Everyone Wants to Remix the White Stripes…Even Michel Gondry and Jim Jarmusch

Michel Gondry and Jim Jarmusch have teamed up to produce their own remixed versions of the White Stripes song, “Blue Orchid.” According to the Candy Cane Children forum, Gondry’s version sounds like “just a motor engine accelerating being put on the song,” but Jarmusch may have put in some extra work because according the the post, his has “these indian drums and indian noices and it makes the song sound really cool.”

See Michel’s side of the album and Jim’s side.

This homage to the White Stripes‘s Get Behind Me Satan is the video director equivalent of a teenage boy making a video of his juggling act to “Seven Nation Army.” Scans from the Michel Gondry News Page.

Gondry and Jarmusch's Blue Orchid

Gondry and Jarmusch's Blue Orchid

I’m actually still a little fuzzy about the details of this single, since I can’t find any official record of it anywhere, so if you know more, please let me know.

Here’s another weird video of a bunch of footage of drugged out Italian kids set to “Blue Orchid.”

Ok, are you ready to see the best White Stripes remix ever? Check it out, a version of “My Doorbell” by the artist simply known as “Lil’ Jack” (click on image to view vid):

Lil' Jack does Doorbell

Last, but not least, here’s a cool addition to the WS official site: complete set lists from 1997 onwards. Dear lord, all I can imagine is Ben Blackwell being strapped to a chair and forced to catalog every single bootleg he has in order to compile this information.

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  1. Ben Blackwell gets off on doing anything related to the White Stripes, so I don’t think he’d need to be strapped down.

  2. Hey im the one beeing quoted about the songs. The reason you wont find any official release is because it was only sold during a few shows in the uk late 2005.

  3. The white stripes are rhe best band in modern rock today
    and if you losers don’t think so, then suck it!

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