Links for 2006-02-10

Jon Graboff
Some random photos from Ryan and the Cards.

mimi in NY: Fashion Week Daily Spread
Scans of the article on bloggers

Boudist : Tips for live music / concert photography
I get the occasional email asking for advice on how to take better live music photos, so i thought i’d assemble a guide of sorts here. Consider it just my opinion, i’ve never formally studied photography, i’ve plenty to learn, but i have taken photos at a

CSS Basics – Making Cascading Style Sheets Easy to Understand
The following chapters cover all the basics of CSS design.

Blogger Pajama Party
Bloggers with book deals are this year’s high-powered-assistant exposé.

High Road Touring
High Road Touring is a booking agency dedicated to the growth and development of successful live music careers.

That’s Entertainment: A New Fashion Focus as Celebrity Takes Over
If the winner of "American Idol" can snag a Grammy, could it be that one day soon the winner of "Project Runway" will be named the CFDA’s Designer of the Year?

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