Alison Mosshart and Dave Gahan Faces for J.Lindeberg

Check it out, it’s Alison Mosshart from The Kills and Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode making pretty for the camera…all for the Spring/Summer 2006 J. Lindeberg campaign. Dave looks ridiculously sexy for a man of his age and Alison looks great in the one photo with her wearing the vest, but there’s an unfortunate picture of her looking like a drowned rat while being made to wear the denim equivalent of “jam shorts.”

Also, someone please give her a sandwich. The girl can’t live on cigarettes and alcohol alone, can she? Her glamourous thinnest of the thin look is certainly a far cry from her days in the punk band Discount (see below).


Dave Gahan for J. Lindeberg

Alison Mosshard for J. Lindeberg


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18 replies on “Alison Mosshart and Dave Gahan Faces for J.Lindeberg”

  1. saw Discount open for Bis….they were like a wannabe Avail who really weren’t worth copying anyway.
    Basically they ended up sounding like a notch below Tilt.

  2. wow. If I didn’t know any better, I would never have picked the old Alison and the new Alison to be the same person – she looks completely different.

  3. Miss Modernage, I adore your musings (in general) but what up with the catty choice of a candid of fat Alison next to (obviously, retouched, color-corrected and what not) images of Alison from a professionally shot fashion campaign? What’s the point? Yeah, we were all fat troubled nerds at some point in our pasts, and some of us have evolved into skinny troubled nerds who have a clue or two about dressing cool. I bet you Alison though would KILL to be in the Edie Sedgwick movie. Edie’s her obsession…

  4. I’m actually saying that her thin self might not be the healtiest thing…I think she would be fine somewhere in the middle. seriously, she looks hungry. 🙁

  5. She doesnt look as bad as that other chick in the polaroid, former antm contestant? I like the clothes, but the graffitti is trying too hard. Fashion rocks the punk rock world meets nike ad.

  6. Alison just looks like she’s trying too hard to be cool.
    Dave gahan on the other hand doesn’t have to try, he’s got the look of a man who’s seen and done it all.

  7. imo they’re both hot, and Alison was then and always will be. Weightnazi’s need to give her a break.

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