The Japenese Love Franz Ferdinand Long Time

So many times I’ve found myself sitting at home, looking longingly at my mp3 player saying, “Why, why can’t you be more like Franz Ferdinand?” Finally someone has made something to answer my deepest, darkest wishes. Sony Japan has created a limited edition NW-A1000 mp3 player in honor of Franz Ferdinand’s latest album. They’ve only made 100 of them and it goes onsale Jan 26th only in Japan, so this is going to be even harder to get than a Raconteurs record.

The front mimics the cover of “You Could Have It So Much Better” and the back features headshots of the band members placed right above the Sony Walkman logo. The player is 6GB and features a special message from the band pre-loaded on the hard drive. I think the message goes something like this:

Thanks for buying our limited edition mp3 player…you crazy Japanese schoolgirl.

Franz Mp3 player

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