Night of a Thousand Comedians

Ok, it was really only two comedians, but in a span of 20 minutes. I went with S.G. to Momofuku (aka- one of THE BEST ramen places in NYC) and saw David Cross there. This made S.G. sad because that meant that David wasn’t filming Arrested Development. Does anyone have any idea if a network has definitely picked up the show yet?

Then when we were walking down the street to Odessa, I almost physically ran into Demetri Martin…although I didn’t see him until S.G. pointed at him as he walked by. I caught Demetri out of the corner of my eye–I think he was wearing a red sweatshirt, backpack, and headphones. I’m sure he was wearing pants too, but I didn’t have time to look.

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  1. AD has not been picked up yet ( although Showtime has invested interest ).

    2 hour season finale ( not series finale) to air fri. feb. 10th 8pm on fox. now does anyone have a vcr I just got rid of mine:(

  2. The Feb. 10th 2 hour airing is 4 separate, but new episodes.

    Showtime wants to pick it up, but FOX has to officially cancel the show first, which they have not done. Also, the creator of the series, Mitch Hurwitz, is unsure whether he wants to continue the show anyway, though he could just be aiming for more money.

    We need this show on the air!!

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