Jorm Spaz-Dances to Death Cab for Cutie

Ahahaha. In the great tradition of Soy Bomb and CYHSY Khaki Man comes Jorm from The Lonely Island caught spazstically dancing shirtless during the SNL rehersal for Death Cab for Cutie‘s musical performance this past weekend. You will never ever dance to Death Cab in the same way after watching this. Link from the Oh So Quiet Show.

DOWNLOAD: Jorm from The Lonely Island dancing to Death Cab for Cutie (MP4)

Jorm dancing to death cab

In other Death Cab news, this bit about their “Directions” series:

Death Cab for Cutie has announced details of their upcoming “DIRECTIONS,” an innovative anthology of 12 short films inspired by each song on the band’s acclaimed album PLANS. Every song will be delivered by a different director. 11 of the videos will be unveiled one by one at The first of which will be ‘Marching Bands of Manhattan’ on January 23. The entire collection will be available on dvd to purchase April 11, 2006. Among the filmmakers contributing to “DIRECTIONS” are Lance Bangs, P.R. Brown, Ace Norton, Jeffrey Brown, Lightborne, Autumn de Wilde, Rob Schrab, Laurent Briet and Monkmus, as well as Aaron Stewart-Ahn . Be sure and check the website for more details in the coming days!

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