Vanity Fair Goes Bottoms Up

Is this Vanity Fair cover really necessary? Tom Ford, Kiera Knightley, and Scarlett Johansson look like weird, blue-toned mutants in this photo. They all look like they’ve been Photoshopped within an inch of their lives. Kiera and Scarlett look particularly pasty, and Scarlett’s body looks kinda pear-shaped. And why the hell does Tom Ford get to be guest art director of Vanity Fair? And why the hell does he get to be on the cover? Oh yeah, I’m sure it was because Rachel McAdams backed out…

McAdams must be patting herself on the back for storming out of that photo shoot when she found out Tom Ford’s pervy “vision” was to have everyone pose completely nude. As a woman of 29, she knew better than to bare it all with two questionably talented starlets. She was even so pissed off that she canned her publicist. Do not mess with McAdams–she will f-ck your sh-t UP!

In other gross story from this VF issue, it was reported that Ford insisted that the VF fashion department pull “really grown-up clothes” (aka: skin-baring dresses and platform high heels) for child star Dakota Fanning, currently 12 years old.

Looks like Tom Ford belongs in the offensive misogynistic gay guy club with Issac Mizrahi. I can’t believe Scarlett fell for both their tricks!

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  1. “questionably talented starlets”

    Couldn’t have desribed the two more perfectly. Although I do prefer Keira more because she’s not a raving bitch like Scarlett.

  2. Pear-shaped? Come on. She’s got an actual body, and she’s white, not pasty. You been readin too much Maxim.

  3. That image is so beautiful. I don’t think Tom Ford is trying to act straight, he adds spice to the image! (yoyoy) Its so fab it shows what true beauty is. WE NEED MORE IMAGES LIKE THIS TO PUMP MAGS UP A BIT! Are we still living in victorian times? I am glad to see people are turning pages in our times.

  4. If this magazine doesn’t illustrate the ongoing threat to children from Hollywood, what else could? They took the most popular child in the country and trashed her. In so doing, they trashed, in essence, every child in America. It’s not just Dakota Fanning, but what (rightly or wrongly) she’s come to represent.

  5. Finally, no fake tans!! I’m also fair & beautiful, and I’m sick of always feeling like I have to completely bronze my body in order to bare it in a bathing suit…I think it looks elegant!!

  6. I didnt know having a pearshaped body was a bad thing? I think whoever wrote that maybe isnt so happy with their own body or is too self absorbed to realize that not every woman wears a size zero and that unless you do, please run and hide. At least we know she isnt barfing her guts out like some other hollywood stars or taking drugs to peel off the pounds. And so what if their nude. welcome to hollywood. and i cant say anything about tom ford because i dont recall who the hell he is right now.

  7. I think Scarlette is full of herself…but she is a beautiful woman. She looks down her nose at any and everyone. She thinks she’s better than every single young hollywood star…but she has a rockin bod! LOL! I’d kill for that frame!

  8. A fine looking pair of northern european women. Its refreshing to see stars without fake tans. Many Danes and English girls are that color, its au natural! i like it

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