You’ve Been Served: The NY Times Beats Up Pete Doherty

Today there was a pretty sad/ interesting/ damning article about the thrice-arrested- in-one-day Pete Doherty in the New York Times.  Sarah Lyall was able to be pretty merciful in her description of the Boy Rocker Who Would Be King–partly because the people she interviewed did all the bad-mouthing for her (which is kinda golden for news journos). Examples:

“We’ve done it [bail Pete out of jail] before; we can’t keep doing it…We’re not bounty hunters.” –Colin Wallace, international label manager of Babyshambles’s record label, Rough Trade

“He could have had it all, but it’s getting a little annoying by now, isn’t it?…He believes in the romance of it all and in chemical assistance as a way of expanding your mind. But, basically, he’s been given a lot of chances and he’s flunked them.” –Malik Meer, the assistant editor at NME

“What’s happened is that Arctic Monkeys have come along and taken all his fans away with one fell swoop…It’s still debatable how great his talent is. He was very promising, but it’s never been fulfilled. All he’s done is frustrate people.” –Paul Rees, the editor of Q magazine

I mean if the British people are even giving up on Pete (who I still refer to as “Pete Libertine”), what hope is there for this fellow? If even the New York Times is taking time out to say “Pete Doherty, you’re a wash up,” that’s gotta hurt.

Pete Doherty: tortured genius, retarded junkie, mediocre musician but amazing media whore, future Big Brother contestant, or the inspiration behind James Frey‘s upcoming memoir? What do you think?

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  1. ok..i admit i’ve had an unhealthy obsession with pete libertine since his libertine days….the guy is a disapointment in many ways (he could have at least *tried* to record a better record)…but i actually respect that he puts himself out there for everyone to see, criticize and adore. his journals are online, his home demos downloadable, photos and movies of him sucking the pipe, self-mutilating and partying are prevalent. what other pseudo celeb or rockstar does that anymore?

  2. wasn’t there just an article in the times (in the arts section?) that fawned over petey libs and how his album at home is this mega thing and how here it’s an “indie treasure” or some bs like that? the ny times needs to pick…

  3. I have to agree with the Times. The guy has just proven himself worthless. I love his work with The Libertines, but you can’t say that it was all him in that band either. Carl Barat is just as talented and not a complete waste of drugged out humanity. F him. He’s had his chance(s) and has blown them. Sorry Pete, you failed. Next band please…

  4. a friend of mine is a big big pete fan but on saturday, for the 3rd time in a row, he found himself yet again faced with another babyshambles cancellation.
    i doubt he’ll be buying tickets to see them again.
    soon he’ll have no fans left to fund his crack habit.

  5. I’m sorry, but in my opinion Pete is an amazingly talented artist, yeah, his drugs habits have damaged his career in some way,
    but it doesn’t make him less talented, and I think he’s still very promising, its stupid how they say ” All he’s done is frustrate people” ‘cuz it is not true, don’t you think there are a lot more frustrating things in the world?
    actually I’m not sorry, he’s one of the most talented musicians out there, and I still love him, and his music.

  6. i like the options you lay out – i’m going with this combo: amazingly retarded junkie genius.

    he’s got talent, but heroin is a bad bad bad thing.

  7. how about hounded genius? hounded by the press, addiction, and a public’s expectations. i don’t want peter to die. as a teenager, i lost my hearing to this man’s music. i don’t want to lose a hero to fucking heroin.

  8. I went to Pete’s flat for a little new years party, expecting a great time, a fun filled night with Pete playing a little show for about 60 people in his living room started out great. As the night wore on and Pete managed to render himself incoherent, the night simply continued to plumet.

    He is a great writer/songwriter. It is sad that he can’t seem to face himself to embrace that talent. The drugs are part of the romanticism. If he were able to come ‘clean’ and focus, no doubt, we would get some incredible material.

    To see that state that he is in, from an arms reach, at the current time is really pretty saddening. The whole night in the end was really saddening. His life seems to be in self-induced shambles. His living space is disasterous. I’m still wondering why I had to take off my shoes?

  9. Pete Doherty: Talented with unfortunate addition and “life choices.” The Babyshambles album was at the very least much much better than anyone expected and at most a pretty god record. Up the Bracket was one of the best straight forward rawk n roll records of the decade.
    Juvenile comments aimed at nothing more Doherty and steeped in grammer school humor only make you look foolish. Of course it is his fault for abusing drugs and doing drugs is bad. Not being able to put forth a well thought out comment and and inabilty to think critically is just plain stupid. See the BV thread on Mellie for proof.

  10. Being an addict doesn’t manke you worthless. Blowing the opportunities that people would kill for 5 and 6 times does! Sorry…

    PS – Amy’s DJ comment was nice…
    PPS – Don’t be sensitive everyone… good work. Love you all…

  11. Bowie, Page and Plant, Lou Reed, Iggy PoP,the who, any other fucker with talent will tell you that despite the drug addled romanticisim, it will all go to hell in the end.
    Those obssessed with R and R, creativity and tortured artists will always covet and promote the tortured drug addled artists as being cool, creative bees knees. The reality is, they will either die, go straight or fade away. Would Kurt have been as interesting if he was not who he was. Would Johnny Cash have been lauded should he have been a car salesman. Would Iggy be as cool if he had not sucked cock to get heroin,

    Ask any welfare/social services department whose kids are in foster care – drugs are not sexy.

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