Air Your Strokes Grievances Right Here

So I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s kinda bummed out about missing out on a chance to buy tickets to the totally unannounced 2nd Strokes show at Hammerstein which went on sale at 7am, much to the surprise of…well…everyone.

Don’t suppose someone has an extra ticket?

In the meantime, watch Julian try to “sing” during “Juicebox” and “You Only Live Once” during SNL last weekend. Oooohhh Julian!

Oh BTW- does anyone like the new Cat Power album?

17 Replies to “Air Your Strokes Grievances Right Here”

  1. see, i think that half of the time on the snl performances julian sounds better than ever, and the other half he sounds worse than ever…

  2. I think The Greatest sounds outstanding but truth but told I am still waiting for InSound to delver:( That said, from my experience, she’s a studio musician and not a live act. Disaster at the 2 shows I’ve attended. Still love her, she’s just not a live performer.

  3. I have the new Cat Power album. My IM is p1l3ofst1x. Its an aol name. Contact me and I’ll transfer it over to you.

    I have a review site. The Cat Power album was reviewed by me. If you’re interested in seeing that, tell me and I’ll direct you to it.

  4. They didn’t go on sale at 7 am. The link appeared on the Ticketmaster website after the strokes first date sold it in less than 3 minutes. If you have an extra ticket to Friday’s show, I’ll trade you with my Saturday show ticket…

  5. I disagree, and I think Chan is better live when she is feeling comfortable. the Greatest sounds ok, but she is best when she is minimal in lyrics sound distractions.

    She’s on the same level as Dylan or who??/ she has a purity of sound and lyrics. hmmm. I love her and wish she didn’t do that horrible Cingular commercial.

  6. the actual music’s great…and julian doesnt sing THAT badly…its just that he sings really shit in a few little bits… but whatever. he has a nice jacket.

  7. I was actually surprised to see the second show, but got to the website before either one was sold out. I spent two hours putting in the number of tickets I wanted, ridiculous code words for ticketmaster, and seeing a “No tickets are available blah blah blah” message. But. Eventually i got through. put all my info and stuff in…but then the website decided to make an error and apologize for any inconvenience. so. another half hour spent typing in words like “abstractum” and “profit” but no dice. i love The Strokes more than anybody. i said it here. 🙂

  8. Wait a minute…did that actor not thank The Strokes for appearing? He thanks Drew Barrymore but not the band…MORON!

  9. If you just clicked on Best Available you got the “no tickets available” message. For Hammerstein you must select Floor, First Mezz, or2nd Mezz.

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