For My British Friends

Dear people who probably bought up all the Raconteurs 7″ vinyls today, just wanted to give you the heads up on this awesome showcase of live bands (The Long Blondes are playing!) happening in London this week. The concert showcases take place in conjunction with rock photographer Dean Chalkley‘s exhibition at the Spitz Gallery. He’s the man responsible for numerous great NME cover shots and photoshoots.

now stand tall

Speaking of great rock photos, Daniel Boud finally gave into to all my nagging and posted his photos of the White Stripes from Big Day Out.

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  1. Oh why, why am I in New York… All the great music is in the UK… I love The Long Blondes and Neil’s Children..Great perfomers both and cool persona… There so many bands I wish would hop over the pond soon… I am happy to have seen Art Brut, the Editors, the Cribs and the Artic Monkeys playing our less riotess shows … But what about Black Wire, the Ludes, the Paddingtons, the Rakes, the Cazals, the Holloways and moreover, Mr. Bilo Babyshambles and gang aka Petey Doherty…

    I guess time to save up for airfare

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