Steve and Pedro’s Last Shout!

For nearly 8 years Steve and Pedro have been spinning the baddest blend of soul, rock, and pop at their weekly night Shout! @ Bar 13. But now they have left us to head off and open a new club in their hometown of Miami.

Knowing all of this, I absolutely had to head out and soak in the last Steve and Pedro Shout! yesterday night. All the kids came out to take one last shuffle on the dancefloors.

Jeppe from Junior Senior (He’s the bigger one with the ‘stache.) hit the decks spinning a fantastic mix of hip hop and pop up on the second floor. In fact, his set was so hot that he set off the fire alarm and everyone had to evacuate the floor. True story.

Everyone was crammed onto floor one, and even if a few toes were stepped upon I think everyone had a great time. I left a little bit before 4am, right in the midst of Pedro freaking everyone out with his awesome song choices like the Rolling Stones‘ “Jumpin’ Jack Flash.” But according to Hightower, the last song of the night was “All Things Must Pass” by George Harrison.

Let’s hear it for the boys for giving NYC so many great nights of dancing and music and wish them luck!





More photos after the jump or view the full set at Flickr.

steve and keith spin




“More stripes. What is it with stripes EVERY BLOODY WEEK?!” – NME 17/24 December 2005

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