Tapes ‘n Tapes So Wish They Were VHS or Beta

Sorry, that was my obligatory bad joke of the day…

The Tapes ‘n Tapes show at Rothko last night was totally packed. I just barely got in right before they stopped letting people in–even if they were on the guest list.

I was curious to see them, in part because of BV’s semi-obsessive postings about them over the last week. (Get that man a life-long Tapes ‘n Tapes fanclub card.) I went in not expecting much. I ran into Jason, who was running the event, while on the line for the bathroom and I said, “so Tapes ‘n Tapes–are they cute at least? I saw some pictures of the internet and they didn’t look cute.” Jason insisted that they were somewhat adorable and that I should pay particular attention to the drummer.

When I went upstairs and got within view of the band, I could see why Jason had said that. The drummer was indeed cute in that totally nerdy indie rock way–small little sweater, thick plastic frame glasses, quiet demeanor, etc. (Think Counter Commons.) But I was it just me or was the dude who I call “the filler band member” aka–“the dude on keyboards” also really cute? He looked like Hamilton from the Walkmen‘s younger stoner brother as he looked spacey and shook the sleigh bells.

Right now half of you are rolling your eyes because you don’t want to read about how cute I think some of the guys in the band are or aren’t. You probably want to hear what I thought about the actual MUSIC the band was playing. Ok FINE.

Musically I found Tapes ‘n Tapes to be…unmemorable. As I left the venue I told Jason “I think I need to get a dick, because I didn’t get it. I mean it sounded like music dudes in college would listen to,” and you know what that means. Performance-wise the band was lackluster, as I anticipated. However there was one moment during the show that I found beyond amusing. Mid-way through the set the cute “filler band member” starts flinging himself across the stage, resulting in him falling across the stage. Then he proceeded to get up and do the same thing again, once again falling across the stage. It was like watching your pet fish jump out of the tank and flounder around on the tabletop. Brilliant…or an amazing physical manifestation of “filler band member’s” onstage boredom.

Oh well.


Tapes 'n Tapes

Tapes 'n Tapes

Tapes 'n Tapes

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  1. I prefer unmemorable sincerity to um… Morningwood: the spectacle. Although I do enjoy your cuteness reviews.

  2. It always helps if there’s a cute one. And totally love the joke, too, by the way.

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