Project Runway: The Myspace Edition

I was inspired by a comment left by someone claiming to be “Project Catwalk’sMatthew Bowkett on my “Project Cuties” post to do some searching for some “Project Runway” contestants on It should be noted that as of this interview with Andrae, “Project Cuties” contestant Daniel V. does NOT have a Myspace profile.

Oh, BTW, if you really are Matthew Bowkett, send me the link to your Myspace profile.

Anyway, here are the results and some commentary:

Are you at all surprised that Santino has the most absurd pictures in his Myspace profile? Andrae looks all happy, smiley, and shaved. Nick is 38 years old!??!?! Daniel Franco is straight. Zulema looks very pretty, but is anyone getting Glamour Shots flashbacks? (She also has an offical site.)

Not on Myspace, but they have web sites: Raymundo, Emmett “Vulgar” McCarthy, Kara Janx.

Saint SantinoZulemadaniel franconick from project runway

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8 replies on “Project Runway: The Myspace Edition”

  1. Santino looks like osama bin laden, and I say that with a homegirl accent and attitude, I hope he wins. GO OSAMA!

  2. oh yeah.. from his Friendster: “Who I Want to Meet:
    Anyone who can make me laugh or makes me want to be a better person… male or female, young or old, rich or poor it doesn’t really matter…

    As long as they’re male, young and rich!”
    Defo gay!

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