Has Someone Punched Jessica In the Face?

I know everyone has really been getting annoyed with Jessica Simpson of late, but who was the person who finally Lachey-ed, I mean lashed out and gave the top-heaviest Simpson sister a big ol’ shiner? This is so reminiscent of Paris Hilton‘s big ol’ bruises that she didn’t try to hide (or the ones she staged) after breaking up with Nick Carter. Obviously someone wants some sympathy for the impending divorce.

Well at least this black and blue look is better than that hideous black and red thing she wore for the People’s Choice Awards.

Jessica Simpson's shiner

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10 replies on “Has Someone Punched Jessica In the Face?”

  1. Her eye isn’t the problem it’s those god-awful fishlips. Does anyone look good with lip injections?

  2. She just has dark circles, the bitch has no makeup on. Shes only capitalizing of her ugliness

  3. Oh god. I can’t say i am really shocked, non of the celebrities look like we think they do. At least with the black eye she has an excuse for all of the other stuff on her face to be ugly.

  4. You guys need to stop putting others down in the attempt to raise yourselves up. I think you are all envious…she is in no way ugly, even without makeup on. Stop hating 🙂

  5. i so totally agrree with sandy as there is no need for people to be putting her down shes a gorgeous woman and is an inspiration to all. stop dissin her !

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