Maximo Park Releases “Missing Songs”

If you’ve seen Maximo Park live, you know two things: 1. That they’re a great live band and 2. Their lead singer, Paul Smith (no, not that Paul Smith) looks like Jason Schwartzman on speed.

Anyway, they’ve decided to release a new “companion” album to their LP A Certain Trigger that features 9 tracks from the b-sides of the band’s UK and European singles and also “never-before-heard” demo versions of “Apply Some Pressure,” “Graffiti,” and “Once, A Glimpse.” The album is called Missing Songs, which I guess is sort of a misnomer seeing as how so many of these songs have officially been released before…how can something be missing if you know exactly where to find it? Er…am I thinking too much about this?

Yes, ok…”Apply Some Pressure” is one of my favorite songs off ACT, so I thought I’d share the demo version that’s found on Missing Songs [sic], which is available in stores on February 21st.

DOWNLOAD: “Apply Some Pressure” (Demo Version) by Maximo Park

Maximo Park Missing Songs

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