The Editors Totally Rock My Socks

Details for the Editors show on Saturday change up until the last minute. The band was scheduled to play The Annex, but when the band went to soundcheck, the venue was still a contstruction site! Yikes! Luckily they were able to snatch up Rothko at the last minute and the show thankfully went on. Of course the venue change meant that it was going to be nuts, especially since the show was sold out AND the new venue had a smaller capacity than The Annex.

Knowning this, J. and I headed to the venue right when the doors were opening–9PM! I can’t remember the last time I went to a show that early, but I was taking NO chances. I figured there would be a few people standing outside, but when I got to the venue, it was already a mob scene! There were litterally 50 people standing outside. I was totally shocked. Luckily I didn’t have to wait too long to get in and I snagged a seat at the downstairs bar save my legs from the estimated 2 and a half hours I would be waiting until the band went on.

The good thing about being there so early was that I actually got to talk to people instead of the usual run in, run out, wave at people thing that I find myself doing a lot of the time. I was so absorbed with just hanging out downstairs that it wasn’t until I came out of the bathroom and realized no one was downstairs that I realized “oh, the band is probably on now!”

I rushed up the stairs and opened the door to the main performance space and was met with a sea of packed bodies. It was like trying to get on the S train from 42nd Street during the morning rush–people actually had their backs up against the door, so when I threw it open a girl almost fell on me. “Holy sh-t!,” I said to myself as I took a deep breath and started pushing my way through the crowd.

One thing you have to know about me is that I’m an expert at the concert crowd weave. During the course of the first song I managed to make my way from all the way of the back of the venue to the absolute front. Usually there is space in the front for people to move around and take photos, but I was shocked to see that there was not even a nanometer to spare in terms of standing space. I saw a girl standing on a metal equipment case, so I hopped up and stood directly in front of the speaker…which I’m sure really pleased my ears.

When I finally had a second to take in the music that The Editors was playing, I was really impressed. When I first heard their album, it really didn’t make an impression on me. “Interpol but not as depressed,” I declared to myself, but I never solidify my opinion of a band until I’ve seen them live. So when I went into the show I had no real expectactions, but as soon as I realized what was happening on the stage I was totally blown away! The Editors were totally rocking it!

I was totally shocked! The band sounded NOTHING like what I remembered their recorded stuff was like. The music was so full of energy, and it sounded SO GREAT–which is a miraculous feat given the usually not so great sound at Rothko. Their stuff sounds far more dancey when performed live than their recorded stuff lets on. Like Gang of Four + Joy Division + something else cliched, but it’s better than that lame description I just wrote. The crowd was basically going ape sh-t–fist pumping, jumping up and down, acting like absolute crazy people. Photographers were snapping left and right, I couldn’t turn my head without getting blinded by a flashbulb.

One of my favorite parts of the show is when Tom Smith was sitting at the keyboard and grabbing the mic and twisting his body a la Chris Martin. But luckily for all of us, he didn’t have his fingers taped up like a tw-t nor was he singing a song about Gwyneth Paltrow (at least I don’t *think* he was).

Seriously, the whole show is a bit of a blur (it went so fast) but it was really fantastic. I was so surprised by how much I loved them live. It’s so rare that you see a hyped-up band really deliver and seem like they are giving 110 percent during their time onstage.

If you don’t already know The Editors, get on it because the buzz is well deserved. Definintely get tickets to what ever is their next show, because a year from now they’ll be playing large venues and you’ll get to be all smug and tell people that you saw The Editors in a tiny club back in the day. Awesomeness!

Oh, and some girl is looking for a 5’8″ English guy wearing a scarf and blazer at the show. The Editors make people fall in love with strangers.

The Editors at Rothko

The Editors at Rothko

The Editors at Rothko

After the show I headed to the after party at Fontana’s where Peter Hook from New Order was DJing which was such a mind-blowing idea in itself. When I was talking to Vince and Melissa I think I said something like, “Peter Hook DJing an Editors after party is like Lou Reed DJing a Strokes after party.” It’s just so ridiculously funny. Oh, and if you haven’t been to Fontana’s yet, the decor can only be described as “Citizen Kane’s house” with its zebra-print couches, maroon colored walls, pool table, and chandelier. And the space is HUGE. But anyway…

Peter Hook will be 50 years old on February 13th of this year (one day after my own birthday!), but there he was up on the balcony level DJ booth dancing up a whirlwind storm as he spun Joy Division/New Order tracks alongside more contemporary dance bands. He was doing this almost robotic move that was STEP class meets Whack-a-Mole head bopping meets Live at the Apollo hand gestures (see below). In a word: Amazing. Power to the oldies!Peter Hook dances

More photos after the jump, or look at my Flickr set to see all the photos.

The Editors at Rothko

The Editors at Rothko

The Editors at Rothko

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  1. umm…yeah, amazing. i can’t stop listening to them! i thought the Mercury was an amazing place to see a band of their ability-i can’t even begin to think of how incredible Rothko must have been!

  2. i’m so jealous…. those guys are delish.

    Hardly anyone ever comes to Miami but I’m hoping that they gain some momentum and make it down here sometime

  3. I’m seeing them in Belgium on Feb 12th. I really dig the album – I love Bullets – but don’t know what to expect live. I do however know Chris, the guitar player, is a really friendly chap, cause I interviewed him to support the above mentioned show. I hope they rock my socks as well.

  4. i’ve been to see Editors twice in the past few months, their live shows are so intense. i wanted to go and see them again, i heard from themselves that they’d be back in Berlin in February but it looks like they actually have no gigs here. pang. their tour schedule is mad.

  5. Yeah, the show was amazingly wonderful.
    Their sound was as good or even better. His voice impressed me greatly.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous pictures.

    For a full review on Friday night’s show at Mercury come over the VI, where I frame their performance in terms of a discussion on hype and buzz. Editors did it right.

  7. you weren’t even THERE Scotty Mason. you are SUCH a LIAR. always trying to take credit for things you had nothing to do with. oh and eating paste, and stuffing socks in your desk. Jerk.

  8. listen mason hater, i’m not even talking about the adjustments, that’s kids play. i’m talking about what leads up to taking photos like these. dont act like you figured all this out by yourself.

  9. Well for this show, I climbed up on an equipment case that was parallel to the stage, so that’s why the vantage point is so high. and then otherwise, i either shoot from where I am or hold the camera up in the air.

  10. nice way to screw the people waiting patiently by bullying your way up front. Typical NYC blogger class.

  11. i was at the venue since 9pm. and if you don’t like what i have to do in order to get in a position to take pictures that i share with everyone else, then that’s your problem. for all i know anonymous, you’re the tall dude that is standing right up front in the middle blocking everyone else’s way. jerk.

  12. Yeah why do the tall dudes ALWAYS come up and stand infront of us shorties?

    Also the pics are cool, but please bloggers no cell phone cameras in the movie theaters, not even during sexy Brokeback Mt…ok?

  13. good review, saw them in York (UK) last december and they rawwwked !!!

    Totally agree with the fact that live thay totally come alive, particulary the track Sparks.

    Quite literally BOOMING.

  14. Hey all,

    Village Indian is proud to announce that Editors will be sitting down with us for an interview in March! Be sure to come over and check it out.

    Review of Friday’s show is up as well.


  15. mmmh I’m seeing them in Rimini, Italy next Friday…I can’t wait, especially after reading your enthusiastic posts..

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