Old People Are Awesome

So this Friday I got a chance to go to an event at one of the great cultural institutions in NYC, the Brooklyn Academy of Music. The event was Arrested Development + Urban Word Teen Poetry Slam Champions + M1 of dead prez.

The crowd was full of young kids, many of whom I suspected were friends of some of the Urban Word champions. There was a lot of clapping and cheering for those kids–and rightly so. Some of those youngsters were on it. The topics which they slammed about were kind of the typical ones you’d expect for slam poetry–racism, politics, sexism, violence–but it’s always really amazing to see young people passionately speaking out about issues that concern them.

When Arrested Development came on, there were no less than 8 people onstage at a time…but during one song, no one could help but fixate on 70-something Baba Oje, the “oldest man in hip-hop” according to the Guiness Book of World Records, and AD’s “Spiritual Advisor.” While Speech was singing his little heart out, Baba Oje was…well, you’ll see… after the jump.

Arrested Development

Arrested Development

Arrested Development

Yes, Baba Oje was totally napping onstage. This is why old people really are so punk rock. They JUST DON’T GIVE A F*CK! Take that Blink 182/ Sum 41/ Avril Lavigne/ Greenday.

But don’t worry, Baba Oje didn’t spend the whole show snoozing–he got up and shook his groove thing throughout the rest of the performance (see below).

Arrested Development

Some more photos…

Urban Word Teen Poetry

Arrested Development and M1

Arrested Development and M1

I’d also like to point out that BAM also has an awesome cafe on the second floor. I got to eat dinner there after the show, during a BAMcafe Live event–some jazzy/experimental band who’s name I don’t remember–and the space is beautiful. But more importantly, the whole wheat pasta with veggies and mushrooms with a light cream sauce that I had was SO super tasty. Mmmm…

Oh! and they had the cutest little single-serving size mini Heinz glass bottles of ketchup (see below).

Heinz ketchup

Definitely check it out if you feel like having a sophisticated, cultured evening. Would make a great date place. Dinner at the Rose Cinemas then yummy food. What more could you want?

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