Your Prediction: Who Made It to the Project Runway Final Three?

Now that the Project Runway final four have showed at New York Fashion Week, who do you think has made it to the final three? (As you may know, one of the kicked-off designers shows their collection as a decoy in order to conceal the identity of the final three since that episode hasn’t aired yet.)


chloe project runway show

chloe project runway show


santino project runway fashion show

santino project runway fashion show


kara janx project runway fashion show


daniel v project runway fashion show

daniel v project runway fashion show

Right off the bat I loved Chloe‘s stuff. There were some stunning pieces in there. I especially loved the gold mini-dress with jacket. I was also really shocked that Santino‘s collection was really subdued–aka, not looking like a Spin Art project. But in order to give his collection the full control-freak Santino spin, he actually sang and produced his own song for his runway collection. Oh if only it had been a full-length version of Timtino doing “Closer”!

However, Kara has got to give up the multi-colored wooley hats, and what the FUNBAG was up with Daniel V’s collection???!?! I really loved some of the pieces Daniel has done for the show so far, but his collection was so snooze bar! The colors were so muted, and besides the white jacket with beautiful collar (which totally reminded me of that gorgeous white Gucci coat from 2003), it seemed like he was totally coasting. Not to mention the resurfacing of the boob-shelf vest that he made poor Chloe wear for the makeover challenge.

Could Daniel’s poor showing be an indicator that he didn’t make it to the final three? Or do you think the un-Santino-like collection is a clear sign that Santino is “aouuuttt?


Does Heidi Klum have no love for last season’s winner Jay? And why is she getting snippy about getting snippy? More after the jump.

If you’ve read anything about “Project Runway” Season 1 winner Jay McCarroll‘s new show, Project Jay you’d have found out that Heidi asked Jay to design her something for the Emmy Awards, only to make a last minute decision that “leaves Jay crying in his poncho.”

Then I just read an interview Bravo exec Andy did with Heidi where he asks her all about what designers from last year’s show she’s been wearing. She goes on to say that she’s worn some pieces by Kevin Johnn and Kara Saun and that she particularly likes Kara Saun because “she really comes through. She’s business oriented and comes through with what she promises.”

What’s up with no shoutouts for your Jay boy? Hmm…
But the most heart-warming part of the interview was when she keeps complaining about how this season’s contestants were “snippier.” Says Klum, “They got a lot snippier. First season they weren’t as snippy…When Santino called out Michael and was a know-it-all that was upsetting. You don’t talk like that to us, you should be classy and you’ll succeed…Andre’s crying fit was something–so much of their drama is coming through…it makes for great TV but it’s kind of annoying when you are sitting there.”

Ah Heidi, you always know the right things to say. Loves it.

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  1. Long time lurker, first time commenter. You’ve targeted my Project Runway passion with this post.

    I really liked Chloe’s collection, I thought she pulled off a really amazing “Geometric Shapes But at the Same Time still Really Soft and Drapey”…thing with all her fabrics. Her’s was probably my favorite, which I wasn’t expecting, because Daniel has been my favorite all season.

    I did like his though. I thought it was more wearable than Chloe’s. First thing I thought of was Donna Karan, and I have to agree with you about that white coat.

    I didn’t really like either of Santino’s or Kara’s. Some of Kara’s stuff was alright, but the knit caps kind of threw everything off. Jay did the hats in S1 and she just kind of threw off her collection with them, in my opinion.
    Santino’s was just kind of blah, in my opinion. It wasn’t very Santino-esque. I didn’t like all the sheerness.

    So, all in all, if I had to choose, I think Santino was out. His collection didn’t have the flair his stuff usually has, so maybe that’s an indicator…his loss of motivation?

    Wow, longer comment than I expected. What can I say? Project Runway is my passion.

  2. Hola, para mi criterio el mejor diseñador de modas es Daniel V. me gustaria ser como el y relamente espero tener contacto con el por este medio, para que me de muchos consejos para llegar a ser como lo es ¿Se puede?

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