Links for 2006-02-03

Paul Smith: Soundtrack to My Life (On Shuffle)
Why the unpredictable nature of his iPod can provide a poignant personal backdrop

Mighty McPilgrim: Broke Mac Mountain
This is a very short parody of the critically acclaimed Ang Lee film Brokeback Mountain.

Teens Create their Own Space Online
The popularity of is driven by teens’ easy familiarity with technology and a desire to make friends. But the young people who use such social networking sites may not realize there are dangers as well.

Two Women’s Magazines Shift Focus to ‘Millennials’
Jane’s March cover = 1 fug picture, 2 many exclaimation points, 3 mentions of "sex". 4 WHAT REASON?

Coca-Cola Ban Goes Into Effect at New York University
NYU Senate had given the Coca-Cola Company until Dec. 8 to agree to a third-party protocol that would lead to an “independent investigation into allegations of the Coca-Cola Company’s complicity in human rights violations” in Colombia.

Brokeback to the Future
A group of students at Emerson College known as the "Chocolate Cake City" has made this spoof movie trailer of "Brokeback Mountain" and "Back to the Future".