those awful eyebrows, other than that she’s a beautiful woman. She did just have a baby people. I’d probably look like Shrek after a few benders if I had given birth than went out soon after.

  2. Miss Modernage, this is not about brode but I have a question for you. Do you like TROVATA? I recently got to know them over the past couple of months. They are fashion’s most adorable and precious creatures. Not only are they as cute as puppies and you just want to snuggle with me and pet their cute floppy heads, but they are smart and polite and sooooo funny in that Wes Anderson way. Plus there are four of them with four distinctive looks and personalities, so you can amuse yourself and your girlfriends picking favorites. The clothes are well, perfectly sweet & witty preppy clothes, but joyriding inTrovata’s huggable universe is my favorite new pastime.
    I have a clear sense that you’d flip for these boys, check their latest show on or the movielet they put on their website…

  3. I don’t think she looks that bad, but that dress is not flattering her at all, and she could have either cut the black part of her hair off, or dyed her hair black or blonde. Pick a color! I know she just had a kid, but she couldn’t have taken a couple of hours to go to the salon or even just down to the drugstore?

  4. I think it’s cool cuz then that baby will rock!!!! but I think it kinda sucks cuz she now looks weird with a baby blue dress and blonde hair again, anyway, I’ll support them!!!

  5. You people sre soooooo dumb, hello, she just passed an entire human being through her vagina!!! How would you look after that, I think she looks great blue dress and all, plus Brody has the sickest voive in all of Cali. town!!! Yous guys are about as deep as a puddle!!!

  6. Forget those hollywood chix who are desperate to see their ribs again two weeks after they give birth! Brody looks like a real mom, and she could probably still kick anyone’s ass! I’m sure she and Josh will be great parents!

    Brody Rules!!!

  7. Brody rocks out like no other, and she always will!!! It doesn’t matter hows you look as long as you sound good, when you put in a cd to listen to it you don’t see the person who is singing, you hear them and she sounds gr8 so who gives a flying fuck how she looks!!!

  8. It’s not the weight that’s the problem. It’s the fact that she looks like scuzzy, sleazy white trailer trash.

  9. she is married to a guy who seems to really love her, sings like a champ, and just had a baby girl, she probably doesn’t give a fuck how people think she looks, lets face it, Brody rocks!!!

  10. personally i think she looks great. after having my daughter in 2004 i looked roughly the same and im sure a lot of people do. couldn’t dye my hair while i was pregnant and unless you’re willing to starve yourself then you ain’t gonna get a size 8 figure back for at least 5 months. i dont think she has let herself go i know that everything changes when you have a kid and thats probably whats happened with her and so she has a right to be the way she wants to be and everyone should stop bitchin about it – especially since she still looks great!

  11. Yha rock on I sooooooooo agree with tropical london, if she has a kid that is going to be her main priority, not sliming back down to an anerexic state again, she should be thinking of her kid, that is what shes doin, and that is how it should be!!!

  12. Not All women breast feed and im sure she is not dumb enough to breast feed and smoke, you people seem to forget that she is a human being herself, shes not just some baby machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. People should not be so hard on smokers, when they have no empathy, no idea of how addivtive it really is!!! ,She stopped smoking while she was pregnant, you people are talking like she is puffing a ciggy and then blowing the smoke right in her kids face…im sure she cares very much about her child, seeing as how it was a part of her for nine months…

  14. it’s a terrible addiction and i do feel sorry for smokers, but breastfeeding is very important for a newborn.

  15. wait a second, im just a bit confused how are you people relating her to courtney love, the only thing i can see that they both have in common is they sing, from what I understand brody can’t even stand courtney love…

  16. Brody and Courtney are just friends, you don’t need to compair them to eachother, thats just sick.

    Brody looks amazing on the 1th pic.
    No she’s not fat, normal people don’t are as skinny as they were after delevering a baby.

  17. to all people whos saying she looks hideous, you try having a baby then go out soon after and i dont think any of you could look half as good as she does, i would hide in the house till all the baby weight had come off whereas she has had the confidence to get outside and just enjoy herself.

  18. Who gives a fuck how she looks!!! She is a great musician, a great song writer, and that is what is important!!!

  19. umm. . . . like yeah, she did JUST have a baby. she’s a real human not a plastic barbie doll. i won’t even go on. I know what having a baby can do to your body and I say to her “Thanks” At least she doesn’t seem to worried about seeing her ribs too soon! ๐Ÿ™‚


  20. Hey, she looks fantastic. That’s the bottom line!!!
    For those who made comments about her hair, I’ll remind you of when she was younger and perposefully let her blonde roots grow out, her mohawk was blonde for the first two inches!!!
    As for the dress, it’s amazing!!! It looks incredible. I think she looks like a goddess (of course she’s not going to look exactly the same, she had only JUST had her baby, I mean, hello… hospital ID still on wrist??)
    I think people need to remember that fame does not make you any less a real person, not a dream…
    I say, Congatulations Brody and Josh!! I hope Camille is as beautiful as her mother!!!

  21. has any one else heard the rumors that the distillers have broken up?!? Is it true, cuz that sucks they were a great band, what the fuck?, All I have to say is change is bad people, very, very bad, although I still think Brody looks great considering this picture was taken very soon after she had her baby girl… but i feel so sad…

  22. You all are so shallow. It’s her life, if she wants to smoke. Then so be it, she had the baby. If I just had a baby and I was as famous as her I’d smoke myself crazy. So lay off her, assfucks. She’s fuckin beautiful!!!! Let’s see you do what she does then have a baby and be seen soon after he/she was born..
    damn.. stupid idiots.
    To those who agreed she looked great, thank you.

  23. yha ok thats great so everyone is shallow and she should smoke, but what the fuck? Have the fuckin distillas broken up or what, can someone please say it aint so!!!! Oh yha and Brody rawks like no one else can, and she will always look great.

  24. well, I don’t give a fuck what people say. you guys are just shallow!!! I actually think she looks great, if she just had a kid. I’m sure that baby cammille will be just as beutifu l(hot and sexy) as her mother is. BRODY IS SOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!! ………………………………………………………………………………….BRODY ROX YOUR SOX OFF!!! AND I’M sure they will be great parents to their little baby girl!!!

  25. good bye tummy, hello mummy. it happens. she looks great. god has given them a true blessing–rejoice…peace inthe heart…

  26. ohhhhhhh mgawsh im gonna lose my fucking mind, can some one pleaz answer me?!!? Have the Distillas broken up or not, and yes Brody does rock, and look hot, no matter what…but please does any one know if theys broke up for real or… not!!

  27. Hey if yous guys like the dstillas then yous should listen to this great all girl band called Civet, they kind of have a distilla thing goin on they fucking rock, their website is, check it out cus they really do rock…

  28. umm, YES THE DISTILLERS HAVE BROKEN UP, that’s so last year! the sad thing is that i only visit this site on a boring occasion. Really!! You all shouldn’t be so unkind and keep a lad haning on like that!! Me thinks that I am laughing out loud.


  29. hehe. she looks like crap in that walmart dress! like a hobo tryin to pass off smart by wearing a sodden paper bag! she was better before when she had attitude. hopefully she’ll recover soon and revert back to that style. tiredness dont suit her face!!

  30. If I had a man like josh homme fucking me I wouldn’t worry about anything, I think she looks like a real woman and I am also glad to see that a man I adore loves a real woman, he’s even more perfect than I first imagined…..

  31. wow, she does look pretty bad there…. i hope she goes back to how she looked before the pregnancy, she was so pretty before and now look at her what the hell was she thinking. but i am glad that they had there baby i think she’s gonna be a very cool mom

  32. that is so wrong and shallow, she just had a kid, I think she looks beautiful, and happy she has a glow about her, and that baby will fucking rock!!!

  33. hehe, her dragon tattoo expanded. wonder if it’ll go back to how it was before she inflated.
    although i prefer her from before the pregnancy, ok, yeh, she looks good for someone who’s just pushed a melon sized thing through a sprout sized thing!

  34. she still looks great. I love Brody! I’m getting a picture of her tattooed on my shoulder… because she’s a real person, and it doesn’t matter what other people think you always have to be true to yourself. I can’t wait to see the baby.

  35. a tattoo of brody?? jesus y dont u just lick the sweat from her ass hole?? thats so tacky!!! wow ur gonna regret that. shes real?? well so is george bush, so is fred bleeding durst but u wudnt get them done!! OMG, good look with that!!

  36. I think she looks smashing. I changed my style a year ago. I dressed also very rock-like. I think she realises you don’t have to dress ‘rock’ to express yourself. That’s what I felt after changing my style (or maybe that’s the twentieth anniversary kicking in). I still like the music very much, but not the dressing style anymore.
    I hope she gets another baby really soon. She and Homme are the most beautiful couple I have ever seen.

  37. oh my god, she looks like a cow. did she give birth to the man in the hat? rather than engorging herself with big macs and milk shakes, perhaps she couldve done a bit of yoga, or, i dunno, walking? this is a very good reminder of how shallow and vain I am. I will never get nasty dragon tattoos that stretch out like the michelin man when pregnant. is everyone pretending like they haven’t seen the stupid “punk” faces she makes? good god, that kid don’t have a chance in hell with genes from josh and pete-wentz-snaggletooth-smile from brody. normally we’re laughing at you, but this time we’re laughing with you, tim. woof.

  38. Homme is the ugliest man i have ever seen. I hope they didnt put the headpones on her belly and blast queens while she was pregnant, because i heard somewhere it can cause down sydrome. above the clothes next time, kids.

  39. the thought of those two bumping uglies makes me vomit. joe is right, josh homme has got to be the most untalented nobody musician to span both the 20th and 21st century. brody, i hear dee snyder is looking for an incubator- just in case you’d like to spawn another alien baby. that poor baby girl. how about instead of a college fund, they set up an im-sorry-our-genetics-ruined-your-life fund to buy the girl a face transplant when she’s older?

  40. i think brody dalle looks great. yeah, she looked better before but what can you do? she’s still the same person and i think she’s fucking gorgeous no matter what. so have the distillers actually broke up then?

  41. yha they have broken up. The bands drummer and bass player left the band, and then the lead guirtarist went with them. I do think they will get back together, or Brody will find new band members, I also read some where that Brody is in the studio as of right now creating a new record still under the band name of the Distillers so I really don’t think she will stop making music completely.

  42. I am a HUGE fan of the Distillers but she does look terrible. I love her to death, but she isn’t looking so hot. I know she just had a baby, I understand that. Good luck to her as a parent and I hope she’s back soon.

  43. i think she looks amazing for the fact that she just had a baby, but why has she changed her style? i dont think it suits her at all, but im sure that she doesnt actually give 2 shits about what anyone has to say about her, so good for her.

  44. i think Brody and distillers is amazin and i say good on her for changing for he child proves that she isnt just into her music there are other things in life she cares about. o brody!!

  45. Everyone FUCK OFF. Brody Dalle is my ultimate hero and if you think she looks fat well go screw yourself and leave the girl alone. She just had a baby for fucks sake. And by the way Nancy it is not tacky to get a tattoo of your hero. So leave the people who have a life alone and take your shitty comments somewhere else.

  46. This site is aweful. Why don’t all you fucks mind your own business and leave other people’s lives alone. Are your lives so wretched you have to trash other people to make you feel better about yourselves? Fuck off and die.

  47. i am from melbourne, brody changed her style when she went punk. this is what she used to look like, minus the chub. but honestly, for the first time in years she looks sexy. makes that dipshit homme look even uglier4

  48. I dunno, as long as she keeps making good music, and dosen’t turn into a hollywood, rich bitch, im better than you kind of gal I don’t care. But I love the distillers, and Brody Dalle I wish her and the band the best…

  49. amy, fuck off you dirty little slag, everyone’s allowed their opinion, its not fucking harming anyone, brody dalle sure wouldnt give a flying pig shit. and she aint fucking ugly, im straight as a pole yet i wouldnt kick her outta bed

  50. Ewww she looks so ugly in that blue dress. At first I thought she was a cow then I realized it was talentless Brody.She should keep drinking and smoking maybe she would get cancer or something and die so noone would have to look at her ugly self anymore.I feel so sorry for her baby.And Josh Homme ha what an equally ugly, talentless loser.

  51. Wow Anya….wishing someone to death when they have a child…
    you must be and eceptionally miserable person, mabey…if you had a life you wouldn’t be so angry that other people do… you probably wish that you could look as good in a blue dress that she does.

  52. ok who ever called brody dalle a skank, scuzzy or white trailer trash… brody is way better than u! a whole lot better than u actually ….. she has probably achieved so much more than u!!!!!! people will let their hair grow a longer even if it looks a bit strange having half blonde and the other half black god! and she does not look like a skank she looks like a beautiful mum whos proud of her baby who cares if she smokes its her choice that dress is gorgeous and she looks gorgeous now than then.. the people that called brody dalle a skank or scuzzy or white trailer trash go attack an electric fence and die

  53. Brody’s black hair, pierced face and makeup are just, like, a stage personna. It’s not like she looked like it all the time, and it’s kinda cool that she’s taking a break from it to look normal, gain a little weight and enjoy the normal life…. and could you imagine if your mum looked like that all the time? Jeez…..

    But you watch your asses boys and girls, the seductive feeling of the rock n roll lifestyle will kick in, and she’ll be all grunged up and back to work before you know it! New album, another tour, and a punk rock hurricane will rip through the world again, one country at a time….. and she won’t be taking no fucking prisoners!


  54. she was pregnant for gawd sakes give the woman a break, id like 2 c u look perfect all the time its not as if u wake up in th mornin and every hairs in place an make-up isn’t smudged ? cum on she’s only human give her a break

    the shallow people here suck !

  55. okaaaaaaaaaay…to all you who are praising her “punk roots” you know she denies them now. ever since she left tim. so…she’s no punk queen. she’s a stupid bitch who got into hollywood and forgot where she came from. all you who flip out and say stupid shit like”OMG BRODY TOTALLY EFFING ROX MY SOX LIKE TOTALLY UP MY ASSHOLE HEE HEE” sound like a bunch of stupid ass avril-loving bitches, and probably are. yea brody is talented sorta, but she’s a complete knock-off. if her voice resembles someones (c-love) that’s not her fault, but when she uses her whole singing style that means she’s copying. all she did was jack rancid’s style and sing like courtney. i know it’s been said a million times but come on. who is she trying to bullshit?! brody didn’t even have a harsh backround like all you try and say. i’ve seen way worse. she was just like these dumass emos we have today and your all in denial.she had a couple rough turns but none were too terrible she just wants to sound like she tough or some shit.

    oh and btw, brody looks like shit baby or not. i know plenty of ppl. who had babies and still looked great afterwards because they ate right during pregnancy for the baby and turned out fine. she looks like a dumass which she is! this pic just screams: “Oh maybe if josh dies and i read his suicide letter i’ll BECOME courtney! SQEEEEEEEEEEEE!” stupid whore and YES she IS a whore!

  56. Im not in favor of any comments posted on here really. Not the good or the bad. All I have to say is how do you know? How do you people know who the fuck she is, what she went through growing up, or just in life, whether or not she truly likes or dislikes punk rock. Do any of you have credible sources of information on which you have based your unsually harsh or blindly supportive posts on? All I’m saying is perhaps you people should think before you judge, either way, becuase in some sense everyone is fucked up, everyone has things about them that are good or bad, attractive or not, and at one point in their life in some way no matter how well they hid it, or how much they deny or don’t want people to know about it every one was a poser. Think. Think before your kind. Think before your critical of someone. Who the fuck really has the right to say a damn thing…

  57. how can you possibly say anything bad about this woman. not like you havent seen anyone look a little rough before after having a 4 month old baby on their hands…lighten up a little. let her smoke if she wants to smoke, her decision, NOT YOURS. good luck to brody, josh, and camille. ๐Ÿ™‚

  58. you guys are retarded.
    She just had a kid.
    And as for that person who suggested taking a few minutes to go to the saloon.
    get fucking real.
    she’s Brody -fucking- Dalle!
    She is the queen bee of punk.
    like hell she will go to a saloon.
    I am just hoping that the distillers keep making their amazing music.


  59. HI! i think brody is beauitful and you never had a baby so shut the fuck up! you dont know how it feels after wards and you dont change your whole wardrobe fuck you know what if you hate her soo much why are you looking up stuff about her?? oh and did you spy on her while she was growning up?? no you didnt and if you did you wud be some poor alone demented kid seriouly STOP looking her up if you hate her, obviouly you dont have a life looking up someone you hate psshh man get your own fucken life and stop dissing others just you have a ugly unwanted life doesnt mean you have to try and make others life a living hell, but anyways its all about being comfy when your pragnant not all about style even wearing the most ugly dresses means comfy, so she has a right to do what she wants and if you wanna be all judgy and stuff go ahead cuz you cant change anything or go back in time live life as it is, if was her choices not yours and if you dont like it well go to hell im sure you made bad choices ppl dont agree with so yea leave it alone you cant do anything about it leave it alone and let it go, i love her and her music and she had her own sound from the beganning havent you herd her way WAY old music sounds pretty much the same and she isnt copying anyone if you have a certin voice, then use it you cant change your vocals as they are made.. so shut up and move on…

  60. personally! i think thats true because everyone single person i worked with they never looking GREAT after having a baby and its her first baby so she wudnt look soo great as you think no one looks there beat after going throught 12 hours of pain and irritation im sure you wouldnt look your best you can try and do it to prove us wrong but we will all know you just doing that…

    anyways brody is beautiful.. your prolly not close to being beautiful prolly look like oyu were born in a dumbster and were picked up by garbage shoppers…so all im trying to say it get over yourself and get help cuz you really need it you have alot of jealouly towards her…
    let her live she isnt doing anything to you
    move on with your so called life or why dont you go and kill yourself, and josh prolly wudnt go and kill himself, hurt was drunk and stoned, and brody has everything she needs so does josh they are really happy together let them go on with there live either way they will go on… unlike you! you know who im am talking to.. so if you hate her so much then dont look her up you dummie..

  61. I used to dress and act like brody, then I had twins, I dont have time to do my hair and cant fit into my clothes and look like shit. I look like a normal boring mum. fashion(wrong word – I hate people who say punk is a fashion , its an attitude) isnt who u are. I dressed punk for over 15 years,I still love punk and always will, just cant be bothered to dress up any more im too tired- you lot try havin kids

  62. It’s hard not to get cought up in the fashion of punk…and I don’t think anyone should completely let themselves go…but the truth is punk is a way of life it’s part of someone, it’s not really how you dress, it’s whats in your mind, it’s what your values are…

  63. Get over yourself. Brody looks amazing. She looooookkkss amazing. Cant wait to see the baby!!!

  64. Shes Fucking awesome! Rocks hard! she doesnt need to exercise to get in to tht slim figures of supermodels….luv her the way she is ๐Ÿ™‚

  65. I think Brody is a really talented person and Im sure she doesn’t give a f**k what any one thinks of her…

  66. i think she looks very very different to what she used to do…but not in a bad way – for fucks sake shes just had a kid, the dress is a bit blurgh, but apart from that, she seems happy and healthy!

  67. i can’t believe you
    she looks like she’s blossoming
    and i’m sure once and if she loses her baby weight you’ll be crawling all over her again saying she’s the most beautiful woman on earth
    you all disgust me
    she is still an amazing woman

  68. illtry to make this short…pregnant or not, josh or tim, shes fuckin amazing. not because the way she looks, or whether or not shes got punk creds or roots, becuase her MUSIC, her message. she never took me out to lunch, shes some chick in a rock band, but what shes done-no one can even touch her. keep playin brody,
    everybody else-you can suck shit.

  69. hey man! i just had a baby feb. 1st, and believe me! brody looks way better than i do. BRODY IS HOTT!!!!

  70. Brody is still beautiful. Be happy for her she’s a mother and she’s in love. She’s still the hottest Punk Princess out there!!! FUCK OFF SCENESTER LOSERS!!

  71. Im so glad to see a celebrity whos not heading out to the shops an hour after giving birth to purchase millions of slimfast drinks…..i think she looks great!!!!

  72. god shes just pregnant!
    of course shes going to change, shes just grown up.
    shes still ace
    give her a break!
    can you really imagine her with a mohawk and tight punk pants with a belly baring top while pregnant?
    i dont think so.
    how the hells she a skank??

  73. Hmmm, funny how half the people here are too pussy to put their names, anywho. brody is a milf and a rock goddess, who cares what she looks like right now. she’s a mom. and in a few months she’ll probably have the weight off again. on the other hand. josh homme sucks. bad choice leaving armstrong for him. but anywho, brody is amazing and that little girl will be too someday, just wait and see, she’ll definately be the next punk princess ๐Ÿ˜‰

  74. she looks like melanie griffin in that photo. wierd. josh homme is a disgusting hick. i wish she was having this child with tim.

  75. god. how pathetic are you all? she’s not on this planet to please you. she’s a mum. she’s pushed a human being out of her vagina. she hasn’t adopted or popped it out and hidden until the supposed baby weight is off. and as for a ‘walmart dress’ come on. it’s brody, dipshit, why the hell would she spend hundreds of dollars on a dress she’s only going to wear once, to a party she’s probably not even interested in attending to begin with. she’s proud and so she should be. she’s with homme. not armstrong, who by the way massively sold out with the transplants, so don’t even try to sell the ‘he’s more punk than homme’ bullshit. because neither of them are. who cares what you think of him? you arent fucking him, so your oppinion is of little consiquence. and as for smoking. fuck off. her body. she’s not shoving her ciggerette into the babies mouth. or are we now right wing media fascists too? zomg like don’t smoke because it’s bad for your baby. living in america is bad for your baby too, far more dangerous than smoking, but you’re not complaining about that…

  76. and i’d like to add that she’s a fucking rolemodel in an industry of hillary duff clones. sure she smokes and drinks and overcone a drug addiction, but she’s not fucking a guy 10years her senior, taking off her clothes for a movie role or pretending to be an angel when she’s not. if you expect women to look perfect all the time, then you’ve bought into the hollywood bullshit. and clearly the punk ethic is lost on your pansy arse.

    stop kissing tim armstrongs arse and listen to some black flag, the clash, bad brains or crass. idolise a man with talent and intelligence.
    incase you forget, indestructable sucked arse.

  77. Dear god people, you EXPECT her to dress like before when she JUST HAD THE BABY!? Hell, she’d be a bad mother if she still dressed like that. So what if she’s got roots? at least she didn’t dye her hair while pregnant and she’s smoking, so? You don’t know if she smokes inside or not, heck for all you know she might make sure she only does it away from the baby. I think she’ll actually take care of her child, unlike that bitch Britney Spears. And as for Brody’s ex-husband, why the hell bring that up? You don’t know anything about her life, you don’t know WHY they broke up. Ever think maybe Tim did something she couldn’t forgive? Maybe they fell out of love, it is possible dears. Just leave the poor girl alone, so what if she put on weight, so what if her clothes a bit different, so what if her hair isn’t perfect? I’d like to see house the child for 9 months, being told that you should eat and rest so you don’t hurt the child, then you push a baby from your vagina and then come out looking like a rose. You won’t and it’s simple as that. Only a none caring parent would really worry about their weight and clothes, but she obviously doesn’t. She cares about the child enough that she doesn’t give a fuck that her dress isn’t ‘punk rock’ and that her hair is growing out. Really, how is any of that your business anyway? It’s not. you don’t know her, her new husband or her ex-husband. Get lives outside of your shallow existance and learn that no one is perfect.

  78. and none of this matters because you’re all just going to say she looks shit again. looking on her site that it says she’s pregnant for a second time. I can’t fucking wait to see all these comments all over again once she reveals herself again Get over yourselves and like others have said who the fuck cares what she looks? like how many of you can push a baby through your vag and still do your best to make an appearance in public. Sure she’s seen better days remember pics arent planned like pro photoshoots

  79. fer fuck sake why is the majority of people here so shallow? why the hell do you care wht she looks like or dresses? give the girl a break, shes just had a baby….it aint like shes gonna fit into her skinny fit jeans straight away. just becuase she is wearin a blue dress doesnt mean shes completely changed her style or anything like that, it still doesnt change the fact that her first albums were amazin.
    tht was mainly referring to the people makin the first comments

  80. brody has and always will fucking rule musically. i could care less if shes hot, a chick, a dude, a little of both, or has three cocks. her lyrics speak to the heart with their truth and message so fuck all yall chicks and dudes that think with your clits and scrotes. LONG LIVE THE SOUNDTRACK TO THE REVOLUTIONthedistillers

  81. thank you brodys biggest fan. also to brody sux I cant believe your tongue. How can you come onto this site and just pay out everyone just because we like a different band to you? Well guess what you stupid bitch, if you keep treating everyone whos slightly different to you like we’re vermin, youll never get along in the world. Why dont you just go and listen to your fucking hilary duff and leave the grown ups to talk ok ?

  82. Give the woman a break, if shes super hot before having a baby, shes still super hot afterwards..u try pushing something that size through something that small you and see how great you look!!She looks healthy and happy and im happy for her.Although the cigarette should be put out..dont let kids breath your smoke and all that.

  83. Lucky woman…She looks like she is carry post baby weight. The people making lame comments about her weight clearly have not had a child and delt with the biologic happenings to the female body during the course of pregnancy before and afterwards.

    I went to the gym 5 days aweek right up till the day I gave birth as well as eating healthy the whole time. I still had 20 lbs to lose after. Be fair or know your facts.

    On the Josh front, well he could be wearing a plastic sack and I am all over that. He’s the finest piece out there.

    Hick he ain’t.

  84. Hey brody kicks ass! she is my fuckin idol. and all you guys bashin her need to back the fuck off! BRODY IS WAY FUCKING COOLER THAN ANY OF YOU WILL EVER BE! FUCK OFF AND PEACE OUT

  85. Oh yeah and all u “anonymous” people bashing her are fuckin chickens…put your name down and stop bein a pussy

  86. Shes awsome shes always going to be pretty,shes a bit drag but who wouldnt be after having a baby!!!
    leave her alone

  87. omg people she just had a baby do u expect her to have a model like body jeez she looks beautiful shes awsome and i hope the couple is happy

  88. I dont see what the big deal is, brodys hot, shes had a baby, everyone on here must at least care a little bit hence all the comments people have left, why bother taking the time to commenti on something so negativly?All it really does is make you sound bitter and jealous.Theres many people out there that I dont really care for, but the last thing id do is go and write a bunch of crap about them, id rather spend my time looking and writing about people who i feel deserve my attention…i mean, what are you trying to prove??!!

    erm…yeah, ha.

  89. if you read up you would know that if you are pregnent you cant dye your hair, i would have gone for better clothing but everyone to ther oun so read up before you judje on image brody i think cant do anything rong she can wear a bin bag and make it sexy

  90. how is botherd about how she lookes is the baby happy she has never been botherd about her image before so i dout what you say will make a differance and from what i hear homme was not at the birth i hear it was her ex at least if she gose back she will go back to her all salf


  92. I love Brody Dalle and Courtney Love and I think that they are both so cool! And I am happy that they both have children =) Because children are beautiful!

  93. she looks – and is – gorgeous. full stop. brody has influenced and inspired me no end in the past couple of years and i’m so happy for her. her daughter is going to be a rock goddess! the thought of a little brody/josh (perhaps “Brosh”) running around is fantastic.

  94. she JUST had a baby. you’re not supposed to dye your hair when your pregnent. she’ll fix it later. geeez. she’s gorgous no matter what she looks like.

  95. if i let you adults talk. will you promise to stop wiping brody’s ass, silvia? oh touchy touchy. i’m so sorry i insulted the almighty brody. i mean such a Godess she is. i mean come on. think of all the amazing things she will do with her life. make shitty music, squeeze out 50 kids, and die. yei. all the more reason for us to tatto her on our bodies and pray to her like the god she is. next week: we build a shrine out of Courtney’s old used condoms and diaphrams. sounds fun no? and so you know i am not a ‘child’. i’m 45 and i’ve been listing to punk before half of you fuckers were even born. fuck you and have a nice day.

  96. i bet brodys doing a lot more with her life than you are you hateful bitch! brody dalle is a talented beautyful woman and your just jelous and im sure a lot of other people will agree with me and newsflash! youll probibly die befor her. thanks you 45year old bitch.

  97. alright! i admit it. i am an old hateful bitch. i just said i hated brody because i secretly had a crush on her and i didnt want it to be obvious. im sorry brody that i hurt your feelings and i am still a 45 year old BITCH.

  98. You idiots….

    22. Anonymous | February 20th, 2006 at 11:35 am
    if baby is prioritiy #1, she would not be smoking. smoking and breastfeeding are not a good mix.

    23. Anonymous | February 20th, 2006 at 7:34 pm
    Not All women breast feed and im sure she is not dumb enough to breast feed and smoke, you people seem to forget that she is a human being herself, shes not just some baby machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. Brody sux why are you like this ? I hope you can realise what a fucking old bitch you are. Just because someone has done something with their life and you are just fucking around complaining doesnt mean im kissing her ass. I just hate how everyone is picking faults in other people. Anyway I’m jewish so im not gonna make a shrine out of Courtney. Its against my religion. And if you really are 45 act like you are and stop being a fucking bitch. Now let the adults properly and get some real conversation going you cunt

  100. sylvia thanks and as for you brody sux its great that you admitted your secret crush but you didnt have to bash brody like that and let me tell you that your not the only girl that thinks brodys hot. BRODY IS FINE, SEXY,HOT,ADORABLE,CUTE AND COOL. All the things your not so next time keep your BIG fucking mouth shut!!!

  101. i wonder if any of these other people bashing brody have a secret crush on her too?! cause if they keep talking about her and looking her up then she must be on there mind alot. make sense?

  102. i didnt mean it when i said brody dalle looks like a cow. i apologize and yes i have a secret crush on brody too.

  103. i am anonymous 17. feb. 17, 2006 at 9:44pm. I called brody a scuzzy sleazy white trailer trash but thats just me. i take it back and i too have a crush on brody.


  105. another confession is that i have a crush on avril and i look like yoda oh! and i have a crush on him too but he looks 45 years younger than me and i plunge toilets for a living!!!! go ahead make fun of me….come on make fun of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!vhdyufteuanxjaxbe567efhj54yuyfdwuiyt3yt45wefwe7t345t./v/rthntrbrfvfhb5489rvgn45ui=fnvisdcngryujhtyiuwdsqd3ryvavnvwutrteuiltbri48456n5edvfietgb58qwdg34y598hwd3eiub676y6d3erh45y54yhw3fweuy4y54u57y4gfheruhbtrbbsscverhytlsaetg45ikykw4yw54hgerfgwyut54iuhgwe[muttering][babbling][scating][chewing][speaking in other language][chanting][peeing][moaning][snoring][belching][farting]

  106. im sorry i have spilt personalities. no i dont quit lying about me! i sometimes talk to myself. oh really??? yeah acually i do! look why are you doing this? i dont know? why dont you quit asking me all these questions?!!! well i would but you make me sound so spycotic!!! well i am!!!…im sorry? yeah you are sorry.

  107. holy shit!! she’s smoking!!! i love brody…but this looks bad. I htink she busting a courtney love vanity thing. Owell
    bitches smoke crack when they are could be worse

  108. You’ll get what you give. Understand how a person’s life can change and someone will have understanding for how yours has one day. Be a critical whore and you’ll be cursed with jerks in your soup.

  109. its queen b! shes beautiful as ever, the most amazin punk there ever was. yeh she did push a baby out her vagina, and she still looks amazin. so she smoke…its not like shes got another one in there. n if she did its not likely to do much harm. brodys amazin. josh is fit!

  110. I’ll never have childrens…She was so pretty, now is some kind of monster…poor Brody…It’s a beauty R.I.P

  111. WAFL

    what a fuckin loser some of you people are. grow up. get real. and get a live. live it. learn it. love it.

    Take a look in the mirror before passing judgement.
    honestly you really have no right to judge someone you completely do no know a SINGLE thing about…
    how pathetic of some of you to even think you know the jist of it all. your just another fascist fuck.
    now lets move this on shall we… GET OVER YOURSELVES.

    i love brody n’ all. she’s gorgeous and has an amazing talent in the music industry. but yet at the same time i dont really care for her… but what you all are saying is low.

    does saying all that shit make you feel like you got a big ego. your pathetic wastes of human beings.
    the’ end.

  112. Just because shes in a band doesnt stop her been human. Anyone is hard pushed to look good after just giving birth, and she can smoke if she wants- shes not pregnant anymore is she?
    Anyway I dont want to say anything coz its her business totally, not mine. You should all shut the fuck up going on about her been hideous. Shes the most beautiful human being I’ve ever seen whatever shes wearing, or however her hair is.

  113. fuck people
    it was a month after a kid.
    you squeeze something the size of a watermellon out of your twat and then see how good you look. not like she even looks that bad.
    and she’s not pregnant anymore, she can smoke or drink.
    its personal prefference

    she’s a babe and always will be
    and i’ll always support her
    so show some respect

  114. fuck you haters, brody looks great.
    firstly, she wasnt stick-skinny post pregnancy, so dont expect her to be that way right after having a kid! she’s always had some curves.
    and fuck that courtney love-wannabe shit, just because her blonde roots are showing means that she’s trying to look like courtney? i think not.
    she’s always smoked so dont expect her to change.
    you guys seriously need to lay off her because she’s a powerful woman with an even more powerful voice.
    Brody kicks ass.

  115. brody sux- just leave- nobody wants you, nobody loves you, ok ? take your shitty complaints somewhere else and if you really are as old as you say you were then start acting like it. otherwise you are just wasting valuable conversation time. money and space. once you have a life, return to this website and contribute something useful aside from your cyber orgasms. ( not that youve ever had a real one anyway cos who would want to fuck you?)

  116. Dude, Brody is beautiful. So what if she doesn’t look perfect in that picture…she doesn’t give a shit what any of us think anyways. Personally, I think Brody is amazing, talented, beautiful, sexy, intelligent, sweet and anything I would ask for in an idol. So if you’re going to be nasty and leave a rude comment to piss off people…just don’t. Grow up. I’m sure Brody’s hotter than you’ll ever be and you’re slightly jealous, but I’ll forgive you for your immaturity.


  117. HA HA HA its funny cause while some of you sit here and call her a skank for one photo (when in fact she is a talented singer and guitarist) she is happy with a kid a nice husband and millions of fans and all the fucks and guitars she could ever hope for. You people cant just let her be pfffft she just has a kid and she never did care what anyone thought of her looks especially those who would be so stupid as to hate her just for having a kid and putting on a few pounds! and come on who cares what colour dress she wears it probably just until she losses the baby weight back off mean people. Pffft good on ya brody! raise to kid to be a little shit just like you ๐Ÿ™‚

  118. Ok. I have to admit I was shocked… but she is still the most amazing woman who ever existed. she’s just becoming even more of a woman and proving that she’s still hot shit.
    so fuck all of you who don’t like the new brody.
    I will always admire her

  119. the distillers have always been my favourite band and brody is even more of a stronger woman now that before.hmm whos jealous of a hot mum….shes a human being and known and respected for not giving a fuck.come on this isnt a fucking celebrirty magazine voting poll!you should feel shallow and ashamed.”fans”.

    She’s allowed to look like a street ass hobo
    She’s just had a beautiful baby!
    Give her some slack ja?
    She’ll be back to her SEX shape when she starts recording again

  121. what the fuck she had a baby leave her alone hey you guys should be glad shes releaseing another album i know i am. Hey blonde is her natural colour and lay off god. and who the fuck said she looked like a skank are you messed up in the head who says that about a person if you dont like her why are you even looking at her god all you negative people make me wanna vomit, put your picture on the net after youve just had a baby bitches

  122. everyone who is slagging off josh hommes FUCK YOU!you obviously don’t know what talent is if it was fucking you up the ass,this is a man who kicked his own bass player out of his band cos he was beating up his own girl friend!that is what i call a man.Brody is beautiful in every which way,i can only imagine what half you fucks look like who are giving them shit!i think it all comes down to a thing called jealousy,just cos they have the love,the baby, the wealth,the friends and amazing fans doesn’t mean that you have to be hating them.i love and respect them so much and wish nothing but happiness for them both,unlike some of you bastards!

  123. You people are just mean, rude and cruel. I hate how we can freely just bud into peoples’ lives and make rude remarks behind thier backs. You are all members of an awful generation, and there must be something just as horribly wrong with all of you to possess you to say such things(esp. #55). The woman just gave birth to a child, for Christ’s sake, and good for her to go out in public and flaunt it so soon. Just let her live a normal life- she’s a person too. Good day.

  124. she isnt all that bad a meen it doesnt even matter wht she looks like shes stil brody dalle shes fuckin amazing and her music is so wtf does it matter if she look abit more different!

  125. wow!!! brody still turns me on!!! soooo fucken badly!!! i still luv her! n those who think she looks horrible, u guys can go suck on a big cock!!! fuck ya haterz!!! fucken assholes! i luv u brody!

  126. whoever’s idea it was to put pictures of people on the internet and then say “hey guys come and criticise these people” was very shallow!!! i thought the whole point of the punk/rock attitude was not to judge people by what they look like or what they do!!! maybe she isnt like she was before but she has gone into a completely different phase of beauty as everyone does!!! and if she wants to smoke she can i grew up being a “passive smoker” and it didnt do me any harm, and who cares whether she is breastfeeding or not, plenty of children are not breast fed and their are completely fine!!!! who gives a fuck, her lungs, her kid, and everyone does stuff “wrong” in their lives its just that smoking is picked out as a wrong thing to do!!! i think brody dalle is a legend!!! once you know about her how can you not!!!! she has a completely amazing life story, totally kickass!!!!

  127. What the fuck do all you people care what Brody’s doing with her life? Get back to your own sad lives and stop being so fucking judgemental of what everyone else is doing.

    omg what is wrong with you guys???
    Its her fucking life, not yours. She’s a woman, she had just had a baby, and she is a beautiful, healthy young mum. her nr priority right now is probably her child Not if she works out or not! And she dont even need to. She is Punk queen nr 1. She Is Queen Bee. She is Brody Dalle. Dont ever forget that.

  129. She looks great. Especially considering she just had a baby. For those of you who dissagree, I doubt you’d look nearly as good after giving birth. She’s amazing.

  130. brody is amazing.
    i loved her look before, but i think it’s a good thing she’s changing for her baby.

  131. sylvia i don’t give a shit how you spell your name. also i was being sarcastic, how fucking retarded are you to where you didn’t get that? also i’m not 45 i’m a liar. and i do have a life that doesn’t involve being a druggy *at anytime in my life* or cheating or running over ppl. like this bitch did. and just throw your insults cause honestly i find humor in retards cussing XD

  132. brody sux you must not have a life if your spending all this time on brody if you dont even like her you bitch but i guess you dont have anything better to do.

  133. does anybody see something wrong with this picture?!!! this bitch (brody sux) doesn’t get the hint! fuck off!!!!!! maybe she’s retarded!

  134. that’s right i am retarded and i did lie i’m not 45 yrs old. i am 2 in my head but my looks say i’m 80.

  135. sylvia that little comment you made about me having cyber orgasms is true. your right no one wants to fuck me. even i dont want to fuck me!!!

  136. fuuuuck all u bastard who dare diss Brody she is the absolute queen of punk . She still glows after prgnancy…I hope her baby girl grows up to kick ass like she does.
    Brody Dalle you rule . I’m so happy u kicked armstrong to the curb

  137. all you people on here need to get a life – and stop critizing others. yeah in the picture that brody is wearing the dress she looks like shit – but who the hell wouldn’t after they just had a kid?!? in the picture underneith brody looks way better – but i liked her look better when she was still with tim. but who cares? whenever someone has a baby – they usually turn oversensitive, and have a whole look and personality re-haul. so that just scares me to think that when she starts recording again – there won’t be a pissed off edge in her music anymore. but can’t change that. oh – and for the person who wanted a tattoo of her – i’m not gonna say that’s tacky like the other person – or whatever – i’m just gonna say – that’s stalkerish. nothin’ personal – do what you want – just my opinion. she’s my hero too, but i’d rather meet her, then have a picture of her on my back. i think she’s could’ve picked something other than a dress – but who cares – the distillers rock. oh – one more thing….nevermind…i forgot.

  138. ok – i remember what i meant to post the 1st time. for the person that wanted to know if the distillers broke up, (i haven’t read the whole thing – so i don’t know if you ever found out) they did break up, and brody and the lead guitarist, tony, (i think that’s his name) started a new band spinnerete. just go to the distillers old website – and it gives you a link to the new one. oh and if anyone wants any good pics. of the distillers – there’s this one site – like completely dedicated to them called…: i don’t know, but – it’s clair bear beat your heart out…or something like that, i’m not sure.

  139. woah, give the girl a chance!
    she’s carried a child around inside her for 9 months! she looks a hell of a lot better than some post-preggers women do.
    she’s bound to be big, she’s too busy to care about her make-up or hair and as for the dress, has it ever occured to you that tight jeans & bondage trousers might not be popular when all you want is comfort?

    probably not no.

  140. for the person below me: piss off. no one said anything, about how brody should go around wearing, tight pants, or anything. and in case u haven’t noticed, brody isn’t exactly a punk anymore – cuz she hates the scene now, (stated by herself in a review i read). so you don’t gotta get all bitchy about anything. once again: BRODY FUCKING KIX ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  141. there’s another web site with cool brody pics. It’s somthin like Yes!!! Feast your eyes on the sexiest woman ever to walk the planet! p.s. i found pics on this site that i didn’t find on any other site

  142. i, personally, am glad that she’s found someone to be happy with, and think she’s looking as beautiful as always, because she is being herself. leave her aloooone.

  143. Guys, leave her alone and quit being so shallow. Brody Dalle is talented and beautiful. For crying out loud she has just had a baby – cut her some slack and while you’re at it get a life and stop putting down people you dont even know.

  144. like i said theres a web with brody pics. Those of you who haven’t checked it out get to it!!! Still not interested? Well theres a naked picture brody in there on page ten. For i am fan of work as well as her beauty. ONE MORE THING!!!!! When you look at the picture of brody nude, you must then save it and make a copy of it every seven days. ha ha ha….[sighs] oh yeah that was good

  145. does anybody see a resemblence with brody dalle and fairuza balk? both beautiful ladies but what do you think?

  146. ‘and if she wants to smoke she can i grew up being a รขโ‚ฌล“passive smokerรขโ‚ฌย and it didnt do me any harm’

    you grew up to believe it’s perfectly ok to pollute the environment of an innocent child just because mama needs her ciggie and you’re saying it did you no harm? i hope you never have kids.

  147. oh and brody would look fantastic without that cig. if she can’t quit for the sake of her kid, i hope she gets some help.

  148. i believe that if one wants to show there love for another that is a beautiful thing. Kayse by you getting a tatoo of brody dalle, you are leaving a permanent mark wich is ok if you have eternal love for her. I must say brody has left an eternal mark on my soul too.

  149. aaaaah fuck it!!! If kayse wants to tatoo her asshole, let her do it!!! Mind your fucking beez oh and nacey your a fucking bitch eat shit and die!!!

  150. did you not pay ATTENTION?!!! Those of who aren’t aware, theres a naked picture of brody just click the fucking web site in a previouse comment above!!!

  151. holy shit!!! you weren’t kidding about the naked picture of brody. Man do her boobs look good!

  152. no!!!! my brody!!! my only idol in life !! what have you done to your sellf ?? wheres my acid punk bitch??!!! she looks a mess i want the old brody back ! my aim in life is to be the next brody dalle but no!! why man?! gawd hu agrees wiv me i want the old brody bak!

  153. cant stand when all these “fans” focus on bradys LOOKS more rather than her talent

    those arent real fans
    ntohing but a bunch of teenyboppers with a copy of Star! magazine on their lap

    go to hell
    broday is gorgeous.

  154. omg she looks way different but she probably still rocks but she just looks way un rock and roll in that picture i hope we get our old brody sorta back

  155. i just hope she dosent let herself go after she has the baby. you can do it brody! i still love you

  156. She looked super rad back in the day but she looks even more awesome after the baby. Brody rocks!

  157. OMFG, that woman is just down right STUNNING!!!! Before and after congrats Brody and Josh. i am sure the baby is beautiful to.

  158. I wonder if I’d ever get a compasrison like this if I was preganant? What do you guys have nothing to do?

  159. probably, i dont im at work! lol although ive just been reading all the dising and it saddens me, lots of angry people, for lots of different reasons, this is giving me a headache and its a beeeeutiful day, so i dont need one of those. CONGRATS QUEEN B AND THE HOMME LOL

  160. They don’t look very well on that picture. And back into smoking, some people never change.

  161. I disliked Brody for the way she left Tim but I think I’m about to get over that. If I had a chance to be with Josh I’d leave my husband too!! (ha.)

    Anyway, I think she looks great in the blue. I’m sure she’ll lose the baby weight and I know Josh is lovin’ the big boobies. I never realized how pretty she actually was until I just saw this picture.

  162. brody’s pretty….and the distillers fucking rocked!!! and maybe her new band 2…i still love brody!!! so who gives a fuck if the blue dress dosen’t look good on her? haha

  163. She couldn’t dye her hair, She was pregnant!

    She’s awesome for not conforming to the hollywood mentality of ‘Can’t set foot out my house till I’ve dropped this weight.’ She looks healthy and natural

    Love for the Brody.

  164. Love to hear her jam wearing that blue dress or nothing at all.

    -I heard she just made “Peoples Magazine” #1 MILF of 2007.

  165. She still has the fucking hospital braclet on, that’s great. I don’t blame her though, the moment after I gave birth I’d want a cocktal and cigarette in my hand too.

  166. to the person that said “she doesnt have her hair dyed” is a fuckin moron poser fag that proly listens to Greenday or Blink 182 and claims they are “punk” dying your hair is not what makes you punk its how you live your life and you fighting for your beliefs is part of it but im not going to give you anymore amunition so you can go around repeating what you read to look like you have somewhat sense or a mind of your own anyways point is fuck off and dont worry about what people look like. Another thing is this shit is being far too commented on i mean this was a while ago now and people are still discussing this issue its just stupid the baby is like a year old already. If anybody gets any updates on Spinnerette’s music please post the link here and i shall see i am very interested in hearing more about them thanks

  167. brody is just a pretend, wannabe punk rocker. i’m not shocked to see this….this is really how she looks. she pretends to be punk whenever her worthless, mindless fans see her. she’s so pathetic. if she was really what she claims to be, you would never see her with blonde hair and a fattening blue dress. being PUNK has always been an image to her and she portrays the image. real punks don’t give a fuck what they wear/image and if they do, they would wear something to piss people off. brody looks like a hottopic punk chick and all you cunts who worship her should just save the world some bullshit and kill yourselves.

  168. this is so stupid, she got FAT during pregnancy, thats the reason why shes FAT now. its not the fact that she isnt stick thin already, it’s just that its obvious that she gained FAR TOO MUCH while she was pregnant. I’m sorry but there is no excuse for that in my opinion. I am nine months pregnant, have been eating beautifully and HEALTHILY, no fast food or nasty fatty crap and taking my prenatal vitamins every day – i am due to deliver any day and i STILL look much skinnier and fit than her in these pictures, and I’m 5’9″!!

    It’s not that she needs to be skinny, but women shouldn’t be praised for packing on the pounds just cuz they think they have an excuse to be unhealthy. And shame on the person who said “she looks like a real mom”. That’s totally bull to the mothers who stay IN SHAPE and actually have a body CAPABLE of running around chasing their child and running errands, etc.

  169. dont fucking flatter yourselfs, as if she cares what you fuckers think, compliment er not, and too the dipshit who said she hasnt had a hard life, how the fuck would you know? yer a mind reader of something?

  170. well when your pregnant you cant dye your hair so she had to let it grow out.. thats the best way to get black dye out, dumb fucks. but since its all about looks and not about the fact she did what was best for her child… ya she looks like shit.. brand new mom, ive been up for 24+ hours, changing diapers and haven’t bathed in 3 days mom. grow the fuck up.

  171. well when your pregnant you cant dye your hair so she had to let it grow out.. thats the best way to get black dye out, dumb fucks. but since its all about looks and not about the fact she did what was best for her child… ya she looks like shit.. brand new mom, ive been up for 24+ hours, changing diapers and haven’t bathed in 3 days mom. grow the fuck up. but DAMN! look at those tities! she used to be like an A cup! i bet she’s (and he) are lovin those! i love you babygirl! forever!

  172. the thing i think is funny is that for the “junkie” she is anytime i have seen her and josh’s baby girl camille she looks happy and healthy and well cared for fair enuf brody doesnt look great in this pick but chances are before she could even think of gettin ready herself she had to feed,dress,get the baby settled before she can even think of getting dressed up herself she did the healthy thing let her hair grow so what if she’s drinking and smoking she’s not pregnant anymore and the baby is not around her fair enuf she dosent look at her best but who would i still love her

  173. oi you superficial fucks, she looks fine, shes got a fuckin kid, the last thing she needs to worry about is if her hair is in fuckin place, even when she had black hair, she didnt give a fuck if she looked pretty or not, she plays fuckin punk not pop shit

  174. fuck u all, she doesn’t give a fuck about ur opinion or mine, remember her tattoo?? FUCK OFF!!!!!


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