DEV2.0 Is Like Kidz Bop on Crack

I still cannot believe this. Legendary electro-punk band DEVO has paired up with Disney to create a CD and DVD of a quintent of kids performing Devo songs like “Whip It” and “Cyclops.” Devo bassist and co-founder Gerry Casale is the director of all of the videos featured in the DEV2.0 DVD.

Yes, that’s right. 10-year-olds singing “Whip It.” There is something slightly wrong with that.

Find all of this too ridiculous to believe? I’m sorry but it’s true and here’s the video to prove it. Notice the hilarious hand blenders that “whip it” throughout the video (Link from

DOWNLOAD: “Whip It” by DEV2.0 (WMV)

DEV2.0 Whip It video

19 Replies to “DEV2.0 Is Like Kidz Bop on Crack”

  1. I bought a Devo DVD a while back, and my kids LOVE IT! I hate to see a “Kidz Bop” version of it – the originals have just the right touch of sarcasm.

  2. I’m sorry, I made a huge mistake. This is by far the gayest fucking thing I have EVER done. Even gayer than the time I sucked Richard simmons dick in the back of a pink motor-home covered in rainbow stickers. Yes, this is gayer. To all my fans: I’m sorry.

  3. ok ppl, i know these people and they rock. but the redos suck. music video, lame. but the actual ppl, nicole esp., shown above pointing, is so nice trust me!

  4. this sux sooooooo bad it made me cry from pain this is the only!! video that made me cry

  5. why do they have turn all the decent music into kid bop shit that needs be re song by some ones brat??? and whipping it with a mixer instead of a whip how gay is that. also i notied that all dev2.0’s videos look all the same which i weird sincer they are spounsered by disney . i geuss disney hsas decided to start doing low budget videos

  6. Yo, do any1 of you know where they’r on tour or something?
    Ok i have wanted to have my own rock band for VERY LONG, and i cant even play my guitar! I don’t want to learn da key board i know 2 songs to it but its stupid (srry). I could play da drums if i had my own cause drums aret as hard as a guitar (well a guitar is harder because theres lots and LOTS of diferent notes and drums well u get it). I’ll Holla back later.

  7. This is truly disgraceful. But then again, genious.
    I will never be able to listen to my old devo-records the same way again.

    It’s really funny with a 10 year old girl sings “You got me jerkin’ back and forth” though.

  8. ohhhh my, i think that kids need to learn about real jobs and leave all the celebs to the older people in this world who are more experienced, since so many of these kids are grwing up in the media. take that kid in the pic above pointing; she looks about 12 yrs old. that is just insane non-sence. i feel sorry for this childs parents.

  9. devo 2.0 is wonderful.
    of course i’m a natural devo fan,
    but seeing kids my age play their wonderful music makes me happy. =]

    devo&&2.0 rock

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