X1: Glasgow Reprezent

Can you take one look at the X1 Web site without thinking the following?:


Yeah, I didn’t think so. But I do love that they are Glaswegians, because “Glaswegian” is probably the best word ever.

However, this dude (who looks like a cross between Matt Pinfield and old Jack Osbourne) thinks they are like “The Libertines…with their heads screwed on.” The good news is that the well respected underground rock rag, Artrocker, likes ’em.

You can listen to streaming MP3s right here.

3 Replies to “X1: Glasgow Reprezent”

  1. i feel like i should love them because i’m glaswegian and they’re Glaswegian, you know? they seem alright…..

  2. I am glaswegian.
    We have a long tradition of recognising the importance of music and its influences. We are kinda like detroit – fucked industry but good social/music scene. But without a jack white (though – Franz Ferdinand, Teenage Fanclub, Belle and Sebastian, Travis, Pastels, etc). Not bad for a population of 250,00.
    Mind you, Jack White played 3x her on the GBMS tour – he knows where it is at.

    PS we also like our alcohol.

  3. my flatmate is the basist for the X1- one of my favourite bands. check out Headsdownthumbsup.tk it is the website for their monthly residency. they are playing a 1st birthday performance on the 18th Feb.

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