Oprah Wants to Know if You’re Gay (or Straight) for Heath and Jake

Woah! When did Heath Ledger get a Lindsay Lohan-scale freckle face? Oh and BTW, rumor has it that Heath will be on the cover of Rolling Stone very shortly. Let’s hope he shaves before the photoshoot.

heath ledger gq

heath ledger

BTW, are you totally gay (or totally straight) for Heath or Jake Gyllenhaal? Well Oprah is looking for you! (Hopefully this doesn’t involve any couch jumping.) Oh yeah, read it and weep:

Has Heath Ledger or Jake Gyllenhaal changed or influenced your life? How long have you been a fan? Do your friends and family think you’re obsessed with Heath or Jake? If so, tell us why!

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9 Replies to “Oprah Wants to Know if You’re Gay (or Straight) for Heath and Jake”

  1. oh man, pink is the new blog didn’t INVENT writing on photos Mark. I’ve done it beforen (see my Ed Harcourt photos from…2003?) AND I’LL DO IT AGAIN IF I HAVE TO.

  2. all my friends think im obsessed with jake gyllenhaal and heath ledger from the fact that i go on and on about their performances in my favorite movies donnie darko, 10 things i hate about you and most recently brokeback mountain which i have to say is by far the best movie ive ever seen most people wouldnt blame me for my obsession with these great actors.

  3. I am not gay I have been married 32 years–I’m 51 years old and I loved that movie. I am a mother of 2 and a grandmother of a 13 year old. and my thoughts on that movie is heck I wish Jake would kiss me like that!!!! There were just great actors and if you take any thing from this movie it’s DON’T JUDGE you just might ruin someone’s life,

    Grads to Jake and Heath for suck amazing acting!

  4. Yeah, my friends think I’m obssessed with Jake and Brokeback Mountain! But Jake is soo hot, yes indeed!! And Heath isn’t bad either. That film is brilliant, I cried at the end. I have it one video and I’ve seen it twice.

  5. i’d say that im straight for sure and that jake and heath are cool. they are good actors and not only that they’re hot. soo whats not to love.

  6. I have been a Huge Fan of Heath for years now ever since I saw 10 Things I Hate About You. My roomate in college gets a kick out of my pictures all over the walls in our room and me constantly going to Heathbaby.com.

  7. Jake And Heath are very cute guys..
    I loved them both..
    They are both very pretty..


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