Preggy Karen Elson Walks Marc Jacobs Show

Ok, I’m getting sick of posting about the White Stripes and Marc Jacobs! But here’s one more…Jack‘s wife, model Karen Elson opened up the Fall 2006 Marc Jacobs fashion show wearing a moss-green shirt/dress/cape thing, which covered up what one would assume is her swelling belly. The belly that is housing what will be known as the palest child ever born. Here are some photos:

Karen Elson walks Marc Jacobs

Karen Elson walks Marc Jacobs

UPDATE: Someone sent me this photo of Karen E. hanging out with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’s Karen O. at the after party. Two times the Karen, two times the fun!

Karen Elson and Karen O at Marc Jacobs

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  1. she is pretty, but what is that on her arm??
    and i agree she does have the “glow”
    but who wouldnt if they were married to Jackie!!!!

  2. I can’t wait until this baby is born! I think Jack is going to be a great daddy. I wish we could see pictures of him holding his child and playing with it, but I doubt we ever will. 🙁

  3. Koreans have spit personalities… so Karen O. Is FUGLY, looks like she sucked a lemon flavored… u know…

  4. Karen E. looks really lovely, although I surprised she is still dying her hair although she’s pregnant (most women stop doing so because the ammonia fumes are supposed to be bad for the baby, I think). The thing on her arm is probably a scar from a smallpox shot.

  5. there are good non-chemical and lower ammonia dyes available. all over highlights are another option if you are concerned about colouring your hair while pregnant. my doc said it was ok to colour.

  6. Too bad they rushed into getting preggers, cuz I seriously doubt the marraige is gonna last – didn’t they only know each other less than a month? Sorry, but you don’t even begin to know who someone really is in that short a time.

  7. i thought part of the reason they got married was because she was pregnant

    and i did not hear about them living in nashville, details!!! thanks

  8. karen wasn’t pregnant when they got married. the tennessean said they bought a house outside nashville.

  9. jack said in charly ross interview him and karen also got married in nashville meaning they got married twice they really in love

  10. Just because they bought a house in Tennessee doesn’t mean they “moved” to there. Most likely, they kept their homes in Detroit (his) and New York (hers) in addition to this new home (theirs). And for her to have been pregnant when they got married the first week in June, she would have to be due this month, but she’s not due until late March or April at the earliest. (And thanks for the hair dye tip, Anonymous…I did a little research and found out another reason for not dying while preggers is that some people don’t want to risk having allergies, but it’s good to know that doc says it’s okay).

  11. Am I the only one who doesn’t think she looks pregnant?

    PS: Expecting women aren’t supposed to use nail polish either

  12. You don’t think she looks pregnant? Look at pics of her taken earlier last year and look at these new pics. Her boobs last year were practically non-existent and now she has enough boobs to show cleavage. Her face has filled out a ton too, her cheeks aren’t sunken in like they were.

  13. there are nail polishes with less chemicals as well. and let’s not forget the psychological benefits of getting yourself dolled up now and then!

  14. Since this thread involves Karen O. I’ll post this here.

    a href=”″ title=”Dudley”> from Show Your Bones. It’s gooooooood.

  15. I came over their search for a nanny, and in that job description its said that thay live both in nashvill and detriot.

    Here it its.
    Rock Music Celebrity seeks exceptional Nanny for newborn!

    Detroit, MI and nashville, Tn-spring 2006

    One-of-a kind opportunity to assist Rock Music Celebrity couple with the care of their newborn child. This is a live-in situation which involves residing in Nashville, Tennessee, as well as, the metropolitan Detroit area. Extensive travel throughout the U.S. and overseas will be one of many exciting aspects of this position. Early childhood education is a plus; newborn childcare experience required. Salary $40,000-$50,000 plus benefits and accommodations. Position available Spring 2006, however, if interested, apply now.

  16. Oh God did you really have to go and find that? That’s going a little far don’t you think? There are some things that are just none of our business and this is one of them. Having said that, I hope they play the main role in the raising of their child and don’t have the nanny do all the work.

  17. To anonymous: No i did not go and find it for fun. I was searching for a job in Detroit. This job is listet on 3 different job sites on the net, so I came across it a few times.

  18. aww i cant wait to know what name they wiil choose for this first son, probably a very original one, son of a model and a rockstar!:)she’s very particular with that white skin and red hair,but i think she’s very ugly.she’s stylish..and particular.. but i dont like her..she’s ugly!!

  19. lol that “ad” is one of the stupidest things i’ve ever seen on here, and that’s saying something.

  20. Either that ad was placed by some really clueless assistant or else it’s totally bogus. Nobody in their camp would use that language.

  21. Rock Music Celebrity. Honestly, do you really think Jackie White would refer to himself like that. Doubt it. Totally bogus internet bullshit.

  22. It’s an actual ad. If you type part of it into google it shows up in three different Detroit classified pages. As for whether or not they actually placed it or intended for it to say that is debatable. The Rock Music Celebrity tag would be a good way to get more people interested, but it sounds very lame.

  23. they probably submitted a request to a headhunter agency and the agency wrote the ad with the intent of getting as many applicants as possible.

  24. I don’t think that Karen and Jack would be looking for a nanny. Karen’s mother is moving in with the both of them when the child is born. I know this because Karen’s mother was a show with Karen and one of her relatives were talking about it. And yes, they are moving to Tennessee. They are moving outside of Nashville as said before.

  25. My husband and I saw Jack in Home Depot 2 weeks ago in Nashville. He had what looked like a million lightbulbs in his cart. 🙂 (Really, it was probably 50, but it looked like a ton..)

    I never thought he was very attractive on TV, but he looked great in person.

  26. I met Karen Elson backstage of New York Fashion Week, the Zaldy show and she was the lamest, rudest fucking bitch….and UGLY AS HELL without her piles of makeup on….the make-up artists have their work cut out with her, let me tell ya!!!!

  27. you did not met her ,you only see her and she dont want a talk to you. we not stupid that the reason you call her that

  28. i just met them in a restaurant and they were the most polite and thankful people to their waitstaff. I applaud celebs who are grateful to their fans. The entire music industry, as well and the rest of Hollywood would never have a negative review if they were as friendly as Jack and Karen.

  29. I met her at the cabaret she is in and she was so fucking lovely in fact i did her hair with Danilo ( the main hair dresser) she was a sweet heart and was polite considering all the people trying to take her picture and talk to her, just because you rubbed her the wrong way don’t mean shit you’re bitter sweetie, guess you’re jealous. get over it.

  30. I know for a fact that ad was true and an early 20something that went to my high school is their nanny. i came from a town in MS with around 2000 people so we all know everybody’s business and where they live/work, etc.

    Believe it or not!

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  32. I live in Nashville and it seems everyone and their brother has had sightings except me! When will it be MY TURN!?


    I am completely indifferent where Karen is concerned, but Jack, I can’t even go there he is so yeah, I’m going to have to stop. Oy! I need to go find a fan for my flushed face! Whew. Ah. I can’t turn it off! The visual, not the fan : )

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