Andrew W.K. (and His ‘Rents) Make an Apperance at Movie Screening

Yesterday I went to a screening of Andrew W.K.’s new live concert DVD, Who Knows?, at the Pioneer Theater. Andrew W.K. fans love Andrew W.K. so much that they freak out, stand up and dance when they are just watching a movie of Andrew W.K. performing. It’s like the power of fun overtakes them and makes them do things they can’t even remember later. Like the girl sitting next to me got up in the middle of one of the songs, “wooh!”ed at the top of her lungs–hands outstretched in the air as if praying to God, and then just sat down and proceeded to act like everything was normal. Ok, that didn’t really happen, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it had.

As the credits were about to roll at the end of the movie, everyone started clapping and cheering, and stomping their feet. It was only then that I turned around and saw Andrew W.K., all dressed in white and walking down the movie theater isle. He walked up to the front of the theater, where his keyboard was set up, proceeded to play a 3 minute medley, and then got up and walked out the fire exit without saying a word. Brilliant.

Oh and believe it or not, Andrew W.K.’s parents (yes, he comes from somewhere) were sitting in the audience. They really do exist!

andrew w.k.

andrew w.k.

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