Michael Pitt’s Band to Release Album in June

What would 2006 be without a record release by everyone’s favorite band fronted by Michael Pitt, Pagoda. The un-named full length will be released on Thurston Moore‘s label, Ecstatic Peace, in June of this year.

If you’re itching to see them live, head over to PAs Lounge in Somersville, MA on Monday, January 23rd @8:30pm. Pagoda will be playing with guest opener, Jamie–another Brooklyn-based band. This show will also be the first show the band will play since October of last year. Can’t make it to MA? Try their DC show at the Black Cat on Jan 26. Tickets are 7 bucks. No word just yet on any NYC shows.

Pagoda flyer MA

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19 Replies to “Michael Pitt’s Band to Release Album in June”

  1. i think pagoda is a fucking fantastic band only thing even remotely close to my favorite bands NIRVANA and whata coincedence that he should play the lead part in the movie last days heh well i hope one day theyll come around florida all of us here would appreciate it man
    peace love save mother earth

  2. they do sound VERY much like NIRVANA, and in no way is that a bad thing. I love both bands and can’t wait for a cd. . .byebye

  3. I feel like crying i’m so happy right now. I love pagoda with a passion. I love alot of music with a great passion, but there is something about this band that i feel really connected with.

    Can’t wait for the release

  4. dudes!
    pagoda need to release an album soon, especially with that tune on from the film last days because its wicked! also… they need to get theyre arses over to england (especially leeds or the yorkshire area) and tour beacuase i would be well up for checkin em out live!

    release an album now dam it!

  5. yeh im from england… from leeds, but i used to go to uni in crewe n alsager so used to go to a few gigs around there! used to go to the limelight a lot, i miss that place! have you done a lot of gigs? checked out your website n saw that you’ve played the mere and the limelight… have you had many gigs?

  6. yeh they’re american… the singers an actor, he’s been in quite a few films! but the music’s really gud so he shud do a bit more of that at the mo i think!

  7. I can’t wait for it, the dude has great voice they melody and the lyrics are pretty brilliant.

  8. Fucking Brilliant! Sounded very much like NIRVANA but hell…thats wat we need now..more GRUNGE BANDS like the PAGODA!!! The haunting melody from the song “From Death to Birth” in the show LAST DAYS was perfect…

  9. HELL YEA!! i love tha band they kik ass he reminds me Kurt Cobain he fucking rocked in 90s and its nice to see a grunge band back on the radio

  10. ive been listening a lill bit n the rock!!!! Yeah! Brandon the voice of Michael and the sound, is like Nirvana!!!!

    They fucking rock,,,, Michael is soooo hot n cute!


  12. w0ow! i just cant wait until they finally get theiralbum out! their songs are s0o demm different from all the shit that is alwais plaing in the radio and besides ryan (drummer) is too cute to be true GOD HE’S HOT!!

  13. are you coming to scotland or espana? your band is shit hot!..where can i buy the cd and when are you on tour?

  14. great band, great taste in music white stripes also kik ass, also im a big nirvana fan and u guys write a little like him, ya know with the sarcasm/ thrash/grunge/ still sounding educated/sophisticated while making a statement, thats great i guess, looken forward to seeing a few good albums keep it up

  15. Posers are not as pretty as pansies and reak of lil boys fighting for faim…oh you were playing with jme again?..i doubt if its the same one since i doubt he doesnt seem to want to. you remind me Mike of Harry Fool…and you had your own Simon…but you got his ending…i saw you in the film with Sandra Bullock…your character was interesting…no matter how much talent one shows…the vessel carrying that without a moral heart…is lacking one of the most beautiful gifts of existance!

  16. Playing with jme again ah? Must be a different one..cause i seem to think he doest want to. 😉 You remind me of Henry Fool….you had your own simon…but you got his ending…youve played some interesting characters….all the talent in the world…without a moral heart…is lacking one of the most beautiful gifts of existance..

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