Is Ryan Adams the New Bryan Adams for Lindsay Lohan?

In the “this is too retarded to be true” category, In Touch magazine is suggesting that Lindsay Lohan has been “quietly dating” Ryan Adams for about a month. This “report” surfaces just a few weeks after La Lohan got into the “just took a shower, slipped and cut my leg on a teacup in Bryan Adams‘s London mansion” accident according to Star magazine.

Her “pal” tells In Touch: “She’s spending all her free time with him. She has been staying at his Greenwich Village (New York) apartment almost every night. She thinks musicians are sexy and she’s a fan of his music.” When asked to comment, all former Adams girlfriend Parkey Posey would say was, “He-he-hello! What a downgrade!” Minnie Driver responded, “I thought I was supposed to be the only one rumored to be dating Ryan. Whatever.” Thanks for the heads up, Seeking Irony.

UPDATE: According to unconfirmed reports, pages from Lindsay Lohan’s hand-written diary were ripped out last week and nothing about Ryan has surfaced (Jared Leto, not so lucky…but now people thing he’s got a big *youknowwhat* so what does he care?), so let’s just hope (and pray) than La Lohan is not hitting up Ryan Adams. Ryan Adams shouldn’t want for Diego Garcia’s rumored leftovers.

Here’s a photo off of of Ryan recording at LoHo Studios in January of this year, which jives with our spy’s January 18th sighting…which I guess would fall under the alleged month of La Lohan dating. And if you look carefully at the LoHo Studios client list, you’ll notice that both Ryan Adams and Lindsay Lohan have recorded there–as have Moby, Interpol, Stellastarr* and John Mayer. So obviously Lindsay is dating all of them. I think I also heard a rumor that I’m dating Lindsay Lohan–but that one is true.

ryan recording

God, don’t you think all this investigative “journalism” into whether or not Lindsay Lohan is dating Ryan would be much better spent on trying to figure out what the songs he was recording sounded like?!?

Also according to the MB on, tickets for the VH1 Classics presents Sheryl Crow and Friends (I know) show in Atlantic City that Ryan is performing at go on sale this weekend on Ticketbastard. Don’t worry, I’ll hold your hair back as you vomit while purchasing tickets.

sheryl crow VH1

And just for old times sake, here’s a drawing of Ryan I made like 4 or 5 years ago:

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  1. When did Parker and Ryan Adams break up anyway. I know I heard rumors back in May or June of ’05 but when I spoke with Adams after his show in Asheville, NC he spoke as if they were still dating. “This ring here is a ring Parker gave me,” Adams said when explaining where he got his rings from hile trying to give me a green seashell ring a fan gave him.

  2. have you seen jared leto lately!? hes totally fat and gross for that mark david chapman movie. id totally pick ryan adams over jared leto.

  3. Ryan Adams has been in Europe touring all month, so unless she is breaking into his flat and staying there while he’s not home so she can look like she is cool enough to date him, then I believe this is completely false.

  4. ok….who cares about lindsey lohan…if i were a guy i wouldnt date her because A) she is a red head B) she was the star of a herbie fully loaded movie ……oh i guess i can’t date that guy that is sorta cut and in that movie…matt dillon? oh well

  5. i dont blame him…i do the dumb chick for a bit, get my name out there, bust a few nuts, write a song or two about it and then move on to something else…

    …ryan can’t lose unless he takes it seriously, which he wont
    …lindsay can gain credibility if she does it right, most likely though, she’ll just look even more like a jet-setting whore

  6. I adore the Sheryl Crow poster design so much, its so artistic and so rock, as for the “thing” below it, I don’t show as much affection, I think its shit! Yes, that is harsh but I think its crap I have seen better hanging from a nursery wall. I am sorry but I think it ruins a ab fab site lol!

  7. ryan adams is a flake. but he is hot. but he is a bastard. but he IS hot, even though hes partially retarded for dating that ho. lol im not jealous or anything… fuckers

  8. o my god i could not belive it where i heard about linzi and ryan i love ryan to bit and i think his music is the best abd the he can do a lot better then that little (you know what i men) i think she should just move on and get some one her own age.
    now im goin to go on about ryan because he is so hot i went to see him in febuary in nottingham and he rocked so bad!! n plus he look so fit like alway.i hove been a big fan for as long as i can remeber n i think im th only peron in my school who knows who he is apart from my best mate becky because i never stop going on about him.but i cant help mysrelf!
    and i would so pic ryan adams over Jared Leto you would be a fool if you didnt!!HES SO HOT!
    PS the drawing rocks!!!!!

  9. You all are crazy if you think something wrong about Bryan Adams. I think that more believable is the fact that Lindsay is a friend (NOT GIRLFRIEND) of Mr Adams, and so? Bryan Adams is good singer, good guy and I believe that He has a lot of friends in all over world.. And There is nothing special if Lindsay was at His home, even he wasn’t there. and at all, maybe all of they, who talks this shit are confusing Mr BRYAN Adams with RYAN Adams..

  10. ryan adams is effing hott! and his music is awe-inspiring. i know this was a while ago. but him and lindsay…gross. i dont care if everyone says hes an asshole. hes a talented asshole. very much so. ah, he’s amazing. lindsay cant be deserving of him. but. maybe as said…she is sweet. but she has issues. well…so does ryan. oh well. he needs a girl thats more stable. and ryan over leto…yeah!

    funny that it was said “i’ll hold your hair back as you vomit while purchasing the tickets” i was thinking of throwing up over sheryl crow. gross. friends? yah….im sure.

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