Jane Magazine Gets a Rock ‘n’ Roll Makeover

So there’s been a lot of buzz about the “new” Jane, under the direction of Brandon “Don’t Let the Name Fool You–I’m Not a Man” Holley, who replaced founding editor (and the magazine’s namesake) the legendary Jane Pratt in August of last year. The March 2006 mag is the first issue to reveal Holley’s entire vision for the re-vamped Jane.

The cover has a new fonts, lots of exclamation points, and an emphasis on numbers (Glenda Bailey must be proud). But can someone PLEASE tell me what is up with the FUG-ly picture of Kate Beckinsale (below)? Her eyes look all squinty, her complexion is washed out, and the girl is EATING HER OWN HAIR. (Is that how she stays so thin?) Please PLEASE Jane, do not go along the big ol’ ugly closeup photo route like Allure. It’s just so not flattering on you.

However, there is a bright side for music lovers like me who read the magazine. According to WWD, the new Jane incorporates a little bit of rock ‘n’ roll wherever they can. In a section called “The Rack,” a bunch of rocker girls dress themselves using a selection of clothing found on…yes, you guessed it…a clothing rack. Says Holley, “Music and fashion are really intertwined for this woman. Our girl is a lot like her iPod.” Um…so does that mean Jane girls are slick-looking, cold to the touch, play lots of pirated music, and break down after 8 months? I kid, I kid.

Jane march 2006

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  1. I cannot stand the new Jane – so sophomoric and juvenile! I hate it!!!! Hard to read and does not have the wit and humor the old Jane had. RIP JANE!

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