The Cobra Snake Merchandising

Now would be a good time for anyone with a weak stomach to STOP READING THIS POST.

Call it the return of the technicolor blog tshirts, or Revenge of the Pink Is the New Blog Tees but Mark of has taken it upon himself to make sea green and hot pink t-shirts of himself wearing a striped bikini. They are very much in the same style as the t-shirts David “Whirlwind Heat” Swanson designed for Terry Richardson.

He’s selling it for $25 plus S+H. (Which stands for “Sh-ts and Hugs”…I think.) Don’t have the Hamiltons to drop? Don’t worry, he’s also hawking buttons and stickers.

Now is it just me or do you also think that American Apparel should probably be all over this crap?

Cobra Snake tshirts

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  1. the cobra snake and friends have turned LA into an arm pit of bad music and bad fashion… very careful new york!!

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