The Raconteurs Take It Back 25 Years

Get your first look and listen to the Raconteurs right now! Check out the new Apple II-meets-Atari-inspired official Web site. The news page announces the release of the 7″ in the UK starting today, with information that the same 7″ will be released in the US under V2 Records on March 7, 2006. The full length album entitled, Broken Boy Soldiers, will be released in May 2006. You can sign up for the official newsletter and most importantly listen to both “Steady As She Goes” and “Store Bought Bones” in the media section.

“Steady As She Goes” kinda sounds like a slow, groovy Greenhornes song, with a sort of classic soul/r&b backbone (Think “I Heard It Through the Grapevine”). I think “Store Bought Bones” sounds SO like something Beck would record–from the funky electro-beep-type guitar and bass lines and the drowny, monotone sound of Jack’s voice in the opening 20 seconds of the track and the bizzare lyrics. Further on it gets a bit more rock ‘n’ roll with some mean guitar solos, which sound more along the lines of a rock metal band like Metallica.

Two thumbs up?

The Raconteurs

The Raconteurs

The Raconteurs

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  1. I’d just like to add that “The Raconteurs” font on the intro page reminds me so much of the font The Strokes were using during Room On Fire. Anybody else see it?

  2. steady, as she goes is extremely cool and so is the website. the second songs not bad but i don’t think people have pointed out how much it sounds like led zeppelin yet.

  3. it’s odd seeing jack sans black/red/white. i noticed that something was off, but it didn’t hit me until just now that he was wearing brown.

  4. Well you could say it is a very orangey shade of red…
    Good songs, definitely a new direction for JW which should be interesting.

  5. “steady as she goes” features more cheesy benson lyrics. i remember when this guy used to be good. too bad white is probably too in awe or too self-conscious to give him the kick in the arse he needs.

  6. I think that would break him! Maybe he just practices deep breathing and “I will not go type-A on everyone’s ass; I will relax and have a good time with this. I will share and play nice.”

    I really liked the songs, especially “Store Bought Bones.”

  7. I think the songs are fiesty rad. Word up! Check out their new rap version of SASG featuring a posthumous Easy E on the band’s website. It’s delicious.

  8. The future of music is hear my friends. I’ve never heard anything as amasing since….well.. Get Behind Me Satan.
    Kick Out The Jams!

  9. The beginning of Steady as She Goes reminds me of the pixies a little bit. Can’t remember which particular song, but both of these songs sound so refreshing from the White Stripes (love you still meg). Sounds like an interesting new direction yes. Love the techno-space design of the site. These guys should be big.

  10. where the fuck have i heard that song before huh ? I would probably think it was crap if jacky boy wasnt in it , hold on , it is crap.

  11. sounds like the riff is borrowed off joe jackson’s “is she really going out with him” from the late 70s…..

  12. I liked “Steady as She Goes” and Store Bought Bones” I can’t wait for the album. It’s definitely not The White Stripes though but I’m glad Jack White’s going in a new direction. But he better not be on a long break from The White Stripes! I will always love The White Stripes first!

  13. i think this song is great like all of jack whites music and im realy glad he’s experimenting with another band and doin realy well in process woo!!

  14. Jack White is way better in The Raconteurs. Thery’e bloody amazing….. i think ‘Steady as she goes’ is a really cool song, very vintage. X

  15. I just heard “Store Bought Bones” for the first time. SImply awesome. What can I say, the guitars, organ, and bass are amazing in this song. Really love the guitar solo at the end.

  16. Ya know, i like this song “steady as she goes” very fresh sound, much better vocals from jack than the last stripes album, the stipes have been getting worse and worse, im glad he is finding a new place to start over and refresh

  17. Great songs, no doubt about that, Jack’s much better in the White Stripes though, specially the early albums. But anything he does will sound good. He could cover “If you think I’m Sexy” by Rod Stewart and still sound good… actually that might be a good cover for him, some one should tell him.

  18. I just bought the album. Its Amazing. Theres just too much Jack to go around. Good move on starting the new band. Its the cutting edge of Modern Rock and that Cool Blues from Mr White and a classic Beatles feel from Benson. Only Complaint – The album is only 34 minutes long! I cant wait for the next Stripes album.

  19. This is a great cd. I agree–Jack is more rockin in the White Stripes, but I love the double lead singer concept here. And it seems Jack’s loosened up a bit from his ‘other’ persona. It’s nice to see him enjoying himself more.

  20. i like this cd, but i miss the white stripes and it seems like the green horns are just riding on jack’s coat tails. i saw them on Conan, Jack is so great and soooo much better then the rest of the band. he’s just such a natural. face it Jack is the bands golden ticket, the only reason i got the cd was because jack is in the band.

  21. I like how half the comments talk about what these guys are wearing, and the other half are talking about what the website looks like. The rest fall in between focusing on two songs on the album, or what Jack White’s personality is like. Who gives a crap? The music is pretty incredible, considering that out of the ten songs on the album, NONE of them are ones that I would skip over. They all have something great about them. Look at “Level.” Yes, it sounds a bit like Led Zep at times, but would you prefer they cop a bad band and sound like every other terrible band out there? Sorry, but if you want that, go find Panic! At The Disco.
    The Raconteurs are purely amazing. Great songwriting and great execution. You won’t find this anywhere else.

  22. i had steady as she goes stuck in my head for days! its a good song that you can hum along to. i usually like louder/sadder stuff like evanesence and jimmy eat world but i love the raconteurs.

  23. btw, totally agree with every thing Kris just said.. i love albums that are good all the way through and dont have a few good songs, a few mediorce songs and the rest crap..

  24. My musical tendencies (Tool, Dredg, Dream Theater, Nine Inch Nails , etc) would lead anyone to believe that I’d hate this album.. the truth is, I love it. I work at fye and we listen to it every day at work. None of us are tired of it, and all of us own it. I usually get tired of music if I listen to it on a regular basis, but not this album. It’s great.

    As someone else said, I thought Broken Boy Soldier sounded a lot like Led Zeppelin – not a bad thing at all.

    I hated the White Stripes, but this band is great.

  25. just as you thoght everything had been done and heard before white and benson suck you in with crazy whimsical lyrics ;creamy dreamy voices that could lullaby a baby to sleep, rock a house out and make a thousand girls heats break. keep up the great work guys!

  26. WOW, I’m truly amazed at some of the comments on this page…this band is making a difference in rock music…as is Jack White…yes, I am a truly loyal fan of The White Stripes; and that is what drew me to this band, but it is not the only thing that kept me here. My personal opinon is that everyone should turn of all of their negativity and REALLY listen to this cd!! It is uniquely put together by 4 very unique musicians. And, no, this band is not famous just because of Jack White…each of these very talented musicians are famous in their own right!! To all of you who give this cd the respect it deserves…RIGHT ON!!! To those of you who don’t…Bitter, are we?

  27. Couldn’t have come at a better time…met someone that fills this part in! Want this to be how it works out, but we’ll see. I’d love to buy the house in the video, anyone know where it is?

  28. I don’t know for sure where that house is, but I did see an interview with the band and they were talking about when they shot the video…if memory serves, I think they said something about where that farm is (more or less)…if you go to and search The Raconteurs then select videos, it will give you some of their interviews…sorry, I can’t remember which interview.

  29. Oh, one more thing, GIVE ME A BREAK about complaining about their website!!! They don’t need a lot of flash…their music speaks for itself!!!!

  30. Who cares what they werar? Whoc ares that they wouldn’t be much good without Jack? Truth is, he is in The Raconteurs and they are amazing. So stop with the ifs and buts and just listen to it. I love it xxx

  31. This song is amazing, good melody and love the lyrics. I can listen to this all day without getting sick of it like I do with most songs and what the hell is this about what they are WEARING?! That has nothing to do with the music. People say they would suck without Jack… he just makes the band complete…they are a band you shouldn’t recognize the Raconteurs by the name Jack White. Anyways, love the song I give it a 5 star rating. And hey, most of the people are talking about what they are wearing or how they would suck without Jack… then the next half of the comments are all about telling people to shut up about it and it’s pretty fun so just fuck off …listen to the song and forget what they look like and forget about telling people to shut up about it!!!

  32. Dalton…what rock have you been hiding under? Everyone here in this “comment circus” are up to date and with the times (even the ones who don’t like The Raconteurs)…we are all aware they have produced an entire cd and have actually released it to the public. What is this “song” you keep talking about? There are 10 songs to choose from. And you may want to read this entire comment area because no one had to get nasty (maybe snooty) to get their point across. Maybe you should take your own advice and f*ck off yourself!!

  33. the first time i read in a newspaper that there was a jack white’s new band, i really thought that white stripes had split, and it was hard to get use to this new thing…
    besides (as i’m learning english), i didnt even know how to pronounce ‘raconteurs’! it was so funny, now i just love the band as much as the white stripes.

  34. the first time i read in a newspaper there was a jack white’s new band, i really thought that white stripes had split up, and it was hard to get use to this new thing…
    besides (as i’m learning english), i didnt even know how to pronounce ‘raconteurs’! it was so funny, now i just love the band as much as the white stripes.

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