Reality TV Is My Favorite Thing Ever

Whilst the War of Project Cuties rages on, I’ve continued to watch Project Runway. This episode was not dramatic (especially since Zulema isn’t around anymore to be RoboBitch), but nonetheless entertaining. If there was still any debate over Danny V’s sexuality, it was totally cleared up this week when he talked about how he only came out to his parents last year. Therefore Daniel V = Gay. How sad was it that Andrae had to go home this week? Granted, his dress did look like a “doormat” but I just wasn’t feeling Nick’s hoochie mama leaf dress.

But of COURSE the best part of this episode was Santino’s ridiculously SPOT ON impression of the beloved Tim Gunn! And I love that he conceived the idea of Andrae and Tim getting into a fight at Red Lobster. So brilliant. But what you didn’t see on the show was Santino doing an impression of Tim Gunn singing “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails. Haha! But wait–the fun does NOT stop there! Santino has a special remix version of Tim doing “Closer” on his Web site.

DOWNLOAD: “Closer” by Santino Rice as Tim Gunn (aka “Timtino”)


My other favorite reality show at the moment is #1 Single starring the adorable Lisa Loeb. Have you seen it? It’s on E! and it’s so much more fun to watch than THS. I told my friend Amanda today and she was all, “Oh no! Do NOT ruin my image of Lisa Loeb. She was my idol in middle school.” And I was all like, “Ruin your image of her? No! The show is so great. She comes off as being like this girl you totally just want to be best friends with. She’s so cute.”

Here’s the premise: Lisa is newly single after having been in a 7 year relationship. She moves from LA to NYC (Chelsea) in the pursuit of love, happiness, and some artistic inspiration. Watch her go on dates, wear thongs, and much much more!

I guess now would be a good time to mention that in middle school that I wrote a fan letter to Lisa Loeb and I was SO PSYCHED when I got an autographed picture of her in the mail. The photo had a phone number on the bottom and being the naive 13-year-old I was, I SO thought it was her home number for some reason. (In all likelihood it was her agent’s number.) So I called the number up and a woman who didn’t sound like Lisa answered, and I stammered, “Uh…is Lisa…there?,” and the woman was all, “Huh?” and then I hung up.

Check her out on, because some girl from Illinois named Lisa Helen Loeb has…and she doesn’t even wear glasses!

Lisa Loeb in Chelsea

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  1. Lisa Loeb is the hottness. Who would’ve guessed that she’s 37? She doesn’t look a day over 32. She’s a bit on the self-aware side, but I can’t help but diggin’ on her girly girl nature. I’m hooked.

  2. The bonus footage on Bravo’s PR website goes into depth into Daniel V.’s story, which is pretty interesting, He said something to the extent that he is pretty much bisexual, because he really likes some things about men and women, but goes with gay for the most part, because if he told his family he were bisexual, they’d think it was just a phase he was going through, but that’s who he is.

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