What Do You Think of Gil ManteraÂ’s Party Dream?

I was just listening to some tracks by this band from Ohio, Gil Mantera’s Party Dream. They are synth-y and a little bit dancey, but in a light, airy sort of way. If I had to pick a food that I think best represents this band, I would say they are like the crazy green and red caramel popcorn you get in huge tins during Christmas time. Sweet, slightly bizarre, but kind of tasty. I think they sound like Four Tet meets Dykehouse meets IMA Robot. The look a bit like gay disco trailer trash (see below–photo by Mike Carney).

Check out their song “Alligator Missions” (which you can hear on their streaming audio player). I think it’s pretty catchy.

The next time you can see them live is on Feb 17th at Knitting Factory.

Gil Mantera's Party Dream. Photo by Mike Carney

2 Replies to “What Do You Think of Gil ManteraÂ’s Party Dream?”

  1. Them boys is sizzlin. I saw them open for the Rapture at their mini club tour at Crash Mansion last October. The camel hump was bumpin all night.

  2. i was at that show too. and wow, they were something else. can’t say i enjoyed their music all that much, but the spectacle of their live show is something that needs to be seen to be believed.

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