Meg White Sports “Disco Boobs” in Marc Jacobs Ad

I finally got my first look at the Meg White photos for Marc Jacobs‘s Spring 2006 ad campaign and all I can say is “holy disco boobs, Batman!” The photo that appears in the new issue of New York magazine shows Ms. Meg standing in a dark, wooden area, with her arms crossed over her waist and a look of mild fear/ boredom/ sadness in her face. Meg is wearing the “smoked sequined dress” in black with a multicolored reflective sparkle to it (photo of Gemma Ward wearing the dress in the Spring 2006 fashion show), which makes her bosom look like a pair of disco balls. Her long black hair has been lightly curled, and flows over her shoulders. I can’t wait to see the rest of the campaign!

UPDATE: Jeez louise! I don’t post the photo right away and I get burned at the stake. You folks sure are demanding. Here’s the damn picture you crazy people:

meg white for marc jacobs

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39 replies on “Meg White Sports “Disco Boobs” in Marc Jacobs Ad”

  1. Why does both her head and arms look too big for her body? Its like its all a bit out of proportion and doesnt look quite right.

  2. She looks like a midget with her large arms and large head and the way cut off the bottom and left a lot of space at the top.

  3. Looks a bit like she’s folding her arms over a pregnancy belly. I’m sure it’s just the weird pose and angle.

  4. I have seen meg look way much prettier in other pictures. Id be mighty pissed off if i was having top designer/photographer/make up artist attend to me and this was the best they could come up with.

    Just compare this to some of the outfits/hair/make up in GBMS pics. Meg looks lovely in most of her a frilly old cowgirl/saloon barmaid pics.

  5. marc jacobs and other designers make their clothes for über skinny models, not women with curves,

  6. I think the photography sucks because it makes her look like a 12 yr old girl…isn’t she like 30? Her hands look distorted.

    The dress is nice and the tree, nightime scenery cool.

  7. she looks awful.
    she’s a talented drummer and all, but she’s way to ugly to be a model.


  8. meg is beautiful no matter what shes wearing.
    i have to agree an odd angle and a bit ‘too’ frightened looking.
    other than that. beautiful and very artistic.
    to everyone else who doesnt like it the designer obviously chose her for a reason. like it or not.

  9. she look like deadly with the skin so white and the dark hair and dress.
    she cool tho.
    she cool.

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