Your Challenge: Who Wins Project Cuties?

Aruuughh! I’m a little angry about this. Apparently the British have launched their spin-off of Heidi Klum’s “Project Runway” on Sky TV by having Liz Hurley host it and calling it “Project Catwalk.” (Her tagline is “I’m really sorry but fashion has no mercy.” Hah!)

But upon looking at the pictures I noticed there was just the cutest guy on the British version. IMHO, he makes Daniel V look like dog food. What do you think? Who’s cuter? Danny V or Un-named Cute British Dude? It’s like young Richard Ashcroft vs. the singer from The Thrills.

Oh and also, did you know there’s a freaking “Project Runway” magazine? Uh HUH.

Project Cuties

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  1. The first person kicked off of Project Catwalk was a fantastic disaster worthy only of British television (and yes, our Brit in the red sweater is 100 times cuter (and a big gay, too!)).

  2. team daniel v all the way!

    even before the show started, I looked at their headshots and was smitten.

    just as long as he stays in profile mode. that nose can take on a world of its own sometimes.

  3. I’ll have to go with the cute Brit boy on this one. As far as Daniel V goes, I love the hair but his face is a little too gaunt for my liking and his nose seems a bit crooked. He seems like a really sweet guy though. I read somewhere that Daniel V is actually bi.

  4. oh crap.. from his official bio: “Though designing is Daniel’s principal passion, he has also achieved professional status as a dance instructor/choreographer as well as being a competitive national gymnast for 12 years. Daniel’s zest for life continues to expose him to new ideas and people, leading him to the cast of Project Runway. When he is not designing, Daniel intends to continue pursuing other interests such as learning the violin by the time he’s 25 and learning to surf before age 30.”

    um…he was a DANCE INSTRUCTOR and GYMNAST? Maybe he is gay.

  5. even if he’s gay, Daniel V is cuter than britboy.
    And Liz Hurley, gross, she’s such a wannabe.
    NO comparison to Heidi.

    Sorry Americans rule all the way on this.

  6. No way, we may be Americans (some of us) but we aint freaking blind!! The BRIT guy is way cuter… like how is this even debatable? hehe.

    FYI this is random but my sister saw Guadalupe in a FRYS in Burbank yesterday. She first noticed her clothes and said, her outfit is cute, then she saw her face under her I AM A CELEBRITY HAT and said, oh its that lady, no wonder.

  7. Ill have to go with Daniel V on this one. Daniel Vosevik. I like that last name too. Its too bad he cant just be “Daniel” because of stupid daniel Franco.

    I think hes straight but…
    dance instructor?? gymnast?? ouch.

    british boy is cute but , i like big noses and richardashcroft.
    british boy looks like a british ian somerholder(sp?) minus the blue eyes.

    daniel v is my choice.

  8. curt britboy is called matthew. i watched it last night and pointed out his cuteness to my boyfriend, also named matthew. his reply was ‘well, he’s gay’.

    jealous boys, eh?

  9. Oh my GOD. Are you people blind? That american boy looks like a weasel crossed with an impoverished Victorian child with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. And who gives a crap about how ghastly Liz Hurley is!? Matt is CLEARLY the cuter of the two. I think you lot are getting patriotism confused with objective opinion.

  10. i’m obsessed with Project Runway and Matthew [the british boy] is the fucking cutest one EVER. he’s BRITISH FOR CHRIST’S SAKE!!!! HELLO. . . everyone knows british guys beat americans in hotness
    plus he doesn’t hog the bed and he doesn’t mind my snoring when i sleep over. haha
    love my Mat

  11. I choose Mat, the brit. First of all, he once made me model Matthew Williamson gowns that cost more than my life for his fashion class, and he is by far the nicest man on the island. And, he’ll talk you through all your problems as you drunk cry in his room after a hard night at the pub. He’s got it all, brains, style, a huge heart and brilliant blue eyes that pierce your soul. Plus, he doesn’t look like he’s riding the H train.

  12. hahahaha, yes my buddy Matt is a looker, but I’m worried to say that….cause i know he fancies me. xx to you Matt

  13. i have to live with the brit one.hes late with rent and shouts alot. and he makes me watch are you being served. which is a britsh show which is shite. im gonna go for the yank cos i cant stand no more of this diva bollocks.

  14. i dont have to live with matt but i bet if i did he’d make me watch are you being served, a british show which is shite. saying that the american guy looks like a hosepipe sucking a puppy. im abstaining from voting.

  15. hey everyone. this is mat himself. thank you very much for your comments and look out for the one which my mum pretends to be my brother. Its great. im on my space under Matthew. cheers, bye.

  16. mat is obviously so much better looking. no contest. i bet that weedy lookin guy on the left can’t even do a good australian accent impression. p.s. hi james daniel cocker spaniel. i miss you.

  17. this is ridiculous, mat easily no contest… i havent seen someone so hideous as the guy on the left, is he a recovering heroin addict with anorexia?

  18. MATT BOWKETT IS DA SEX AND KICKS ASS ANYDAY CUMMON MATT U ROCK he he matt seriously is the cutest thing ever to be on brittish tv *swoon*

  19. Matt I’m so proud of you huni. Your really making yourself know as a wicked fashion designer. I hoep to be up your way soon so hopefully we can meet up and catch up!!xxxxx

  20. Matt I’m so proud of you huni. Your really making yourself know as a wicked fashion designer. I hope to be up your way soon so hopefully we can meet up and catch up!!xxxxx

  21. i go for daniel v. he looks less like a pretty boy, and he’s funny and an amazing designer.

    mat is good looking in an ordinary way, though i haven’t seen project catwalk and know nothing else about the guy.

  22. Hate to say this to u guys, but he is actually gay. I went to school with him (he was 3 years above) and ‘bucket’ – as he chose to be known in his younger days was absolutely amazing at textiles.

  23. well sure cute british guy photographs well but danny v. has the cutest hair ever!! and i have to say that danny v. looks a whole lot better!

  24. Hello, this is a message for Matt’s other brother Nick! Matey, how are you.. hope you doing well. Haven’t seen you for ages! Have been glued to the show and have everything crossed for Matt. Hope your well and happy. Speak soon ok? Love Bex

  25. I have to agree (cute british guys name is matt Bowkett ) is soooo cute! N NOT gay! Him and his model are getting on very well to the much happiness of everyone else becasue they are amazing together! And that other guy your comparing my dearest Matthew to is just plain ugly! Sadly I do not think Matthew will be on the programme for much longer as he’s letting things get to him..bless his little cotton socks!

  26. hello me again sorry just looked at your my space well turns I was VERY rng about the gay/not gay fiasco but just want to say I was rooting for u all the way and the episode that has jsut come out with the wedding dress I nearly cried when you nearly went on that!!!!! GOOD LUCK and all the best .

  27. hi
    i live in london & am a fashion student & stumbled across this.
    every1 here luuuuuuvs matthew (esp me).
    and no1 knows if he is gay or straight. They have confirmed every other member of the groups sexuality execpt him!! its driving every1 crazy!
    the other guy christopher is quite cute.

  28. omg i am actually in love with matthew. he is WAY hotter than the american dude who actually looks like he’s been dragged through a bush backwards.
    does matt live in london?

  29. matt is from somerset
    he is at uni in london
    he is gay, trust me. i was in his twin brothers alex an bens’ year and so i knew of him.
    matt also gets extremly far in the competition cos he is amazing!

  30. Matthew Bowkett, the ‘ Brit in the red sweater’ is fit as hell, but the poor guy keeps getting picked on by his fellow teammates!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE YOU MATTHEW!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Go Matt how awsum r ur dusigns, all the gurls in CACHE DCE, Ps u lived with my sister kirsty,,, x x x x x

  32. I know how far he and everyone else gets in the competition! the final was at london fashion week, and the top 3 competed – stunning final by all involved!. watch it and find out!

  33. Oh Dear! Matthew is way better looking than that american weasel!
    i hope matthew wins project catwalk, he and Christopher are clearly the most talented…
    I hope renato pisses off soon…he loves himself!

  34. why didn t sky run the final programme at the same time as london fashion week?a missed oppotunity

  35. So is The Project Catwalk ‘s London Fashion Week deal a con?
    My vote goes to Matthew , the Danny Guy is too frail for my liking sorry

  36. That “british guy” is actually called matthew and he used to like near me cause i live in britain and he is WWWAAAYYY cuiter than any american lad. they are either too scrawny (like the danny person) or wat too fat (whichmost of them are!)

  37. Deffinately Matthew. He is gay, I know i have first hand experiance and yes that does mean i’m a bummer too!

  38. Matthew is, indeed, lovely. Sensitive soul who needs an older man (eg. me) to take care of him. I think he’ll win it – you get that feeling from the way the show is being edited lately. The dress he did last night was definitely the best, although I was sorry to see Christopher go as he is very talented.

    I loved the comment (way back in January – sorry, just noticed this site) saying that Liz H is gross and Heidi is fab, showing that Americans ‘rule all the way’. Last time I checked, Heidi Klum was born in Bergische Gladbach which I’m pretty sure is in Germany, not Iowa. Maybe the Americans rule part of the way.

    Loving the show and the comments though. Doesn’t anyone on the inside know who won the whole thing? They’ll have decided by now.

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  40. omg Matthews collection was totally THE BEST at the London Fashion show,so classy,beautiful and feminine this guy should go a long , long way, he,s beautiful too!!!!

  41. i think this is stupid.


    I think it is amazing that they even have these kind of shows and negative reponses will mean they will not air again.

    Why are people uptight about the English version?
    for example the no so classic remake of ‘war of the worlds’, once a fantastic book wrote but an english author.
    you dont see me crying about it.

    get over yourselves.

  42. Im iv love with Matthew!!!!! Though Im a girl, he is so talented, sweet, I love it when he crosses his legs, ruffles his hair, I really am in love. I really wish he had won,does Matthew really come on here??

  43. Just while I was thinkingabout it Christopher is showing his Master colectin at the Royal College on 7th of June, tickets are available from the rca website or christopher has a new website at where you can contact him direct. Thanks

  44. has anyone found out who has one project catwalk ?. thus ending the project cuties.
    who is the overall winner ?
    my vote goes to mat

  45. The cute british boy Matt, is WAY BETTER LOOKING than the American guy. If you ever get the chance look into his eyes-they are bright blue-YUM!! and I have seen his work in person and its amazing. He really is talented in ALL areas!!!!

  46. somehow found this site..and yes I just started watching project catwalk in canada and matts eyes are amazing. Ima sucker for the british accents too…what can I say, hope he wins

  47. Yes it seems like Matt is the preffered choice but that doesnt mean Daniel is, excuse my phrasing… a weasel. Who are we to say what is beautiful or “cute.”. Lol having said that in my opinion Matt is much better looking. This does not justify however…that sitting on a computer all day and judging people is ok, even though I enjoy it so much. LOL

  48. I know him!He used to go to my school. He’s actually really annoying and lazy!

  49. matt is so much cuter! ecspeically in a stripy jumper! CUTE BRIT GUYS RULE YOUR PANTZZ

  50. i LOVE matthew, an undying love fo sho. unfortunatley, i stumbled across the results of PC on the internet, boo, way to ruin the surprise.

  51. First off, Project Catwalk came first, it just takes awhile to get to America from England and vice versa. And then I’d just like to say that Christopher Raeburn is by far the cutest and best designer on Project Catwalk and it’s a great shame he didn’t make it.

    ~the above was not meant in any harsh tones no matter how much the person reading it may feel it has been~

  52. Matthew is sooo much cuter! And Daniel is gay, as he announced on an episode for those who dont know.

  53. Mathhew takes. His desgins are so fashion edge. They make a girl look cute. His desgins are so well, and look so good.
    Also, he is not hard on the eyes. He is so gorgeous. I love his hair. I love his striped shits. I just love him and his designs.

  54. How about Matty, with his enormous floppy-haired nog, makes for the cutest headshot, but Danny V – with his ahtletic background – would defs win a clothing-off contest?

  55. ok so i thought matthew was adorable from the first time i watched the show – hands down wins out of the two!!! as for the show i admit liz hurley is a bit of a disaster but the british version is waaaay better. anyway i was rooting for matt aaaall the way through so suck on thaat. i am in fact english tho so fairly biased,,,, xxxxx

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