Holy Crap, I Really Hated Ryan Adams in 2001

I love going through some of my old posts. I find some of them so hysterical, and then I get sad that I’m not that funny anymore. In any case, you’ve got to read (or re-read) this post I wrote titled RYAN ADAMS RANT” from December 18, 2001. It’s a lengthy post going into great detail the reasons why I think Ryan Adams should crawl into a hole and die. The funny thing is now Ryan Adams is one of my favorite artists ever. I guess I’ve learned to love everything I hate about him. Here are some highlights:

My terrifying experiences with Ryan Adams began in January of this year in London. There were Ryan Adams posters plastered everywhere. I guess he was doing a gig or something and I just remember looking at the picture and going,”Dude- this guy’s name is RYAN ADAMS. AHAHhahahhahahah. He must be a tool.” I think at this point I thought he was some weird British person trying to be American hick. Of course I now know Adams is just an American hick trying to be a weird British person (see Elton John).

There have been a few things that have catapulted Ryan Adams to his current status as America’s number one guy with a name that sounds like Bryan Adams. The aforementioned obsession Elton John has with him is one. Another (and probably more disturbing and harmful) reason for Adams-mania is the event I like to call, “Big Buildings Go Boom,” or September 11, 2001. Not too long ago I asked someone, “Who decided that this song (New York, New York) was valid?” Their reply? “Osama bin Laden.”

So is the hatred for Ryan Adams a result of unusual circumstances? Is the hate tied to the hate of other things like pseudo-patriotism? Some of it probably is. But then he goes and starts plugging his own praise on his website. Like.. writing Elton John is a fan!. Granted, it’s not him writing it (he’s far to busy spiraling down to a slovenly mess to be bothered with typing shit up on the computer) but it’s the thought that counts.

You get the idea…

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