Stop It!

Ok people, don’t start freaking out. The Editors show on Saturday is STILL at the Annex NOT at Hiro, NOT at the Learning Annex, NOT at Crash Mansion under the name “Wyld Stallyns. Jeez Louise. All this nonsense is giving me a headache.

Here’s the deal: If you bought tickets to the “Hiro” show, they will still be honored at the Annex.

I also feel obliged to tell you that you should get there at least by 10pm because the venue has a capacity of 400 people and the show is ENTIRELY SOLD OUT. When the Editors played earlier this week in LA both shows were sold out and there were huge crowds of people outside the venue trying to blag their way in. The venue wasn’t even accepting admission for people on the guest list, no matter who you were. I expect the same to happen here this weekend.

If you’re fashionably late, you may be fashionably left out in the cold.

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4 replies on “Stop It!”

  1. haha well I’m so far out of current events
    lets see missed the yeah yeah yeahs tickets
    missed editors tickets
    missed strokes tickets
    heck thought I would go to Serena Maneesh plus Asobi Seksu and thats sold out too.
    heck I didn’t even know about the Crash Mansion deal

  2. steve i’ll sell you some Serena Maneesh tickets, I’ve got extras…strokes tickets go on sale 1/27 via ticketmaster…i wish i could help with YYYs and Editors…but alas…

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