The Raconteurs Have 7 Inches and Jack Shows Off His Shaved Face in Oz

Man, I’m slipping. There just isn’t enough time in the day, is there? The Raconteurs are poised to unleash their music upon the world starting in February with a limited-edition 7″ for “Steady As She Goes” and “Store Bought Bones.” Apparently all the places pre-selling it have already sold out, but I’m sure if you’re industrious (and a little bit crazy) you can track one down. Me, I’m too scared of a vinyl bloodbath at Other Music, but if by chance I do get a copy I’ll be sure to give you a detailed description of the song…and I did get that USB audio interface for Christmas…

Oh yeah, and they have a MySpace profile. They are so going to be the next Arctic Monkeys.

The Ranconteurs

In other White Stripes news, Jack and Meg just played some of the dates on the Big Day Out festival tour this week. And it should be noted that even though Jack’s hair is still in dire need of a clipping, Jack has sealed the deal and is now COMPLETELY CLEAN SHAVEN. Hallelujah! Do you like?

White Stripes Big Day Out 2006 Photo by MM

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13 replies on “The Raconteurs Have 7 Inches and Jack Shows Off His Shaved Face in Oz”

  1. Damn woman it’s about time you reported on The Raconteurs. Speaking of the facial hair, you didn’t see Jack’s little message on the official site? It’s cute you should go take a look.

  2. I feel like a detective but if you look at the photo of jack’s acial hair being cut off ( at last) the hand i think is his wife, i saw a photo of her in nylon and she is wearing the same ring which is in the photo…look in this months nylon and then compare?

  3. so is a great website – very clever and original. Hopefully future songs can do that. I like the ingredients in the band a lot, but they cooked up some bland stuff. I felt like I had to listen to them all the way through in case something cool happened, but it never did.

  4. well I was disappointed knowing that jack white was going to leave a little time the white stripes for a new band which is composed of greenhornes’ members and brendan benson! I don’t really like greenhornes becoz’ I saw them when I have seen the white stripes! their performance wasn’t really good! but I heard the 2 two songs by the raconteurs and that sounds quite cool! so now I’m more or less optimistic about the next album! if jack white is in the band (with his creativity and his charism), that can only be good!! and I hope this new experiment for jackie will make the white stripes even better than it is!

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