Karl Lagerfeld on Charlie Rose

Ok I just watched almost an hour of Charlie Rose asking designer Karl Lagerfeld and New York magazine (which BTW has the most stunning print and Web site redesign) fashion editor, Harriet Mays Powell, stupid questions. The entire 60 minutes went something like this:

CHARLIE ROSE: So tell me Karl, where do you see your place in the world of fashion?

KARL LAGERFELD: I do not think about these things.

CR: Karl, what is your greatest achievement?

KL: I do not think about things like that.

CR: So Karl, what message do you want people to take away with them after viewing your new collection?

KL: I do not think about things that way.

However, there was one shining moment when Charlie Rose got all US Weekly on everyone by asking the most out of left field question I’ve ever witnessed on the show:

CR: Karl, I heard you said something bad about Kate Moss and Lindsay Lohan, is this true?

[Karl Lagerfeld looks at Harriet Mays Powell with a perplexed look]

[HMP looks at Charlie Rose suspiciously]

HMP: No!

KL: No!

CR: Ahh, I just read it somewhere.

What the HELL is Charlie Rose talking about? Charlie is officially on crack. You really gotta feel for the poor intern or research assistant who has to put together the cards Charlie reads from during interviews. One might suspect that when he’s reading the questions out loud to the guest, that’s the first time he’s actually looked at the information on the cards.

Anyway, Lagerfeld is really into technology, so you can catch the video of the Fall 2006 collection shown in NYC as a video podcast (iTunes required). How cool is that?

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  1. never really cared for amanda burden’s boyfriend. i will always take a leonard lopate interview as far more engaging than this con artist.

  2. I caught the last 20 minutes of the show and I agree.

    However, I’ve never heard or seen Karl talk, but rather judged him as wierd based solely on his appearance…stupid of me, because he’s awesome!

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